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THCV: Where is it Legal? State-by-State List

THCV is a unique cannabinoid with some complicated legal regulations. Like most cannabinoids in the US, the laws surrounding THCV are quite confusing, leaving people in the dark about what’s […]

THCV vs. Delta-9 THC: What’s the Difference?

They may both have “THC” in the name, but THCV and delta-9 THC have distinct differences that every user should be aware of. When you understand how these cannabinoids contrast, […]

High THCV Strains You Should Know About

When you buy cannabis, you may have noticed that your weed labels note THC levels, but they often fail to mention how much THCV in there. However, high THCV levels […]

Will THCv Make You Fail a Drug Test?

Generally speaking, the new crop of legally available psychoactive cannabinoids from hemp is being welcomed by hemp lovers. Tetrahydrocannabivarin (THCv), one of the most popular cannabinoids right now, has a […]

What Is THCV?

THCV may sound like THC, however it has the opposite effects. The effects that THC usually offers will be the opposite of what THCV offers. A cannabinoid called THCV is […]

THCV vs. THC: What Are The Differences?

Sometimes, with how many cannabinoids there are on the market, it can feel difficult trying to understand which one does what — especially when they sound so similar. If you’ve […]

Hello New Cannabinoids: Delta 10 and THC-V

Delta 10 THC and THC-V ATLRx stays in tune with the industry, whether it be a new form of extraction or the latest on discovering another alternative cannabinoid. We are […]