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ATLRx has an exclusive signature line of Premium Delta 8 Flower for our customers to choose from – currently offering many varieties!

ATLRx is proud to offer a line of Delta 8 THC infused Premium Indoor Hemp Flower! Our premium indoor-grown flower is rolled/sifted (depending on the strain) in kief and then rolled into another layer of frozen powdered Delta 8 THC distillate – the same quality distillate used in Vape Carts and Gummies – and then again rolled/ sifted in kief to create a tight nug that’s blanketed in a final layer of CBD kief.

Afghan Goo

19.07% Delta 8 THC & 13.15% CBD  (2:1 Ratio)  Kief Sifted

Afghan goo is one of our more potent Delta 8 flowers, packing quite the punch at 18.05% Delta 8 THC. This sought-after strain is an earthy, grass-driven indica ideal for night-time relaxation. The pungent terpenes correlate with the taste of the flower, shedding traces of musk, pepper, and herbaceous fuel lingering on the palate

Moon Pie

5.03% Delta 8 THC  13.05% CBD (1:3 Ratio)  Kief Sifted

ATLRx’s Moon Pie doesn’t stray far from the traditional flower with its distinguished jet-fuel and pungent forest taste. A wave of vanilla, milk chocolate, dark licorice, and floral notes are on the frontline. These all meshed together with the lovely after-taste of fuel. Testing out at a 3:1 ratio, Moon Pie provides a relaxing, non-drowsy euphoria.

White Cap

15.12% Delta 8 THC & 6.81% CBG  (3:1 Ratio)  Kief Sifted

White Cap is a one-of-a-kind sativa strain packing an elevating punch, for a creative and clear-headed high. Flavor notes of chamomile, cinnamon, and pine blend together to create White Caps signature smell and taste, a bright floral aroma alludes to the unique sensations this strain offers.

Northern Lights

4.8% Delta 8 THC  11.59% CBD (1:3 Ratio)  Kief Sifted

Predominantly used for sleep, the Northern Lights delta 8 flower is lighter than the traditional strand—making it a pleasant and smooth transition into this harmonious tranquility rather than being overly sedative. Being Indica driven flower, Northern Lights has fresh herbaceous and spicy notes. There is a pepper, lemongrass, and a smoky fragrance upfront.

Bubba Kush

23.57% Delta 8 THC  11.84% CBD (2:3 Ratio)  Kief Sifted

As with traditional Bubba Kush, the myrcene terpenes delve us into the world of indica similar to household names such as The Grape Ape, Blue Dream, and Grand Daddy Purple. Our Bubba Kush doesn’t carry the weight of sedation to the traditional flower, making it ideal for a state of relaxation. The serried nuggets burst with unique terpenes, boasting fresh aromas such as floral notes, pine, rich spices such as juniper, peppercorn, and trenchant fuel-like characters with subtle hints of citrus on the finish

Grape Ape

4.46% Delta 8 THC & 16.17% CBD (1:5 Ratio)   Kief Sifted

At first glance, you will notice that Grape Ape is a super attractive strain with strong purple undertones. Upon first inhale, you will notice a fast-acting head buzz that shortly soothes over your entire body and relaxes you to your core. Although this strain has Indica dominant properties with a seemingly high level of Myrcene, there is a slight “head high” that sticks around most likely due to the overall uplifting effect of Delta 8 THC.


5.56% Delta 8 THC & 13.56% CBD (2:5 Ratio)  Kief Sifted

The citrus-forward strain brings more to the table than the aroma of ten tangerines in their pique ripeness; this strain scales expectations. There is a balance, with the sweetness from a tangerine, its sharp astringency, and the earthiness. The flower has a touch of that high octane fuel that gives you a little tickle in your throat.

Sour Jack

24.45% Delta 8 THC & 10.42% CBD (9:5 Ratio)  Kief Sifted

Sour Jack is tart, gassy, and crisp. The effects creep onto you starting at the lungs. After a few inhales you’ll feel a heavy relaxation.

Kush Mintz

5.395% Delta 8 THC & 15.54% CBD (1:3 Ratio)  Kief Sifted

Kush Mintz is an Indica-dominant hybrid that is a cross of Animal Mintz and Bubba Kush. Bringing a unique mint flavor that is both sweet, earthy, and pungent. Any Mintz lover will be delighted by this strain. 

Sour Diesel

A fan favorite for over a decade, sour diesel tastes just like it sounds, this strain generates an energizing euphoria. A Sativa dominant strain, sour diesel has nodes of citrus that deliver a sharp and flavorful inhale every time. Commonly used by individuals to combat stress, pain, and depression sour diesel is sure to please.

