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THC-O Cherry Runtz: Sweet & Spiritual

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THC-O Cherry Runtz

The arrival of ATLRx THC-O Cherry Runtz is the highest percentage THC-O Flower that we’ve had so far; naturally, I was ecstatic. I have a deep and passionate love for THC-O because it showed up when I needed something with more insightful dialogue rather than the scattered brain fragments containing something of substance. It wasn’t writer’s block, and I am beyond the point of having a sort of ego. It was just a two-week period where I didn’t have a direction as if I was staring at a broken compass. No, I didn’t stop doing what I do. THC-O reminded me that there never was a distinguished direction, and while I was taking my priorities seriously, I was taking myself too seriously.

Perfectionism has hindered my creative input in the past, which is normal for anyone in this field. You have it one day, then you don’t. So I did what I always do, which is to keep going, but what reignited my output was eating a fair amount of THCO gummies and writing. The elation reminded me to be better about self-care, something I neglect, and that bouncing back is dependent on this. Lo and behold, within the week, I was back at it. THC-O Acetate is different for various reasons. One, it’s undeniably synthetic. Two, it’s extremely dangerous to make, and three, it’s still in the early phase of preliminary research, so there is a lot more to uncover with it. Don’t let any of these reasons scare you away, though! Some rumors seemed quite off about THC-O, such as it is three times as potent as your traditional marijuana. Taking the potency of Delta 9 THC and multiplying that by three is not a sound decision whatsoever, and you’d likely fall asleep for twelve hours. Nothing is appealing about a cannabinoid being overly potent unless it’s for medical use.

It’s vital to understand the circumstances around the word “synthetic.” It will always ring the spice bell in someone’s head; this is far from the truth. Spice is a synthetic designer form of THC that is not created inside of DEA-certified lab, getting tested after each conversion process takes place, and does not hold the standard of transparency. After the extraction process is completed, it starts with CBD being thoroughly tested for pesticides, solvents, metals, and other toxins. We use the cleanest form of extraction called supercritical CO2 and ethanol. After retrieving our squeaky clean CBD distillate, the cannabinoid is put through goes under the process of isomerization. Its structure is morphed, allowing delta 8 THC to take its place. From there, the delta-8 is thoroughly tested before the addition of sulfuric acid and acetic anhydride. This alters the molecular structure once again, increasing its psychoactive capabilities. Obviously, these chemicals are extremely dangerous, but the results are excellent. Again, it’s tested until we have our lovely THC-O distillate. Unfortunately, the CBD industry isn’t regulated, but we know how to conduct ourselves. That is why we comply with the federal regulations and procedures of recreational states such as Colorado and Oregon because we work with some of the best indoor hemp growers in the west.

THC-O Cherry Runtz sits at a lovely 21.8% of THC-O and 14.2% of CBD. CBD is known to bring down a buzz, which is either helpful if you’re in a state of freaking out (way too high), then it’s a support, but then there are the industry’s gatekeepers who don’t want anything to do with CBD. But it’s okay. I didn’t notice any slowing down of the initial high. We have to remember that ATLRx is working with hemp flower, which is naturally saturated with CBD, so regardless, there will always be CBD present. The terps are punchy; it’s like smelling a basket of freshly ripe stone fruits and citrus (Cherries (upfront), tart plum, and lime). Traditional Cherry Runtz is the offspring of the legendary Zkittles and Gelato #33, two elites in the industry for their aroma, effects, and potency. This strain is dominated by the terpenes limonene, caryophyllene, and linalool.   These terpenes make the strain fantastic for support. With THC-O, we are looking at a different cannabinoid, but the pairing is phenomenal, and its higher push on potency may be to thank.

My experience with THC-O is mostly through the usage of ATLRx THC-O gummies, but only because it’s an alternate for me when I can’t burn. I love this strain because the sweet lingering aroma sticks with you similar to Zkittles, and then potential psychoactive effects are divine. With THC-O flower, you’re looking at an immediate experience due to the CBD; but a small twenty-minute window before its effects take place. When they do take ahold of you, you’ll certainly know it. THC-O has a way of starting off like a ninja before becoming super invasive like a therapist (that you willfully see). There is a lot of contemplation, abstract thoughts, and a reflection that you’d have while immersed in nature. Personally, I usually crawl to the hobbies that I’ve neglected or things that I find entertaining but are indirectly responsible and productive. I certainly understand the trained anxiety of cleaning, but I try my best to just “think” with THC-O. You still are getting all of THC’s potential effects, so you’re wiped clean of stress; then you realize that you’re stressing out for no reason whatsoever.

ATLRx Cherry Runtz flavor boasts fruitiness but has a bit of earthiness due to the THC-O. It isn’t as earthy as Northern Lights, but it boosts the overall profile of the flower; a little earthiness has always been okay with me. I get concerned if I can’t catch even a little scent of the soil, even I know it’s all in my head. I am a skeptic by nature, but I go and try things to learn more, unlike most of my fellow skeptics. Thanks, David Hume. ATLRx THC-O Cherry Runtz is a new favorite, which is for certain. Its flexibility is another perk, day, night, and for some of us, the morning. Any time is perfect with this strain.