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ATLRx has been around for over 4 years in the hemp space and have become well known in the alternate cannabinoid space over the past several years. Although all of our products are legal hemp derivatives, many of these alternate cannbinoids can & will have similar affects to other psychoactive cannabinoids such as delta 8 & 9 THC.


  • Total Cannabinoid Content: 99.2%
  • Ingredients: CBG
  • Amount: 1g

What is CBG Isolate?

CBG isolate is the purest form of CBG that is available to the market. CBG is a naturally occurring cannabinoid that can be found in both the cannabis and hemp plant. It also has the ability to bind to the CB1 and CB2 receptors in the endocannabinoid system.

CBG Isolate – or powder – has become more popular in recent years as hemp shows more consumption needs every day. It derives directly from the hemp plant and is the purest form of the cannabinoid cannabigerol there is currently, as it consists of over 98% purity. You may be surprised to find out the cannabinoid isolate resembles sugar in the sense that it has a white powdery look to it. 

Acting as the “mother” cannabinoid, CBG isolate products have taken the growing market by storm. The up-trending growth of what is technically called cannabigerol isolate doesn’t seem to be stopping anytime soon and we’re so excited to divulge into the products that derive from the isolate. 

We took a dive into the growing world of CBG Isolates, did our research on what exactly it means, and answered your most frequently asked questions. 

Why Choose ATLRx for CBG Isolate?

ATLRx is a company that has been perfect from beginning to end, by perfect we mean honest, full of morale, and united. We started in 2019 with just four employees and a dream at one of our Georgia homes. Since then, we’ve grown ATLRx to the entity it is today in the cannabis world. Offering an individual experience for a customer who is just looking to try something out, or a wholesale experience of offering pure CBG isolate powder to our clients that are store owners or CBD resellers. 

ATLRx guarantees 100% customer satisfaction. This means you as the customer and consumer are most important to us as well as ensuring you have access to all the information and products you’re interested in. If you ever find yourself having received the wrong product, and you’re losing your marbles because you’re not sure how to get the correct one, look no further! 

Please feel free to call us at 855-420-8278 option 2, for customer service questions, you can also email us at

On top of us being satisfaction guaranteed, we do understand the difficulties of walking into a store and browsing the aisles for your preferred product. Because of this, we’ve established a “free shipping on all orders” policy that allows our customers to browse online, pay for their products, and receive the recently-purchased CBG Isolate right at their front doorstep. All without paying a shipping fee.

Now, we know what you must be thinking. “No shipping fee and all these great incentives? You’re right, there must be a catch! You can “catch” coupon codes and keep up with all the promotions ATLRx has when you sign up for our loyalty program. The application doesn’t take long to fill out – simply enter your name, email, and phone number – and you’ll be eligible for all future rewards. A wonderful tool to use once you’ve tried the CBG isolate and loved it, and are ready for more. 


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How is CBG isolate used?

Just like the myriad of functions that other products have, CBG isolate allows you to consume and apply the cannabinoid isolate in a variety of ways. Consulting with your primary physician on which ways to add it to your life is most beneficial as you’ll have a professional’s assistance whose focus is you. 

Someone needing assistance with skin issues may opt-in for topical use of the isolate. What this customer would do is grab their favorite CBD lotion or oil, drop a few milligrams of CBG isolate powder, and is meant to enhance the desired effect of utilizing the isolate for a bodily ailment or discomfort. 

Since the isolate has no smell or taste, you can even get innovative and create edibles by adding them to your foods, drinks, or snacks. If you’re wanting the direct effect without applying it to your nutrition, you can pop the isolate right into your mouth and dissolve it under your tongue. This option would be optimal for the outcome of a delicious result. 

The most convenient and travel-friendly purpose of the isolate would be filling empty capsules with the powder. You will have the freedom and ease of consumption of being able to open up a bottle of capsules and pop one in your mouth. 

What is the best way to take CBG Isolate?

After learning that CBG isolate can be consumed and applied in various ways, it’s recommended to try out those different ways to find what may fit your daily life. The best way exactly completely depends on the individual’s experience and the preferred results. 

When talking about what way provides the quickest results, that would have to be through inhalation. A way to inhale CBG isolate would be through dabbing it, letting your lungs fill with the product, and enjoying its effects. 

If you’re needing best convenience then converting the powder into capsules is most easy for when you’re on the go – or even at home. 

What is the process of making CBG isolate?

Learning the inner workings of the products we’re consuming is always a learning experience. CBG Isolate is exceptionally rare in its production as it’s man-made and throughout the US there is a multitude of hemp extraction laboratories where the powder-like substance is created. 

The most important part and first step in the process would be choosing adequate land to complete the extraction such as fertile land first to grow the hemp plants. Young cannabis plants are the best plants to retrieve CBG from as the cannabinoid is not as present in more adult or full-grown plants. 

What is the price of CBG isolate?

CBG isolate prices vary on whether you’re an individual customer or you’re buying wholesale CBG isolate. Keeping the dosage amount in mind, when you see a CBG isolate that says 10 grams, it is a large amount of product. The recommended dose for a beginner utilizing the cannabigerol isolate is 10 mg. 

Every 1 gram equals 1000 mg, you’ll usually see that individual products are generally just up to 1 gram and at ATLRx you’re able to purchase 1 gram for a measly $8. If you make a google search for the isolate and different pricing, it can run up to $20 depending on the potency and purity of the product. 

When buying wholesale CBG isolate, you’ll start seeing larger gram amounts. Usually, wholesale dosage starts at 10 grams and is priced at roughly $45-$50. A larger dosage amount of 100 grams can run you into the $300-$400 price range.

