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About Us

What We Stand For
We come to work each morning with one shared objective – to make a positive outcome on the world, humanity and nature; one morning at a time. We need to educate a new generation of individuals carrying on with a preventative and healthy way of life. We need to be the leaders to accomplish this through science, research, innovation and development to give premium CBD products at a fair price at ATLRx.

Our Mission
Our Mission to our clients and partners is to bring the highest quality of CBD products available. Our goal is to help people and their loved ones live a happier and more healthy life.

About ATLRx

ATLRx began with the intent to provide our friends and families safe, natural, and effective alternatives to prescription medications. It came to our attention that there was a lack of accessible CBD products that provided the thorough information and education that clients deserved. The lack of transparency wasn’t confined to being just a local problem; it was across the industry. We felt it was necessary to have QR codes on our products for the third-party full panel lab results, assuring clients that they know what is in the product they’re putting into their bodies but also the purpose of the product. It is, and always will be, imperative to us that we are as transparent as possible. 

In January of 2019, we launched ATLRx as an e-commerce company with four employees, working out of one of our houses in Cumming, Georgia. On July 11th of 2019, we opened our first storefront in Alpharetta, Georgia, which is now our headquarters location.. Amid the pandemic, on July 13th, 2020, ATLRx held our grand opening for our second location in Poncey-Highlands, Atlanta. Since then, we have taken our online services to a warehouse in Dawsonville, Georgia and are focusing on brand expansion through our franchise model. Rick Hight is our COO, the warehouse Director of Operations, and I, Chase Slappey, am the Sales Director and Chief Executive Officer.

The substantial growth has allowed our name to echo across the country. Our website’s convenience, overall simplicity and seamless customer service have made ordering cannabis products a breeze. We are endlessly grateful to have such a generous clientele who are adamant about spreading the word locally and across the country. It has allowed us to continue to do what we love. Today, we are one of the country’s top providers of cannabis products—including Delta 8 THC. By further obtaining knowledge in cultivating, extracting, and manufacturing, we’ve acquired the necessary tools to meet the needs of our clientele. Our consistent growth in the industry is in part by keeping our eyes and ears on the latest clinical research of other natural alternatives, finding the product that best aligns with our clientele, and being confident that we are being transparent along the way. ATLRx has proven itself as a brand that can evolve, expand, and excel.

Chase Slappey

Chief Executive Officer