9.5% Delta 8 THC & 16.5% CBD (1:2 Ratio)  Kief Sifted

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Delta 8 Flower - FAQ

What is Delta 8 THC Flower?

Delta 8 Flower is a combination of Hemp flower and Delta 8 THC. They’re separate because Delta-8 THC is a naturally derived minor cannabinoid that derives from hemp, however it is present in all cannabis plants in trace amounts. The extraction process is what allows for delta 8 distillate to come to life. According to the National Cancer Institute, Delta-8 THC is “an analogue of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), with potential antiemetic, anxiolytic, appetite-stimulating, analgesic, and neuroprotective activities.”

In relation to Delta 9 THC, Delta-8 THC is 60 percent as potent—leaving particular side-effects behind such as paranoia. It is one of the 140 cannabinoids that that interacts with our endocannabinoid system (or known as ECS), a still-mysterious system that is a highway of receptors that have a hand in our bodies in vital systems. 

Delta-8 THC Flower is CBD (cannabinol) or Hemp flower. CBD is present in Hemp Flower. ATLRx sources premium indoor-grown hemp rather than industrial grade. The close-knit and mass breeding of hemp takes a toll on its quality. ATLRx works with farms in Colorado, Oregon and Northern California. Industrial hemp is grown in masses, close together, and does not receive the adequate care that it deserves. The process ultimately hurts the quality of the flower. It’s the race to quantity over quality. With ATLRx’s premium Delta 8 THC Flower, you can see, smell, taste and feel the time and love put into the crop.  

ATLRx uses the purest form of Delta-8 THC distillate that is extracted using the CO2 & Ethanol method. Distillate is the same thick liquid that you’d find in a vape cart. The distillate is frozen using dry-ice, turning it into a powdery form. It is the powder formed distillate that blankets the hemp flowers, from there it is rolled or sifted in Delta 8 THC infused kief. Kief is cannabis pollen, a mass of resin from the cannabis plants trichomes. This process is repeated to create the beautiful nuggets that we all love. However, the processes after the distillate is applied may change due to the strain. For examples, ATLRx White Runtz is kief-rolled while Tahoe OG is kief-sifted. It depends on the delta 8 flower strain.

How to use Delta 8 Hemp Flower?

“Delta 8 Hemp Flower requires the user to inhale in some manner. Hemp flower comes in buds, which can be broken down by hand or with a grinder. Once the flower is broken down, it can be smoked through use of a pipe, rolling papers, or a flower vaporizer. If a user prefers not to smoke Delta 8 Hemp Flower, there are plenty of alternatives that are available such as edibles, tinctures, and concentrates.”

Will Delta 8 Flower trigger a positive Result on a drug test?

The short answer is yes. Delta 8 is one hundred percent THC and will show up on a drug test. Many jobs use a standard urine test that looks at the THC metabolites stored in your fat cells, this does not distinguish each specific cannabinoids (Delta 8 THC vs Delta 9 THC) utilized.

What is the strongest Delta 8 flower?

The strongest flower strain we offer at ATLRX is Tahoe OG. Tahoe comes in at 22.57% Delta 8 THC and 9.95% CBD. This strain is one of our customer favorites and leans Indica dominant with more relaxing traits. Tahoe is praised for it’s potent effect as well as it’s bountiful flowers.

Can you grow Delta 8 Flower?

Delta 8 Hemp Flower is made through a multi- step process where premium hemp flower is coated multiple times in Delta 8 distillate oil and Delta 8 infused Kief. You cannot grow hemp that produces large amounts of Delta 8 THC.

What terpenes are in Delta 8 Flower?

Delta 8 Hemp Flower is made through a multi-step process where premium hemp flower is coated multiple times in Delta 8 distillate oil and Delta 8 infused Kief. You cannot grow hemp that produces large amounts of Delta 8 THC.

How is Delta 8 Flower produced?

All Delta 8 flowers start as hemp flowers. To get the final product we start with high-quality indoor-grown CBD flowers. The base flower is taken and becomes coated in Delta 8 distillate. At ATL Rx we stray away from pesticides, heavy metals, and solvents so our process is a bit different than others. In order to apply the distillate to the flower we freeze it, this transitions the distillate into a powder form. Once powderized, the distillate gets used to coat the buds. After it’s been thoroughly coated, the hemp flower must come back to temperature before it is rolled or sifted with a layer of kief. All of our Delta 8 strains have kief sifted over the buds besides our White Runts flowers, which are rolled in kief.

Can you travel with Delta 8 Flower on a plane?

