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HHC Pineapple Express: The Tropical Spice Sativa

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HHC Pineapple Express

This time, we’re puffing plenty of potent hits of the peppery strain: Pineapple Express in our HHC vape cartridge. I’ve had a few interesting experiences with this strain to glean from. And we’re getting there, I promise you; we are. But first, I have to introduce a new segment here to some of my product review articles. Sometimes, it’s important for stoners to socialize. As a more creative wanderer type, I’m often high alone. And sure we can all get blazed and binge-watch One Punch Man alone, lord knows I have. Or wander the woodlands of a national park on a quiet foggy morning. But that’s not all there is to life. So in the spirit of extra opinions and meaningful memories, I’m introducing Caleb’s Cannabis Companion (CCC, for short).

I want a second opinion on these reviews, someone to provide a slightly larger sample size and get feedback from. A friend or family member with a different level of cannabis experience and tolerance. So that’s exactly what I did. This time I took Pineapple Express HHC on a date. How did the strain do in a social environment? I loved it. The Sativa-dominant high had us talkative and expressive, while not too wired. CCC noted piney flavor with just a hint of pepper on the backend of an exhale. As someone less experienced, she enjoyed how smooth HHC is to vape. But that very same smoothness made it a bit too easy to take multiple hits, and HHC’s potency as ATLRx’s strongest vapable cannabinoid meant CCC got pretty stoned. It’s important to “start low and go slow” with this product if you’re inexperienced. A little bit can go a long way. Overall, it was a fun social experiment that I’ll be sure to continue.

When getting an idea of what a strain can do, I like to learn about its ancestry -it’s roots. Let’s take a quick look at the background of Pineapple Express. It’s parent strains are ridiculous in their own right. Trainwreck is known for its spicy lemony-pine aroma and its sativa-like effects. Not to be outdone, Hawaiian is a tropical pineapple-mango-tasting sativa-hybrid known for happiness and creativity.

Now let’s get into the experience. Pineapple Express is smooth to vape, really smooth, in fact, I didn’t experience any coughing at all. The strain has a tartness I’ve come to recognize in some of my favorite sativas. Overall, it’s light and has distinct sour notes on the first considerable rip. Hit after hit of delicate sweetness from this strain was met with a touch of fruity tartness on the exhale. There’s the slightest bit of a peppery bite at the end. That hint of spice is beta-caryophyllene; the same spicy terpene found in pepper, cinnamon, basil, and oregano. It’s a pleasure to vape. Even more Impressions?! How is this cart this smooth? Even with the hint of pepper in the terpene profile, I rarely coughed. This is most likely from the HHC. I was able to start doing chores and laundry at 9am after being very sick with a stomach virus for 48hrs. (It was one of those…)What in the world?!

It’s a little heady at first, cerebral. I felt it in my eyes briefly, relaxed but focused. Was able to immediately begin to get work done all while quite stoned. Sensory input was a little heightened, I noticed that the lights I had on felt too bright and quickly turned off my overhead. Early in, the high is definitely creative and productive. At one point after many hits, many more than most would take in a single session. I had the profound shower thought: “Feelin’ pretty gassed.” It’s a hard feeling to describe, but I’m sure many sativa cannabis users are familiar.

Was I feeling creative? Check, for me at least. I was able to work on this article as well as one of my art projects while listening to ambient music. Does that say some things about the sort of stoner I am? Yes. Yes it does. Never claimed I wasn’t weird.

Munchies? Not exactly. As a sativa-dominant strain, I was happy to skip breakfast for coffee. However. Around 11:30am, I could no longer resist the urges to feed. I made the short drive in pajamas to Culver’s for burgers and chocolate custard. Couldn’t take it anymore. The thought of that custard had wormed it’s way in.

Other random observations? TV only held my attention for about an hour. Long enough to eat. In the early afternoon, the “gas” feeling finally wore off. And with a smile on my face and a full stomach, I took one of the best afternoon naps in a long time.

HHC & Me: As an experienced traditional cannabis user, I can safely say I love HHC. It’s strong and properly smacks. I feel a strange combination of energy without restlessness, a calm focus but thats just me, it may be different for you. Rather than getting in the way of me functioning, it facilitated it. Your mileage may vary with any cannabinoid, but this one works for me.

HHC (or hexahydrocannabinol) is a hemp-derived hydrogenated cannabinoid. It is the most potent molecule currently offered in our vape cartridges. It also provides a psychoactive high that can alter visuals, auditory, alter headspace, and potentially slow motion cognition. The molecule hits like a heavy-handed delta-8. It’s fast-acting, and around 70-80% the strength of standard delta 9 THC. Always remember to start low and go slow. People interact with cannabinoids uniquely. Your experience may vary based on experience and tolerance. HHC is also the most stable form of THC, as hydrogen saturation helps prevent oxidation.

Pineapple Express paired with HHC is a winning combination. It facilitated my continued motivation in the morning and allowed me to almost effortlessly slip into a state of “flow” or hyperfocus. This product is perfect for productive experienced stoners that can handle a stronger cannabinoid. I’m a big fan.

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