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ATLRx has an exclusive signature line of Premium Delta 8 Flower for our customers – currently offering wide varieties!

 ATLRx is proud to offer a Delta 8 THC-infused Premium Indoor Hemp Flower line! Our premium indoor-grown flower is rolled/sifted (depending on the strain) in kief and then moved into another layer of frozen powdered Delta 8 THC distillate – the same quality distillate used in Vape Carts and Gummies – and then again rolled/sifted in kief to create a tight nug that’s blanketed in a final layer of CBD kief.

Northern Lights

4.8% Delta 8 THC 13.29% CBD% (3:1 Ratio) Kief Sifted

Northern Lights delta 8 flower is lighter than the traditional strand. Being an Indica-driven flower, Northern Lights has fresh herbaceous and spicy notes. There is pepper, lemongrass, and a smoky fragrance upfront.

Bubba Kush

23.57% Delta 8 THC 11.84% CBD & 0.26 % Total THC (2:1 Ratio) Kief Sifted

As with traditional Bubba Kush, the myrcene terpenes delve into the world of indica, similar to household names such as The Grape Ape, Blue Dream, and Grand Daddy Purple. The serried nuggets burst with unique terpenes, boasting fresh aromas like floral notes and pine and rich spices such as juniper and peppercorn.

Blackberry Gleaux

34.74% Delta 8 THC & 7.49% CBD (5:1Ratio) Kief Sifted

Blackberry Gleaux is a bountiful, fruit-scented strain. With a glimmering kief coating, this almost purple-colored flower is captivating to the eyes and nose. Blackberry Gleaux is an indica dominant cross of Berry Blossom and Alpine Gleaux.

Sour Diesel

12.23% Delta 8 THC & 10.09% CBD (1:1Ratio)

 Sour Diesel is a sativa dominant Hybrid strain that has a pungent diesel and piney scent, just like the name suggests! This flower will provide you with a great uplifting high and focus to start the day.


12.64% Delta 8 THC & 11.59% CBD (1:1Ratio)

Tangie is a sativa strain that is a popular choice among sativa lovers. The citrus lineage of Tangie is very noticeable in its refreshing tangerine aroma. Tangie provides a euphoric yet relaxed effect for the user that will fullfill your day with a good time.

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Delta 8 Flower - FAQ

What is Delta 8 THC Flower?

Delta 8 Flower is a combination of Hemp flower and Delta 8 THC. They’re separate because Delta-8 THC is a naturally derived minor cannabinoid that derives from hemp, however it is present in all cannabis plants in trace amounts. The extraction process is what allows for delta 8 distillate to come to life.

In relation to Delta 9 THC, Delta-8 THC is 60 percent as potent. It is one of the 140 cannabinoids that interacts with the endocannabinoid system (or known as ECS), a still-mysterious system that is a highway of receptors that have a hand in our bodies in vital systems.

Delta-8 THC Flower is Hemp flower with Delta-8 THC infused. CBD is present in Hemp Flower in large amounts so the majority of Delta 8 Flower will have a measurable ratio of CBD:THC. ATLRx sources premium indoor-grown hemp rather than outdoor-grown industrial grade. The close-knit and mass breeding of hemp takes a toll on its quality. Industrial hemp is grown in masses, close together, and does not receive the adequate care that it deserves. The process ultimately hurts the quality of the flower. It’s the race to quantity over quality. With ATLRx’s premium Delta 8 THC Flower, you can see and smell the time and love put into the crop. ATLRx works with only premium farms in Colorado, Oregon and Northern California.

ATLRx uses the purest form of Delta-8 THC distillate that is extracted using the CO2 & Ethanol method. Distillate is the same thick liquid that you’d find in a cartridge. The distillate is frozen using dry-ice and then ground into a powdery form. It is the powderized distillate that blankets the hemp flowers, from there it is rolled or sifted in Delta 8 THC infused kief. Kief is leftover resin from the cannabis plant’s trichomes that often falls off during trimming. This process is repeated to create the beautiful nuggets you see on the market today.

Will Delta 8 Flower trigger a positive Result on a drug test?

Testing Delta 8 THC flower for THC will result in a positive test for THC.

What is the strongest Delta 8 flower?