Yes, Delta 8 THC is federally legal and flying to and from Georgia with hemp flowers is legal. We do not recommend flying with open containers or bags of hemp flowers as it can be easily mistaken for marijuana. The laws on Delta 8 THC vary from state to state so please check state laws in your local area.

Can you decarb Delta 8 Flower?

Unlike marijuana, Delta 8 flowers cannot be decarbed effectively in an oven or other heating element. Due to the application process used to make Delta 8 flower, decarbing and heating the flower will not yield the THC adequately. Our customers get better results from just burning the flower by smoking or vaping it. Using an oil tincture is a more effective way to add Delta 8 THC into food. Decarb stands for decarboxylation, which is the process of heating cannabis flowers to get the max amount of THC it contains. Hemp flower has a decarb temperature that starts at 200 degrees. If one wants to decarb flowers you’ll want to set your oven or heating element to 220-250 degrees. Decarboxylation happens before the hemp flowers are burnt and will produce an incredibly pungent aroma.

How much Delta 8 Flower is needed to feel the effects?

Depending on one’s cannabis tolerance the answer will vary. At ATLRx we recommend starting small, there is no need to jump right into the deep end. A starting dose would be 10 mg or less of Delta 8 THC. Some of our staff and customers are using over 100 mg of Delta THC at one time. The amount of time an individual has been using cannabis products determines their tolerance. More veteran consumers who have been using traditional cannabis flowers will need to use higher amounts of Delta 8 THC. It can be described as two-thirds the potency of Delta 9.

Is Delta 8 Hemp Flower Synthetic or Natural?

Delta 8 is made from the CBD that is naturally occurring in hemp flowers. Our Delta 8 distillate is tested from the start for heavy metals, pesticides, and solvents so there is nothing funny about the end product. Delta 8 is natural as it comes from plants, the technical explanation is that it is one carbon double bond away from Delta 9 THC. The effects are similar between the two because structurally speaking they are very alike.

Can Delta 8 Flower be shipped?

Delta 8 flowers can be shipped. In the United States it is federally legal and can be shipped to most states. Laws vary depending on states so please check your local restrictions. Delta 8 flowers are available on our webstore and in person at one of our retail locations. The only products you will find in store and not online are vaporizers. We cannot mail any vape products.

Is Delta 8 Flower safe?

Vaping is shown to produce less carcinogens than smoking, however, inhaling anything is less healthy than ingesting something like a capsule or oil. Vaping our flowers is healthier than smoking them. To make the consumer feel more at ease and to give us transparency, ATLRx flowers are tested for; heavy metals, pesticides, and solvents. Depending on whether or not the consumer has much cannabis experience can dictate what strains may be overwhelming. Someone with a lower tolerance and less exposure to cannabis products should start with a less potent strain. All of our flowers are tested to show the precise amount of CBD, and Delta 8 THC in each strain. This makes it easy for you, the consumer, to know what to expect.

Why is Delta 8 Flower illegal in some states and not others?

Delta 8 flower is mostly illegal in states that have legalized marijuana. This is largely in part to the taxes generated. Delta 8 flower is taxed like retail sales, where marijuana has anywhere from a 20-40% spike in taxes. Luckily, if you reside in Georgia, we have 2 retail locations currently. If you prefer to order your goods online, we offer shipping as well.

What are the differences between CBD hemp flower and Delta 8 THC hemp flower?

Delta 8 hemp flower is psychoactive, as opposed to CBD hemp flower which is non-psychoactive. The effects of Delta 8 THC can be felt more easily, whereas CBD does not leave the user feeling much of anything, other than a noticeable difference in pain if taken in larger doses. Most of our customers at ATLRx prefer Delta 8 Hemp flower to CBD Hemp flower because there is noticeable, immediate relief.

Can you use CBD and Delta 8 flower together?

Yes, you can! When using Delta 8 hemp flower there will always be a percentage of CBD within it. That is due to the fact that the starting material is hemp flower which is CBD rich. The process of making Delta 8 flowers is based on applying Delta 8 distillate and infused kief to pre-existing hemp flowers. Depending on the strain you choose there will be varying percentages of CBD and Delta 8 THC. We have strains that have up to twice as much Delta 8 to CBD, as well as twice as much CBD to Delta 8.

Is Delta 8 Flower safe for pets?

All mammals have an endocannabinoid system, or for short ecs. The ecs is the highway of receptors that humans also have and the reason we all react the way we do to cannabis products. It’s the reason we get high! For one’s furry friend, it is recommended not to give them THC in any amount. While Hollywood has glamorized the idea of getting dogs or cats high, it can cause a lot of stress on the animal. Just like with humans, our pets can become anxious and even paranoid. CBD is commonly used with pets and is the recommended cannabis option over Delta 8 THC.