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What Is THCV?

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What is THCV

THCV may sound like THC, however it has the opposite effects. The effects that THC usually offers will be the opposite of what THCV offers. A cannabinoid called THCV is found in cannabis, hemp, and other plants, but because it naturally develops in such miniscule amounts, it was almost unheard of until very recently.

Equatorial Africa is home to cannabis strains rich in THCV, which the people utilize as stimulants and to stave off hunger. At least one strain hunter from Europe lost his life while searching the war-torn Democratic Republic of the Congo for these euphoric Sativas.

Cannabis patients and connoisseurs can now benefit from THCV without leaving their home, state, or even their country, thanks to advancements in breeding and technology. With enhancements in technology and research on THCV, there are now many different products on the market that can provide the user with the desired effects they are looking for.

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What Exactly Is THCV?

Tetrahydrocannabivarin, also referred to as THCV, is a cannabinoid that is categorized as a “minor cannabinoid.” These compounds are naturally present in hemp and cannabis plants, though not in concentrations as high as THC or even CBD. Although THCV can be used naturally in hemp and cannabis plants, it is most frequently extracted and used as an oil or in vapor form.

The body’s cannabinoid receptors bind to THCV. Although it isn’t as potent as Delta 8 THC or Delta 9-THC, it is beginning to gain a reputation for having effects that people would consider as beneficial. People who want the effects associated with cannabis products but without the associated psychoactive effect may benefit from the properties of THCV.

THCV vs. THC: What’s the Difference?

THCV and THC share a lot of similarities. Their distinctive chemistry is the primary difference between them. One of these compounds belongs to the propyl group, while the other does. But what does that mean for us outside the hemp chemical lab? That’s a fascinating bit of trivia.

Your body’s CB1 cannabinoid receptor is activated by both THCV and THC. This means that THC activates the CB1 receptor, whereas THCV prevents it in terms of what it means for your body.

The fact that THC is a well-known munchie stimulant is an excellent illustration of this. Do you feel peckish? THC is known for its munchie-inducing effect. However, THCV has the potential to be an munchie suppressor. With THCV, you won’t get the munchies, and you might not even feel that hungry all day.

Additionally, THCV has a stronger and quicker effect than conventional THC. It also has several adverse consequences, though. Adverse effects are frequent side effects of THC. However, THCV may be able to prevent or lessen these effects.

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 Can You Vape THCV?

The most common ways to use THCV are as an oil, as an edible, and as a vaporizer. If you intend to vape this minor cannabinoid, there is one trick you need to take into account.

The boiling point of THCV is higher than that of other cannabinoids. Your vape pen will need to get a little hotter in order to evaporate this little cannabinoid. Most vape pens can handle this, which is good news.

THCV is frequently found mixed with cannabinoids with lower boiling temperatures. THCV and Delta 8 THC are frequently found in vape goods.

Does THCV get you High?

As a cannabinoid, THCV has psychoactive properties. THCV is less effective than Delta 9 THC in this sense, though. For THCV to produce the desired effect similar to THC, very large doses must be employed. 

Additionally, the desired effect will differ. Compared to the effects of conventional THC, THCV offers a clear-headed, energetic lifted effect.

Strains That are Dominant in THCV

The strains that are high in THCV are typically those that are African landrace Sativa strains. While researching strains with high THCV levels, seek out Sativa strains from the African continent. They discovered that Indicas contain little THCV, however, it’s unclear why.

THCV is high in the following strains:

1. Dougs Varin

The most well-known author of THCV content is Dougs Varin. Due to the strain’s high THCV content, which ranges from 3% to 5%, it is currently the most often produced. Dougs Varin smells earthy and piney with a touch of citrus.

Since Dougs Varin is a trademarked product, finding one in most dispensaries can be difficult. However, you can discover this strain in the vape pens sold by vendors, and if you do, its THCV level can reach as high as 25–30%.