Generally speaking, a strong flower is between 15-25% Delta-8 THC. Pushing the potency higher usually results in visual disturbances with the bud – it begins to look “wet.” Moon rocks are a different type of Delta-8 THC Flower that challenge these limits, whereby many layers of distillate and kief are used to build up a thick coating on the outside of a bud which distorts the appearance of the bud from what you’re used to seeing to usually a round or irregularly shaped mass with a nug in the center. Moon Rocks can sometimes be up to 50% Delta 8 THC.

Can you grow Delta 8 Flower?

Delta 8 Hemp Flower is made through a multi- step process where premium hemp flower is coated multiple times in Delta 8 distillate oil and Delta 8 infused Kief. You cannot grow hemp that produces large amounts of Delta 8 THC – it is produced using an infusion method.

What terpenes are in Delta 8 Flower?

Since Delta-8 THC Flower is just Hemp Flower infused with Delta-8 THC, Delta-8 Flower contains the same terpene profile as the starting strain provides. These terpenes vary from strain to strain, but are the component responsible for the smell of these flowers. Sometimes terpenes are infused into the bud along with Delta-8 THC to enhance the aroma of the flower.

How is Delta 8 Flower produced?

All Delta 8 flowers start as hemp flowers. To get the final product we start with high-quality indoor-grown CBD flowers. The base flower is taken and becomes coated in Delta 8 distillate. At ATLRx we test for and reject products with pesticides, heavy metals, and solvents. In order to apply the distillate to the flower we freeze it and powderize it. Once powderized, the distillate gets used to coat the buds. After it’s been thoroughly coated, the hemp flower must come back to temperature before it is rolled or sifted with a layer of kief.

Can you travel with Delta 8 Flower on a plane?

Yes, but you probably shouldn’t. This is definitely one of those “proceed at your own risk” things. While Delta 8 THC is federally legal and flying to and from Georgia with hemp flowers is legal; however, we do not recommend flying with open containers or bags of hemp flowers as it can be easily mistaken for marijuana. If you choose to fly with Hemp, always be able to explain the difference between Hemp and Marijuana and have access to the lab report associated with the product in question. The laws on Delta 8 THC vary from state to state so please check state laws in your local area. You may not be breaking any laws when you take off, but you might be when you land depending on where you are going. We also do not recommend leaving the country with Delta-8 Flower as the Federal Farm Bill only applies to the United States and its territories.

Can you decarb Delta 8 Flower?

Unlike marijuana, Delta 8 flowers do not require a decarb. Due to the application process used to make Delta 8 flower, decarbing and heating the flower will hurt the THC content, not enhance it. Decarb stands for decarboxylation, which is the process of heating cannabis flowers to convert THCa to THC. Since the process of distillate already activates the THC, there is no need to decarb Delta-8 THC flower.

Is Delta 8 Hemp Flower Synthetic or Natural?

Delta 8 is made from the CBD that is naturally occurring in hemp flowers. Our Delta 8 distillate is tested from the start for heavy metals, pesticides, and solvents so there is nothing funny about the end product. Delta 8 is considered a naturally occurring isomer, however all of the Delta-8 THC you see on the market is lab derived from CBD, which is naturally extracted from the plant. The word Synthetic implies man-made from man-made ingredients. Delta-8 THC, while made in a lab, is derived not synthesized, from naturally occurring compounds.

Can Delta 8 Flower be shipped?

Delta 8 flowers can be shipped. In the United States it is federally legal and can be shipped to most states. Laws vary depending on states so please check your local restrictions. Delta 8 flowers are available on our webstore and in person at one of our retail locations. Vape products cannot be shipped due to the PACT act.

Why is Delta 8 Flower illegal in some states and not others?

Delta 8 flower is mostly illegal in states that have legalized Marijuana, and a handful of others. Delta 8 flower is taxed like retail sales, where marijuana has anywhere from 20-40% extra in taxes, so these state governments simply make more money letting their farmers grow and sell Marijuana than Hemp. Once state governments figure out a way to effectively tax and regulate Hemp, it is possible we’ll see some changes in the laws. Please be sure to know and follow all local and state laws for your area.

What are the differences between CBD hemp flower and Delta 8 THC hemp flower?

