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ATLRx has been around for over 4 years in the hemp space and have become well known in the alternate cannabinoid space over the past several years. Although all of our products are legal hemp derivatives, many of these alternate cannbinoids can & will have similar affects to other psychoactive cannabinoids such as delta 8 & 9 THC.


  • Total Cannabinoid Content: 97.39%
  • Ingredients: CBN
  • Amount: 1g

Today, CBN isolate products are more popular than ever. This cannabinoid provides unique positive effects that have excited many people who enjoy cannabis products. Since it is harder for professionals to deliver CBN isolate than other cannabinoids, it is all the rage in the industry. Interested in knowing more? With the general information and common FAQs provided below, we can give you all the insight you need.

CBN Isolate: What is it?

Among the cannabinoids found in cannabis is CBN isolate (cannabinol isolate). CBN is a substance formed from the degradation of THC. Over time, you’re left with CBN isolate. Even cannabinoids themselves bind to CB1 receptors in your body.

Professionals obtain CBN via distillation, using temperature control and the right amount of pressure. This process creates the refined powdered CBN isolate, which is almost entirely pure CBN. Since this process is so rigorous, the equipment used is quite expensive, making it complicated for the average person to do it correctly. That would explain why the demand for the cannabinoid is so high and market prices for it can be expensive compared to other cannabis products.

It is not as easy to produce CBN due to its low concentration in the typical hemp plant (about 1%). However, this makes the beautiful effects it brings to the table highly sought after. That said, if you can try quality CBN isolate, it just might change your whole cannabis perspective.

You can experience CBN isolate in several ways, including through capsules, oils, gummies, and more. If your preferred method of consumption isn’t ingestion, there is always the option to inhale it by dabbing. Some people even get creative and make their own topical cream or tincture—endless possibilities.

Why is ATLRx the best place to buy CBN Isolate?

ATLRx is a great place to buy CBN isolate since we supply high-quality products. Whether trying it for the first time or buying bulk CBN isolate, you can check our website for whatever piques your interest. Our entire menu is available to anyone who visits our website. Our company provides customers with 100% American-grown products that are satisfaction guaranteed, ensuring that we supply natural, safe, and effective products.

So many companies sell CBN isolate powder without the proper testing or safe ingredients. But we’re different. Our easily scannable QR codes on each of our products make it convenient for customers to retrieve and review our third-party lab results straight from their devices. This not only allows our buyers to have confidence when enjoying our products, but also allows them to rest assured that what they’re getting is quality. We know what you put into your body is essential, and we are fully transparent.

Our products are affordable, as we want everyone to be able to enjoy what we have to offer. We even have an excellent return policy outlined on our website and a newsletter you can opt in or out of at any time. So take advantage of our free shipping and make your purchase today! Also, if you’re curious about any current sales we have going on, you can find them outlined on the front page of our website.


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How Can CBN Isolate Be Used?

To enjoy CBN isolate, you just open your product and dose your desired amount, but be aware that it is a fine powder substance. If the CBN isolate powder is not your preferred delivery method, create your tincture with your favorite lotion/cream. You can also mix it in a beverage or food; it mixes best in warm liquids.

You can also dab CBN isolate, which is what many people prefer to do. Inhaling cannabis is typically how you will receive more immediate effects, which is essential for those who need quick results and not a prolonged onset. Once you have your preferred dab rig ready, you can simply heat the nail portion of the rig with a torch for about 15-20 seconds (this is because a normal lighter will not get it hot enough). Then, you wait until the nail has cooled off for a few seconds and add the CBN isolate to the nail. You will put your mouth to the rig’s mouthpiece and inhale the vapor. The amount of CBN isolate you will put on your dabbing device or the amount you inhale will depend on your dosage preferences. It is best to start with a small hit and add another if needed. 

The process is a bit easier using an electric dab pen. You will just need to unscrew the pen so that you can see the coil portion of the pen. Then, add the CBN isolate to the coils and screw the pen back together. Finally, you will press the button that heats your coils and inhale the vapor as you would with a typical vape pen.

What Is The Best Way to Isolate CBN?

CBN is produced when THC naturally degrades over time. The THC used to make CBN comes from the hemp plant, but never from a plant with more than 0.3% THC. This transformation from THC to CBN generally occurs naturally, but scientists can also speed up the process in a lab by using heat and oxidation. Products with cannabinol are some of the most challenging to produce, so they are not as well known or readily available as other products. The perk is that we have the CBN isolate ready for you to enjoy.

What Is The Best Way To Dab CBN Isolate?

CBN isolate has three main forms: crystals, oil, and powder. Most people prefer to dab their product with a waxy substance, but it is possible to dab the CBN isolate powder. Even though the crystal slabs will be the most accessible form to use when dabbing, this is more about your preference. Many people use our CBN isolate powder to enhance their cannabis dabbing experience.

You will need to use a device or rig with the right components so that you don’t waste any of your CBN isolate powder (like a bucket nail or a dab pen). If you try to use a regular nail, it may be too thin, resulting in the powder falling off the edges. The dab pen would be the most convenient way to get a good hit of the CBN isolate. It will also be the quickest way and will not require an open flame.

Essentially, you can dab CBN isolate the same way you would most concentrates. The powder consistency may throw people off, but it dabs just the same. All you need to get that good hit is your CBN isolate, a dabbing mechanism, and the desire to inhale.

Is CBN Isolate Powder Safe To Smoke?

