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Legalization vs. Decriminalization

I grew up in a smaller city in upstate New York that so happens to be a college town. Spending most of my teens in a student-filled apartment complex, I […]

THC-O Cherry Runtz: Sweet & Spiritual

The arrival of ATLRx THC-O Cherry Runtz is the highest percentage THC-O Flower that we’ve had so far; naturally, I was ecstatic. I have a deep and passionate love for […]

Check Out ATLRx Daily Deals!

Check Out ATLRx Daily Deals! If you are in the Atlanta area, make sure to take advantage of the daily deals that we offer in our retail stores every day! […]

Is CBD actually bad for your liver?

I set out in search of a reason why CBD would be considered bad for one’s liver. For the record, there is no verifiable evidence that CBD is bad for […]

Too High? How to Sober Up from THC

Everything in Moderation…Even THC! Table of contents:           I was sixteen the first time (of many times) I had too much THC. I would walk through […]

Full Spectrum CBD and Drug Tests

ATLRx CBD products are extremely high quality and effective so it can be easy to forget that there are trace amount of THC in many of our products that will […]

What is CBD and why should I use it?

You may have already heard about CBD as it is becoming very popular in America for a variety of reasons. Lets give you a quick overview of what CBD is and why […]

Mindful Breathing

As you’re reading this blog you are breathing.  Without consciously doing it, your diaphragm contracts, moves downward, increasing the space in your chest cavity. Your lungs expand bringing oxygen into […]