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CBG Hemp Flower

ATLRx is proud to offer the most premium quality CBG flower for sale. Our Hemp Flower is grown on family farms across the USA. We work with these families due to their wide variety of strains, premium quality, high CBG & Terpene percentages and consistent test history showing below .3% Delta 9 THC. Unbeatable cbg flower price, without sacrificing quality!

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CBG Jack Frost

15.11% CBG & ND (no detectable) THC

With a 15.11% CBG content, this frosty white bud has a nice smooth, citrus smell that keeps you coming back for more. Jack Frost is perfectly trimmed, and very frosty.

CBG White

15.76% CBG & .131% Total THC

CBG Sour

13.00% CBG & .130% Total THC

CBG Flower now available in convenient pre rolls! 

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