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Convenient and customizable! Our premium Delta 8 THC Oil drops are available in 2 different sizes. This is an unscented oil containing only MCT and Delta 8 THC distillate. Reach for this any time of the day!

500mg: Each bottle contains 489mg of Delta 8 THC Each dropper (1ml) contains 16.3mg Delta 8 THC 1/4th dropper = 4.075mg Delta 8 THC 

1000mg: Each bottle contains 997.65mg of Delta 8 THC Each dropper (1ml) contains 33.26mg of Delta 8 THC 1/4th dropper = 8.315mg of Delta 8 THC 

2000mg: Each bottle contains 2053.02mg of Delta 8 THC Each dropper (1ml) contains 68.43mg of Delta 8 THC 1/4th dropper = 17.10mg of Delta 8 THC 


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Delta 8 Tincture FAQ's

Are delta-8 tinctures safe?

ATLRx Delta 8 THC tinctures are undoubtedly safe, but we cannot speak on other brands. We are only aware of the practices and the procedures that we hold ourselves accountable for, and these precautions have set us apart on the market. Transparency is our policy; you deserve to know everything in a product that you’re going to be buying. It shouldn’t have to be hard work to find a lab report for a product you’ve purchased, but unfortunately, the CBD industry isn’t regulated. So, ATLRx did one better by complying with the regulations and procedures of the recreational states that we source from, Colorado and Oregon. All of our products are tested in a DEA-certified lab for metals, solvents, pesticides, and residues; nothing lands on our shelves until we have a perfect lab report. We do not settle for anything less than immaculate.

What is Delta 8 tincture?

Delta 8 Tincture is simply a homogenized mixture of MCT oil (or other carrier oils) and Delta-8 Distillate, sometimes aromatics are added.

How many drops of Delta 8 tincture?

¼ to 1 Full dropper (1ml) is usually a good starting point.

How long do delta 8 tinctures take to work?

Delta 8 Tincture takes about thirty minutes to an hour, depending on a few circumstances, but this is a good frame of reference.

How long does a delta 8 tincture last?

Delta-8 THC has about a six to eight-hour window that may differ depending on several factors. This, however, seems to be the median. At 1ml (one full dropper) per day, each bottle is a 30 day supply.

Can you vape delta 8 tincture?

No, we wouldn’t ever recommend vaping delta 8 tincture oil. Inhaling any oils similar to MCT oil is very dangerous to your health and possibly fatal. Please refrain from attempting to vape delta 8 tincture oil.

Are Delta 8 tinctures strong?

ATLRx offers Delta 8 Tincture in 500mg and 1000mg. We usually recommend starting with the lightest strength available. From there, you can experiment to see where your median is and then coast. The 1000mg is the most potent delta 8 THC tincture.

What is the most potent Delta 8 tincture?

The Delta-8 Tincture 1000mg formula is the most potent. The only other option of delta-8 tincture is the 500mg formula. If you are looking for something more powerful, then take a look at concentrates.

How Will Delta 8 THC Tinctures Make Me Feel?

Most people have reported consuming Delta 8 as a positive experience, especially those who are frequent cannabis consumers. The cannabinoid is gaining popularity due to its subtle effects, giving a high their is similar to that of delta-THC, but less potent.

Are Delta 8 THC Tinctures Legal?

Tinctures made with delta 8 THC are legal on a  federal level. While there are some states that have banned its use, there are many that have accepted its sale and consumption. This could possibly be due to the fact that the cannabinoid is 100% derived from hemp plants and does not contain any delta 9 THC.

How to Find a High-Quality Delta 8 THC Tincture?

There’s a lot of excitement surrounding delta-8. However due to current regulations, the efficacy, safety, potency and purity cannot be proven for every product. A legit company will not only produce the highest quality product, but it will also provide certificates of analysis which give information on the purity and quality of a product. The best thing to do is conduct your own research and ask professionals (healthcare providers, budtenders, online industry community forums etc) as many questions as you need until you feel confident and informed to purchase a delta-8 THC product. 