Yes, when smoking CBN isolate powder, you have to make sure you purchase the powder from a reputable source; otherwise, you won’t know what you’re smoking. You must be conscious of where you’re getting your CBN isolate from, its purity, and its potency.

Since many people are in the cannabis community, checking customer reviews can be very beneficial. Most companies have a place for their customers to leave reviews, and this is a place to gain insight into how people feel about their products. If you’re reading that hundreds of people are satisfied with the products you’re looking into, this may help you feel more at ease about your purchase. When buying something wholesale like CBN isolate bulk, it is crucial to check these things. 

It is also essential to read the COA lab testing that the company provides about the product. This form will tell you where the product was grown, when the testing was conducted, and how well it scored in regards to mold and yeast, bacteria, heavy metals, and pesticides. The document should also include data about the terpenes found in the product.

Is It Legal To Buy CBN Isolate Online?

Yes, if the CBN isolate for sale contains less than 0.3% THC, then purchasing it is legal. The 2018 Farm Bill legalized the manufacturing, sale, and consumption of hemp and removed it from the list of controlled substances. They even referred to the plant as an “agricultural commodity.” While this did make room for more hemp to be grown, there are still strict guidelines in place in some states. 

Suppose the online company you purchase the cannabis product from doesn’t offer transparency by providing lab tests (usually by a third party). In that case, it may not fall under the current legal guidelines. If you plan to buy CBN isolate bulk, it is always best to research the product beforehand to ensure you’re on the safe side of the law. Being in compliance with these regulations is essential.

CBN Isolate: What Does It Do?

CBN provides a wide range of effects. Many claim it can help with relief, relaxation, or appetite, but these claims are unfounded. Some people even pair it with other cannabinoids to meet what is known as the “entourage effect.” This effect occurs when many cannabinoids work synergistically together, each bringing unique results. So many worthwhile outcomes can stem from introducing CBN isolate into your cannabinoid arsenal.

What Is The Process For Making CBN Isolate?

CBN is a cannabinoid naturally obtained from both marijuana and hemp plants. Researchers refer to CBN as a “byproduct of THC.” Two commonly used practices allow for the creation of CBN isolate: CO2 extraction and ethanol extraction. This process is done by washing harvested hemp and separating the valuable parts of the plant from the more significant leafy parts. 

When the CO2 or ethanol is evaporated, a thick, waxy hemp extract remains. Then, this extract will undergo winterization and other specific processes until it’s crystalized. What’s left is an isolate powder. This pure cannabinoid powder is offered in small-quantity products and CBN isolate wholesale. 

Can CBN Isolate Make You High?

No, CBN isolate cannot make you high on its own, as it is non-psychoactive, similar to CBD. This is because it doesn’t bind to your body’s CB1 receptors in the same way that THC does. If you add the CBN isolate in conjunction with a product that has more than 0.3% THC, it could potentially enhance the THC’s effects, giving you the high feeling that most people relate to marijuana. But CBN may be your new friend if you’re seeking something milder than THC.

How Effective Is CBN Isolate For Focus?

Some people have found that CBN isolate may help them feel more focused, and the cannabinoid has shown promising effects for many who are seeking mental focus enhancement. Although these claims have yet to be proven, we feel that trying the cannabinoid is the only way to know yourself. After all, cannabis is a personal experience for everyone.

How Effective Is CBN Isolate For Mobility?

It is possible that the product can be used in this area, in either the isolate or topical form, but we cannot make any definitive claims. If you choose to use the topical form, mix your desired amount of CBN isolate into your favorite lotion or cream and apply it directly to your sore areas. Please always refer to a doctor for advice.

What Is The Recommended Dosage of CBN Isolate Powder?

Professionals recommend starting with about 5 mg of CBN for the first time. After you experience the effects of CBN, you can increase your dosage as needed. Some people may find starting with a low dosage ideal, while others may prefer larger dosages. If you want to increase your dosage, the best way is in 5 mg increments. “Low and slow” is an excellent method to find your perfect dosage. We also suggest that you only up your dosage after a 2-hour mark to ensure you are getting the full effects of what you have already implemented. These suggestions are important since some companies with CBN isolate for sale may not provide this information. 

CBN Isolate: How To Use It?

You can take CBN isolate as is. There isn’t a long, multi-step process you need to do to the product to consume it. Simply put it in your mouth and swallow, or put the powder in your preferred food or drink—and enjoy. 

Some people combine the CBN isolate powder with a carrier oil, making blending into their desired recipe easier. Turning the pure CBN isolate into a CBN tincture, as described, sticks to a specific MG of CBN that meets your preference. 

You can also create your own topical CBN cream from two simple ingredients – the CBN isolate and your favorite cream or lotion. This will adhere to not only your aromatic senses but also your desired milligram of the cannabinoid. It is all about personal preference when you have CBN products since effects differ from person to person. 

If you want a method that is sure to deliver within seconds, you want to think about dabbing or smoking your CBN isolate. Whether you prefer to inhale it with an electric dab pen or a dab rig, you are sure to receive swift effects. The rapid onset of effects is due to the vapor not needing to be metabolized as you would with CBN isolate.

How is CBN Isolate Helpful For Nighttime Use?

CBN has been claimed as the “sleepy cannabinoid,” Though there is limited scientific research on whether CBN has sedative effects in humans. More research must be conducted on its efficacy in improving sleep. Nonetheless, some researchers believe the CBN isolate powder has excellent sedative capabilities. Still, we will wait for more research to be conducted if you’re seeking sedative effects during this time. We still suggest trying out the cannabinoid to see how it works for you after doing your research and speaking with your doctor.