Does CBG isolate get you high?

How the individual consumer feels after CBG isolate powder consumption is generally a personal experience. However, cannabigerol does not contain a psychoactive chemical the way THC does that gives you the feeling of that cloud 9 high. 

However, CBG does interact with receptors in thr endocannabinoid system, which has the potential to create different effects in the body. Of course, this does depend on how you choose to use the isolate as a topical may have different effects on your body as it would be an external application as opposed to an internal one. 

Dosage as well plays a big part in the abilities that CBG isolate has to get you high. One person may be only consuming 5 mg of the powder every time and complaining that it doesn’t give them the desired effects – when they may just need to up their dosage to about 10 mg to feel the effects internally.

What is the best way to isolate CBG?

The best way to isolate CBG in a manner that will produce purity and potency is by using chemicals such as carbon dioxide or ethanol to extract the cannabigerol. Melting the hemp afterward then brings a nearly pure CBG concentration. Once made into the concentration, it’s recommended to keep the product out of direct heat and it’s best to store the product in a cooler temperature room or environment. 

Of course, you would need the necessary tools to complete the isolation process of the cannabigerol isolate and it is best to conduct this process under professional supervision in a controlled environment. 

Having the proper systems available for the CBD isolation or extraction process would ensure the purity you’re trying to achieve. One example of a system that would be needed for this process is a high-output CO2 system which is where you’d be completing the cannabigerol extraction, you can also use ethanol as an alternative to using carbon dioxide. 

Is CBG isolate safe to smoke?

You can enjoy the effects of adding the cannabigerol isolate into your puff sessions. However, CBG isolate should only be bought from reputable sources that provide the customer with information about the purity and safety of the product.

After reviewing the product you’ve purchased, you’re able to add it to your smoking tool for an early morning or late night puff. Since CBG isolate does not contain THC, you won’t experience the “high” that smoking marijuana gives you.

One way you can add the isolate to your rolled joints can be by sprinkling the powder on top of the ready-to-smoke joint. This tactic also works great when you’re enjoying a pre-rolled joint. Remember, it is a powder so you do have to push it down a bit with your finger to make sure it’s well packed.

You can also just add the powder to your flower when you’re rolling the joint to make sure it’s packed and won’t fall out.

Does CBG Isolate show up on drug tests?

Common workplace or medical drug tests test for marijuana in your system, which would be the THC cannabinoid having a place in your body. Since CBG isolate is 98%+ pure cannabigerol, there is no trace of the THC (or Tetrahydrocannabinol) cannabinoid to be detected in your body. 

It’s always suggested to be entirely cautious in your substance consumption, ensuring you’re taking a recommended dose. Though it may not show up on your drug test, consuming high dosages of CBG isolate may impair your ability to cautiously. 

It is always best to understand the product you’re consuming as it may have a hidden THC percentage. As little as 0.3% THC being present in your body will populate the drug test as well. 

What is the recommended dose of CBG isolate?

The recommended CBG isolate dose can range from 5mg to 20 mg – 5 being the least experienced and for someone who is new to consuming hemp-derived products. 

The safest bet is to consume low and slow. However, if you’re someone on a mission to consume regularly, you may increase your CBG isolate intake, while monitoring how it effects your body.

After having tried 5 and 10 mg and you’re feeling like your tolerance is building and you’d like to explore the higher dosages of the isolate, you can move up to 20 mg. Moving up through the dosages gradually ensures the least side effects on the customer’s mind and body. At any point, if you feel you’re not receiving your desired effect after dosing, it is best to contact your healthcare professional to review the advantages and disadvantages of moving up in dosage

The best part of ATLRx is that we have different doses that you’re able to choose from to fit your lifestyle routine. 

Is CBG isolate edible?

Yes, CBG isolate is edible meaning you’re able to add it to your diet and enjoy the effects of the cannabinoid powder. Since the powder has no taste or smell, adding it to your food won’t give you the same taste change that adding Splenda to coffee gives. Your coffee, juice, breakfast, dinner, whatever you choose to add it to – won’t have a taste change and you can enjoy it delectably. 

Aside from adding it to your food, you can simply put it on the inside of your mouth to dissolve and then receive the effects that way. 

Is it possible to dab CBG isolate?

As many possibilities as you have with the different ways you can take CBG to isolate, you also have the possibility of dabbing with it. With the CBG isolate being a crystal-like powder, you’re able to add it to your dab rig and let your lungs fill up. 

Of course, being careful when holding your torch or lighting it is a given but finding that correct temperature is key to receiving the desired effects of a dab, whether it contains the CBG Isolate or not. This ensures the terpenes are entering your body with the most purity and efficiency of the properties. 

Where can I buy CBG Isolate online?

After conducting more research on the powdered chemical, I’m sure you’re ready to run to buy CBG isolate. There’s a definite excitement that comes with learning all about something new and knowing exactly where and how to purchase the product. You can search the web to compile a list of options. You can never have too many options when choosing what to put in, or on, your body. 

If you’re someone who loves that loyalty to one company that provides great products and services, you’re in luck as you can find and purchase CBG isolate right on our website at ALTRx. We have multiple different pages on our website that dive into all the different cannabinoid products we offer, as well as all the information you need to know about them. We provide third-party testing for our products and we give you those lab results for a better understanding of your isolate, or other ATLRx product. 

At  ATLRx, you’ll be able to enjoy free shipping and a 100% customer satisfaction guaranteed policy when buying your CBG isolate. We hope to see your happy review added to our 1,000 happy customer ratings.