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How to Relax Your Pet This July 4th with CBD Pet Treats

Do Fireworks Cause Your Pets Anxiety? Keep Them Calm with CBD Pet Treats!

          With July Fourth upon us this weekend, the comfort of our pets can become overshadowed by the pleasures of fireworks. This year we wanted to give everyone the tools and information needed to keep their four legged friends cool and content. A major concern for pet owners is directly caused by the volume of fireworks. Large crowds and loud noises are common triggers for extreme anxiety in our pets, leaving them stressed and uncomfortable. Thankfully, just like humans, our pets have the same receptors and ECS system. What this means is that just like us, our animals are affected by cannabis products. Within every mammal is what’s called an Endocannabinoid system, also called your ECS.
CBD pet treats
          The ECS in short, is the highway of receptors in which we take in various cannabis compounds both internally and externally. For animals we don’t recommend dosing with THC, introducing something psychoactive to your pet could cause them more stress and make for a more difficult scenario. What we recommend here at ATLRx is to start with small doses of CBD. I like to tell our customers in store, there is no placebo with kids or pets. What I mean is that you can see a behavioral change, and it won’t be hard to tell. In large doses CBD will generate sedative effects, and the worst thing that can happen is you may have a sleepy companion on your hands.

How to Correctly Dose CBD for Pets

          Starting small is the ideal way to go. We recommend dosing at one quarter of your pet’s weight. This means that a forty pound dog will take ten milligrams of CBD. Fortunately for us owners, there are a couple ways you can give CBD to your pets. We carry three flavors of CBD Pet Treats as well as a bacon flavored tincture. Our products are all branded for dog’s but we want it to be known that we don’t discriminate from all you cat mothers and dad’s. Our CBD Pet Treats are each five milligrams per piece; and come in bacon, cheese, and salmon flavors. Our CBD Tincture for pets is a three hundred milligram bottle of our Natural flavored CBD oil tincture, infused with bacon flavoring to create a savory treat for your furry companion. Our tincture gives you thirty droppers with ten milligrams a piece.
CBD pet treats
          The treats are a great option, but for bigger dogs the tincture may be the preferred choice since it’s a stronger concentration. Tincture can be given to pets directly or mixed in with food. After a year, my dog can recognize that bottle and licks it out of my hand like it’s a treat. From personal use I feel more comfortable leaving my dog at home alone after giving him CBD treats. I don’t feel obligated to use them daily, but knowing I can be reactive gives me a sense of comfort. Pets are dependent on their owners ultimately so it falls on our shoulders when storms and fireworks come into play. This year take some extra precautions and make sure your cat, or dog isn’t left out of your plans.