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Each capsule contains: Delta 8 THC: 25.74mg

Delta 8 Capsules

ATLRx Delta 8 capsules are a great product. You are going to receive the full benefits from these delta 8 gel caps without any crash. These smooth and discreet Delta 8 THC capsules provide you with quick absorption because it is metabolized within your liver and converted to THC-COOH or 11-Nor-9-carboxy-THC, often confused as Delta-11 THC. The more cannabinoids, the more merry our bodies ECS is! ATLRx Delta 8 capsules are flexible, discreet, and convenient. Or, if you’re looking to test out delta 8, ATLRx delta 8 capsules are an excellent starting point.

Benefits of Delta 8 Capsules

ATLRx Delta 8 Capsules can bring a lot of value to your everyday life. Before we go into the Delta 8 capsules, we have to address what Delta 8 THC is, to begin with. First, it starts with hemp. Hemp is a type of cannabis similar to Marijuana. That’s where the association and misunderstandings that come with hemp begin as well. Marijuana is known for its intoxicating effects that come from Delta-9 THC. Hemp has Delta-9 THC but is mostly CBD rich. CBD makes the hemp plant the cannabis plant of choice in states where Marijuana is not legal. Of course, CBD even has its place in the marijuana legalized states, primarily used to tone down the effects of Delta 9 THC.

Delta 8 THC hit the market following its proper legalization with the Federal Farm Bill of 2018. This bill allowed for hemp-derived cannabinoids with a Delta-9 THC dry weight of no larger than 0.3%. This led to another significant surge in the CBD industry, which was already well on its way to becoming a billion-dollar industry. Now the CBD industry has become the alternate cannabinoid industry, but there is a reason it’s still the CBD industry. CBD is the beginning of all alternate cannabinoids; although most of the alternate cannabinoids do indeed occur inside of a hemp plant, it doesn’t provide enough volume. Many thought this was an ethical breach; to produce a vast amount of Delta-8 THC, there is a conversion process called isomerization. Isomerization involves a chemical process with a solvent that takes CBD and converts it into Delta-8 THC. Delta 8 THC has around 60% the potency of your traditional Marijuana, or its sibling known as Delta-9 THC. With that said, it brings a very similar effect, making it the first choice over delta-9 THC for a larger audience than one would think.

Why choose Delta 8 Capsules of ATLRx?

ATLRx has stood out in the CBD industry for various reasons, but it’s really our view on the importance of transparency. We choose to be upfront, provide education, and further inform everyone about the safety, regulations, and how we behave in an unregulated market when it comes to compliance. ATLRx follows the federal regulations and compliance of recreational states such as Colorado and Oregon. ATLRx sources from some of the best organic hemp growers in the west. This doesn’t solely pertain to their expertise in growing but also involves their extraction knowledge. ATLRx uses the purest extraction method on the market, known as supercritical CO2 and ethanol giving us a beautiful pure distillate. We have all of our products repeatedly tested in a DEA-certified lab for solvents, pesticides, metals, and toxic residuals to guarantee a perfectly safe product. Nothing lands in our warehouse, let alone our retail fronts until we can share an immaculate certificate of analysis (COA) with you. That’s right, the lab tests are available in the form of a QR Code right on the packaging. ATLRx Delta 8 soft gels, and all of our products, are crafted with meticulous care. Transparency makes everyone’s life easier and establishes trust between you and us.


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Delta 8 Capsules - FAQ's

Are Delta 8 Capsules Legal?

Yes, Delta 8 Capsules are legal because Delta 8 THC is legal through the Federal Farm Bill of 2018. Expanding on this particular bill, it removed hemp from the Controlled Substances Act (CSA) so long the Delta-9 THC dry weight isn’t over 0.3% and enabled interstate transportation. Delta 8 THC is really an analog of CBD, making it a hemp commodity under the horticulture branch of the bill. This is not only what makes our Delta 8 softgels legal but delta 8 legal as a whole.

Will Delta 8 Capsules Show Up on a Drug Test?

Testing Delta 8 capsules for THC will result in positive result for THC.

What’s the recommended dosage of Delta 8 soft gels?

There is no universal dosage when it comes to using delta-8 THC softgels. Therefore, dosage will depend on a number of factors including your weight, THC tolerance, desired effects, medical history and others. . Because cannabis is a personal experience, there is no one dose that fits all.

What’s the difference between delta-8 capsules and gummies?

The biggest difference is the delivery method. While products get ingested they have a nearly identical absorption rate. They are both discreet, portable, premeasured and easy for on the go use and microdosing. As to which is better to use, that is a personal preference and what will fit well for the occasion.

Do delta-8 capsules work?

Delta-8 THC capsules provides a more subtle effect compared to delta-9 THC, users will still experience the effects.

What other ways are there to use delta-8?

Due to the increasing sale and use of delta-8 THC, it’s no surprise that the number of products being offered are by the hundreds, if not thousands. Users are able to choose from a variety of different types of delta-8 THC including edibles, vapes, extracts, flowers, concentrates, oils, and topicals.

How To Take Delta-8 THC Capsules

They must first be swallowed down with water and digested. Once this happens, the delta-8 THC capsules can take up to 2 hours for effects to kick in. And once they do, they can last for several hours.

Are Delta-8 capsules as potent as Delta-9 joints?

While delta-8 THC has the ability to produce effects in the body similarly to delta-8 THC, it is generally less potent than delta-9. Therefore, the same could be said for delta-8 capsules when compared to delta-9 joints. While they are different delivery methods, it’s the potency of the THC cannabinoid itself that causes a more potent than delta-8 THC.

How Do Delta 8 Soft Gels Work?

Delta 8 capsules are administered by way of ingestion. They are typically swallowed with water. Effects do take some time and can be felt around 1-2 hours but the duration makes up for the wait, lasting for around 10 hours.

Are Delta 8 Capsules Better than Delta 8 Oil?

The question is not which is better, but which will work best for you. However, there is a difference in the bioavailability of these two delivery methods. Delta-8 THC capsules get ingested, which means they will have to be digested before effects are able to kick in. Along the way to being digested, there is some potency lost, but not a large amount. Delta-8 oil on the other hand, is administered under the tongue and will completely bypass the digestion process. Because of this, the bioavailability of delta-8 THC oil will be higher, compared to delta-8 THC capsules.

How Many Delta 8 Soft Gels Should I Take?

That will depend on the product you purchase. It can be once daily, twice daily, or up to 3 and 4 times daily — the milligrams in a capsule will determine that, which can usually be found on the product label.