How Do I Store My Delta 8 THC Tincture?

While delta-8 THC tinctures are great products, many forget that they too, like any other cannabis product, require safe storage. For best results and longest shelf life, we suggest you delta-8 THC tinctures away from light and electronics in airtight containers. Doing this will not ensure a longer shelf life, but also maintain the potency of your delta-8 THC tincture.

What Are the Differences Between Delta 8 Oils & Other Delta 8 Products?

The differences between delta-8 THC oils and other delta-8 THC products are the amount of time it takes for effects to kick in and the duration. Generally, any cannabis sublingual will take around 30-45 minutes to kick in. Compared to other delivery methods such as edibles and cannabis flower, delta-8 THC oils are great because they bypass the digestion process and don’t involve the inhalation of combustion smoke, making a healthier alternative.

How Does a Delta 8 Tincture Work?

Delta 8 THC tinctures are taken by way of sublingual administration. To dose, you would need  to simply take your dropper, measure the recommended dosage, and drop it under your tongue. The CBD will enter the bloodstream through the capillaries in your mouth, bypassing the digestive system for a maximum effect.

How to Dose Delta 8 Tincture

Dosing a delta-8 THC tincture is typically done by the milligram strength. Most of these kinds of cannabis products will come with packaging or inserts that provide information on dosage recommendations.

What to Look For When Buying Delta 8 Tincture Online?

While it’s amazing that there are a number of different delta-8 THC tinctures offered, in order to receive the best, you must be watchful of a few things. These include, source of hemp, lab results, and pricing. Generally, if a company is selling a product without providing a COA, it is more than likely not reputable. The same can be said for a cheaply manufactured product with harmful ingredients.

Why Choose ATLRx for Delta 8 Tincture Oil?

Compared to other companies, ATLRx provides products that are transparent as well as easily accessible and available. Before being offered to consumers, products undergo rigorous testing to ensure potency and the highest quality delta-8 free of contaminants — which they highlight on every product page.

How long do Delta 8 tinctures take to kick in?

It’s been reported that effects can be felt in 45 minutes to 1 hour. 

Is it safe to use Delta 8 tincture?

While there isn’t a ton of research available on the safety of delta 8 THC, current findings demonstrate that there aren’t any major risks associated with the cannabinoid, even if it’s in tincture form.

Can Delta 8 tincture get you high?

Those who are new to the world of cannabis have been curious about the effects of Delta 8 THC. No matter which delivery method you choose, it will in fact get you high. However, compared to delta-9 THC, the high is milder.

What dosage should you take for Delta 8 tincture?

Unless the product doesn’t come with any dosage information, we suggest you speak with your primary healthcare provider. This will not only ensure you consume safely, but also responsibly.

Will Delta 8 tincture show up in a drug test?

Yes. The molecular structure of delta 9 and delta 8 THC are very similar. While delta-8 THC is a less potent analog of delta 9 THC, it is highly possible to cause a positive drug test, as the body processes these cannabinoids in a similar way.

How Does a Delta-8 Tincture Oil Work?

Delta 8 THC oil is taken under the tongue. Once this happens, it will enter the bloodstream with effects kicking in around 30-45 minutes. When consuming a delta 8 THC tincture, it must be held under the tongue for at least 60 seconds for maximum effect — the rest can be swallowed.

How Many Drops Of A Delta-8 Tincture Should I Use?

While there is no known universal amount, the standard dose of a delta-8 THC tincture lies between 20-40 milligrams. However, we recommend asking the company or health care provider for more information to find what will best suit your needs.

Can You Take Too Much Of A Delta-8 Tincture?

Just like traditional Delta-9, it’s impossible to overdose on a delta-8 THC tincture. In spite of any adverse reactions, it is important to know that you’re likely not experiencing a medical emergency of any kind.

Are Delta-8 Tinctures Stronger Than Edibles?

Realistically, neither product is more powerful than the other. The only differences are how they are used, their potency, the amount you take, your metabolism, weight, and other biological factors.