2. Pineapple Purps (also known as Purple Pineapple)

Another Sativa hybrid strain, Pineapple Purps, is grown for its high THCV content, which averages 4%. This strain has a 15% THC concentration as well, which means that its THC-to-THCV ratio is more than 3:1. Most cannabis is potent when the ratio is at least 100:1.

This is a near-perfect illustration of what the best strains of cannabis with high THCV levels can accomplish. Purple Pineapple is a marijuana strain with a pleasant scent that gives users quick-acting but potent effects.

3. Durban Poison

Since the early 1970s, stoners have been cultivating the African landrace strain Durban Poison. There are many hybrids today that are derived from this strain, some of which you will see on this list.

This 100% Sativa strain, named after the sunny city of Durban in South Africa, has robust genetics and a good tolerance to extreme climates. One of the best strains ever is supposed to be Durban Poison, especially if you have the good fortune to test the original genotype of this strain.

Durban Poison emits an invigorating, upbeat buzz that has been proven to stimulate the creative side and even inspire people to continue with demanding schedules.

This cannabis strain has a maximum THCV content of 1%, which is regarded as exceptional considering that the majority of cannabis plants have far lower levels, frequently around 0.2%.

4. Malawi Gold

This cannabis variety is called for the country of Malawi in Africa, which is where it originated. A sativa landrace strain known as Malawi Gold (or simply “Malawi”) produces an energizing buzz that is upbeat and mentally engaging.

There is no official lab data to provide us with the precise amount of THCV present in this well-known strain. However, it’s been asserted that the THCV concentrations in Malawi Gold are at least as high as those in Durban Poison.

5. Power Plant

With the African sativa as its father, Power Plant is a potent sativa strain. It contains a high THC level that ranges from 15% to 20%, as well as a high THCV value. This variety has been in existence since the 1990s and has even received numerous cannabis honors.

This type of cannabis gives users a focused, buzzy high that encourages creativity and happiness. The flavor of Power Plant is described as being sharp and peppery, and its scent is described as being woodsy, earthy, and pungent. Fair warning: this strain contains a large amount of THC; only use it if you have a high tolerance to it.

Most growers agree that this strain grows quickly and successfully in virtually any situation when it comes to cultivating.

6. Willie Nelson

After the country musician Willie James, who allegedly tested it and purchased the entire first crop, this cannabis variety was given its name. It is a cross between a South Asian Sativa strain and a Nepalese hybrid strain.

Beginners should be aware that Willie Nelson has a high THC average of 20-22%. The aroma of Willie Nelson is a blend of sweet and sour with a whiff of lemon grass. Due to its high THCV content, this is a wonderful option if you want to experience unique effects when taken at high levels.

7. Jack The Ripper ( also known as JTR)

One of High Times’ top 10 strains of 2006, Jack the Ripper has won multiple Cannabis Cups. It is regarded as a strong Sativa-dominant strain that may instantly lifts the mood and stimulates the mind, energizing users.

The aroma of this strain is a strong sweet and tart lemon fragrance that rapidly fills the room. When you separate the resinous buds of JTR, you’ll notice notes of pine and tropical fruits coming through. When taken or vaporized, you’ll experience a strong and sweet lemon aroma complemented by an earthy and pine-like undertone.

THCv potency levels can get as high as 20%, which shouldn’t be taken lightly, especially if you’re a first user.

8. Pink Boost Goddess

Flow Kana created the limited-edition strain Boost Goddess, which is a hybrid between the Pink and Boost Goddess F2 varieties. It is a hybrid of Boost Goddess and Black Garlic.

This cannabis variety has a delectable aroma with subtle strawberry and mint undertones, making it enjoyable to sniff and puff. Pink Boost Goddess is a well-balanced hybrid strain that, when used in large doses, induces desired effects. It is perfect for cannabis lovers thanks to its 4.24 percent THCV concentration.