Technically they’re both Hemp Flower, however, Delta 8 hemp flower contains appreciable amounts of THC, as opposed to CBD hemp flower which does not – both are rich in CBD, one just has Delta-8 THC infused.

Can you mix CBD and Delta 8 flower?

Yes, you can! When working with Delta 8 hemp flower there will always be a percentage of CBD within it. That is due to the fact that the starting material is hemp flower which is CBD rich. The process of making Delta 8 flowers is based on applying Delta 8 distillate and infused kief to pre-existing hemp flowers. Depending on the strain you choose there will be varying percentages of CBD and Delta 8 THC. We have strains that have up to twice as much Delta 8 to CBD, as well as twice as much CBD to Delta 8.

Can Delta 8 flower make you high?

Yes, that’s the short answer. As it is a psychoactive substance similar to delta-9 THC,, delta-8 THC can cause a high in the body, no matter the delivery method. However, if you’re new to this cannabinoid, it’s important to point out that the high cause by delta-8 THC will be as potent as that produced by tour standard delta-9 THC.

What does delta-8 make you feel like?

Delta-8 THC is a great alternative for those looking to try the effects of cannabis without being concerned about an extremely powerful high. 

Are Delta 8 Flower Effects Similar to What CBD Does?

Unlike CBD, a psychoactive effect will be produced by delta-8-THC. These potential effects are similar to delta-9-THC, the popular chemical compound found in cannabis — but will be more subtle. Delta-8-THC is the isomer of delta-9-THC.

What is the minimum age for purchasing Delta 8 Flower?

There is no regulation regarding the minimum age for purchasing Delta 8-THC products. However, some states have mandated that buyers be at least 18 years old or older to purchase. All this said, you should be 18 years of age or older to purchase offline and online products in most cases.

How is Delta-8 Flower Made?

Simply put, Delta-8 THC is made by way of a chemical reaction. The unique process is called isomerization and is done by extracting CBD from hemp plants and converting it into Delta-8 THC. 

How to Choose the Best Delta-8 Flower

With any burgeoning industry comes a need to be selective when purchasing quality Delta 8 products. Several products are available on the market, so it’s important to find one that’s not only pure but also lab-tested and trustworthy. Reputable companies can and will provide users with all the necessary information and verify their quality and potency.

What Is the Best Way to Smoke Delta-8 Flower?

There are many ways to do it. Some simple ways to smoke delta-8 flowers are to purchase and smoke pre-rolls or grind up delta-8 flower and smoke it in a joint, pipe, or bong.

How To Store Delta-8 Flower

While Delta-8 THC has a longer shelf life compared to other cannabinoids (up to 2 years), keep in mind that to maintain its potency and freshness, you’ll want to store it properly. We suggest keeping it away from direct sunlight and flammable products in a cool, dark place or container. Failure to properly store Delta 8 flowers may cause cannabinoid degradation, which decreases its flavor, potency, and effectiveness.

What To Look For Before Buying Premium Delta-8 Flower?

All in all, the type of flower grown will determine its overall quality. Before buying delta-8 flowers, we suggest you check to see if the “said company” uses sustainable practices and provides a certificate of analysis for each of their products.

What Is The Difference Between CBD, THC, & Delta 8 Flower

CBD, THC, and delta-8 THC flower will provide a different experience. Firstly, you should note that CBD is non-psychoactive and different from delta-8 THC and delta-9 THC. When taken, it will not make you high, which is probably why many people seek out the cannabinoid—it’s not commonly used for recreational purposes like delta-8 THC and delta-9 THC. While Delta-8 is a less potent psychoactive cannabinoid than delta-9 THC, using the cannabinoid in the form of a flower will cause a subtle high.

What are the various types of Delta 8 products offered by ATLRx?

ATLRx has a whole variety of products to suit your demands; therefore, the Delta-8 offering doesn’t end with Delta-8 Gummies products. We provide Delta-8 in the following formats if that’s the product you’re looking for:

Moreover, there are other strains and bundle options available for them! Every online product purchased with ATLRx has a certificate of analysis for quality assurance. Are you in Atlanta, GA? Come check out our stores. Check out ATLRx’s other collections as well as our Delta-8 THC collection, which is accessible in the relevant states. If you have any uncertainties regarding our Delta 8 Flower, don’t hesitate to contact us, and our team of experts will be at your service.