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How to Grow THCA Flower

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How to Grow THCA Flower

It’s a well-known fact that tetrahydrocannabinol acid, or THCA, is a type of cannabinoid that is formed in a cannabis plant. So, it is very natural if you have ever wondered, “How to Grow THCA Flower

In recent years, cannabis strains rich in THCA have become increasingly popular. Here, we will mention how you can plant and grow your THCA flower and how you can select the correct strain and harvest and cure the buds.

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What Is THCA?

Before we get more in-depth regarding growing a THCA flower, let us first understand what THCA is precisely. Apart from being a type of cannabinoid, it is a precursor to THC, one of the primary psychoactive compounds present in marijuana. THCA, on the other hand, is non-psychoactive. However, it gets converted to THC on burning or heat exposure. This process is called decarboxylation. 

Growing THCA flower has been fascinating to plant growers and people from the hemp community for a long time as it is a precursor of THC. So, to be able to grow it yourself will only add to your entire cannabis experience. 

What is THCA Flower?

The tetrahydrocannabinolic acid hemp or THCA flower is an excellent addition to your dynamic cannabis collection. These exceptional hemp buds are planted and harvested to achieve large percentages of THCA. The THCA flower can be enjoyed via smoking or vaping but can also be used to prepare topicals, edibles and more. 

Choosing the Right Strain 

Planting and growing THCA flower first requires you to select the correct strain. There are many cannabis strains available that are known to have a high content of THCA in them. 

You need to select a strain that will suit your location’s growing conditions and your growing experience. You need to remember the plant’s genetics and its growth characteristics while selecting a strain. Some strains are more suitable when cultivated indoors, while others can more easily adapt to outdoor cultivation. 

A few strains are also more resistant to diseases and pests, while some can be more susceptible. You must also consider the plant’s yield and THCA and THC content. 

ATLRx offers various strains such as mochi berry, apple tart, papa don, no drama llama, gorilla cookies, gelato fuels, and many more. The cost of these strains is in the $12.99 to $249.99 range, depending on the weight of the purchase – 1g to 28g. 

Setting Up The Grow Room

After you have selected the correct strain of your choice, you need to start preparing your grow room. This room needs to be clean and free of diseases and pests. In addition, it should have a good ventilation system, adequate lighting, and a good air circulation system.

When you set up your grow room, you must select the correct type of lighting. LED lights are usually preferred by cannabis growers because they are more efficient and emit less heat.

HID lights, such as sodium lighting and metal halide, are also frequently used. These, however, produce more heat and require more electricity than their LED counterparts. 

Seed Germination

After you make your grow room ready for growing your THCA flower plant, the next step is to germinate the seeds. You can follow many methods for the same, such as the rockwool method, soil method, and even the paper towel method. 

In the rockwool method, you need to plant the flower seeds in a moistened rockwool cube and place it in a tray filled with water. 

In the soil method, seeds are planted directly into the soil. It is, however, important to keep the soil moist and dry until the seeds germinate.

The seeds should be kept between two moist paper towels if you use the paper towel method. Until the seeds germinate, place this set up in a dark, warm place.

Irrespective of the method you choose, keeping the seeds warm and moist till they sprout is essential. Once they grow after germination, you can plant the THCA flower seeds in a growing medium or the soil. 

Stages of Vegetative Growth

When the plant begins to grow and enters its vegetative stage, you will notice that the leaves start growing, but the stems are still not producing buds. You must ensure your plant gets adequate water, light and nutrients during the vegetative stage for healthy growth. 

This stage usually lasts for around two to eight weeks, but this solely depends on the type of strain of the plant and the growing conditions. You must closely monitor your THCA flower plant during its vegetative stage to ensure it grows appropriately and does not show any symptoms of diseases or pests. 

Stage of Flowering

When your THCA flower plant has completed its vegetative stage and begins to show buds, this is called the flowering stage. This lasts for around six to 12 weeks, and this too solely depends on the strain of the plant and the conditions in which it is growing. 

When your plant is in the flowering stage, you need to provide it with the correct type of lighting and the right amount. Most growers primarily use a 12/12 light cycle when the plant is flowering. Plants receive 12 hours of darkness and 12 hours of light each day. This ensures the plant is triggered enough to produce buds.  You must continue closely monitoring your THCA flower plants during their flowering stage to ensure they are healthy and are not showing signs of any diseases or pests. 

The Harvesting Process

When your THCA flower plant buds are entirely mature, you can harvest them. Following the flowering stage, this stage usually occurs eight to twelve weeks later. When you reap the plants, ensure you cut the buds off with pruning shears or scissors. To prevent damage to the buds, handle them carefully.

The Drying and Curing Process

After your THCA flower plant buds are harvested, you need to dry and cure them. This will remove moisture in the buds and allow them to properly develop their potency and flavor. 

You need to hang the buds in a well-ventilated dark room. Make sure the buds are hung upside down. You need to monitor the humidity and temperature levels and ensure they are consistent during the drying stage so that they all dry evenly. 

After the buds have dried, you can cure them by keeping them in airtight containers or jars and then storing them in a dark and cool place. Ensure you periodically open and air out the buds to let the excess moisture escape. 

Testing the Content of the THCA

If you want to know the THCA content of your buds, you need to send them to a lab to get them tested. Many labs offer these services to people who grow cannabis. 

You must test the THCA content of the cannabis to ensure they meet the potency levels you want. This will also help you gauge the ideal time your plants take to harvest. 

Usage of THCA Flowers

You can use the flowers in the form of multiple THCA Products. You can use them to make edibles or even use them for smoking or as part of vape devices. Start with a small dose and increase it gradually if you are a beginner.

Storing your THCA flower properly is imperative to retain its flavor and potency. You must keep the THCA buds in an airtight jar or container in a dark and cool place. You can also use it in other products such as THCA diamonds, tincture, etc. 

Where Can You Buy THCA Flowers?

Buying THCA flowers is not a hassle at all. You can find it at your local smoke shop or CBD store. There may be a limited number of options, however. If you want to buy a good quality THCA flower that is also lab-tested, then you can purchase it from us at our ATLRx website. We have some of the best cannabis products in the market, with the best quality and at the best rates. 


We hope we have clarified your main query – How to grow THCA flower? If you follow the steps, you can grow the plant yourself. You just need to select the correct strain, prepare your own grow room, and follow the proper cultivation and harvesting techniques. The experience will surely be enjoyable for you.

FAQs About Growing THCA Flower

Is THCA Flower Possible to Grow Outside?

Yes, you can grow a THCA flower plant outdoors if the climate you live in is suitable for the cultivation of cannabis. 

When Are the Plants Ready to Be Harvested?

The plants are ideally ready to be harvested within eight to 12 weeks of the beginning of their flowering stage. You need to ensure you monitor your plant closely through all its stages. 

How Can We Make Edibles from THCA Flowers?

You can make edibles with your THCA flower. However, you must put your buds through decarboxylate to convert them to THC from THCA. 

How Should Cannabis Buds Be Dried? What Is the Ideal Temperature and Humidity?

You should dry the cannabis buds in an airtight jar or container in a dark place. But you must ensure you air them out frequently so all the trapped excess moisture can be released. The ideal drying temperature is around 60 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit. The perfect humidity level should be about 55%.

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