9. AC/DC

ACDC is a balanced Sativa/Indica hybrid that contains .11% THCV. AC/DC is a great choice for those looking for a satisfying hybrid strain that has a good range of effects. It has a delightful aroma that many users enjoy.

  1. Chocolope Haze

With a .066 THCV level and 21-24% THC content, this 95% Sativa-dominant hybrid also falls into the high THC category. Although Chocolope Haze has a lower THCV content compared to others on this list, you will still be able to experience the desired effects of THCV in this strain.

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Is THCV Legal?

As with other recently commercialized cannabis extracts, THCV is currently in legal limbo.

When it came to hemp extracts, the 2018 Farm Bill (Agriculture Improvement Act of 2018) changed the landscape. That measure included a provision allowing the sale of CBD and THCV-containing hemp extracts. States and local governments, however, have not done so, and cannabinoids like THCV are governed by inconsistent regulations.

Local governments occasionally disregard recent federal guidance that expressly states that certain substances are allowed. To ensure that THCV is accepted in your area, verify with the municipal and state governments. Laws and regulations are always changing and evolving, the best thing to do is to continuously check with your local government and make sure that you are up to date on what the current rules are.

ATLRx has 100% legal THCV products for you to purchase. According to the 2018 Farm Bill, all of our products are hemp-derived.

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Does THCV Show up in a Drug Test?

If you want to enjoy THCV goods, you must keep this in mind above everything else. In a drug test, THCV may be detected. Contrary to several other available cannabis extracts, THCV produces the metabolites that a standard THC drug test can identify. Therefore, it is crucial to understand what products contain THCV.

If your employment involves regular drug testing or you have some kind of government drug test, use THCV with caution or don’t use it at all.

How THCV Works?

Our CB1 receptor is activated by THC, the primary psychoactive ingredient in cannabis. As a result, hunger hormones are released. THCV, on the other hand, disables our CB1 receptor, hence lessening our munchies. The cannabinoid (cannabis molecule) THCV is distinct since it has various effects depending on the amount. Depending on the dosage, THCV can have both non-psychoactive and psychoactive effects. The effects of THCV are anti-psychoactive at low dosages and psychoactive at high ones.

Because it has similar effects to both THC and CBD, THCV could be thought of as a cannabinoid that is “in-between.” This is a simplification, though, because THCV offers much more.

It is also worth mentioning that there is much more research and study that needs to be done to prove that THCV is even helpful to humans.

What Does THCV Feel Like?

A typical amount of THCV alone may potentially offer a stimulating, alert sensation similar to that of coffee, potentially with a reduced likelihood of experiencing  discomfort. Additionally, people claim to even to forget to eat. For this reason, THCV is not recommended for people who suffer from anorexia.

Combining THCV with CBD might potentially create a blend that some individuals find synergistic, potentially contributing to an entourage effect that some seek.

While THCV and THC together produce a focused, pleasant, and exhilarating effect. Although using THCV may lessen some of the hunger that comes with using THC, doing so will not have the same hunger effects as taking THCV by itself or in combination with CBD.

What About Combining THCV With Other Cannabinoids?

As previously indicated, adding low dosages of THCV may shorten the time that THC is active, whereas adding higher levels may somewhat increase THC’s psychoactivity.

The effects of CBD and CBG, which do not directly interact with cannabinoid receptors but impact and reduce THC’s sensitivity at CB1 receptors, may be slightly amplified by trace quantities of THCV. When combining THCV with other cannabinoids, your chances of getting the entourage effect are much more likely.

Where Can I Buy THCV?

The best place on the hemp and cannabis market to buy THCV online is at ATLRx. We have the highest quality hemp-derived products available on the market today.  Not only do we have the best THCV gummies we also carry THCV isolate. All of our products are third-party lab tested, and each and every one of them has a COA (certificate of analysis) that shows the potency and purity of our products. Transparency is very important to us, and if you have complete transparency with us, you will gain our trust. Trust that we have the best and safest products available.