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ATLRx’s HHC: Lemon Meringue, The Sativa of Life

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The Meringue

I don’t know if there’s an answer on why people often use quotes about lemons, and where they orginated. But it was good for the business. I don’t know anyone who’s had a bad time with a lemon. If I did encounter someone, I’d have to see my way out the nearest door like I’m leaving a concert early to beat the traffic. Sure, if you squirt lemon juice in your eye, the pain is unbearable. You have to know that’s on you–not the lemon. If you can drink a thirty-dollar hipster craft beer that tastes like a mixture of Wafflehouse coffee and a PBR, then you can pay a little more respect to the overlord of the citrus family, lemon.  There are too many delicious things in this world that involve lemons. They make everything and anything better, even water. It’s flexible, and you can always find a home for them in a dish—making it a culinary and a bar necessity. But ATLRx has taken the lemon even further; dessert is served with a new cannabinoid.

The Genes

The HHC (Hexahydrocannabinol) Lemon Meringue cartridge lets you know what kind of life it is about right off the bat. The lemon upfront disguising the delicious creaminess on the exhale. That jazzed-up yellow guy in the wayfarer sunglasses on the ATLRx’s debut HHC (Hexahydrocannabinol) cartridge name is Lemon Meringue (first, middle and last name). The strain Lemon Meringue Pie is a potent sativa that descends from the astringent Lemon Skunk and the sweet velvetiness of Cookies and Cream. HHC has a way of sneaking up on you. The taste of this strain is unbelievably fruity, creamy, holding back on the tartness until the exhale. If the strain is all the better, then, of course, it’s easy to over-indulge. Pretend that you’re in an upscale restaurant on your first date. I shoved a chipotle burrito in your face in front of my wife. I’m lucky she said yes. Take your time, pretend you eat tiny desserts one nibble at a time. This cart gets the job done.

The Terpenes

Lemon Meringue’s terpinolene-driven terpenes will have the “eye of the tiger” playing inside of your head, prepping you for a ten-mile run as you drag a smart car that is harnessed to your hips. The refreshing energy comes with creative energy; sometimes, I will drop what I am doing, read Walt Whitman on my tire swing as I hit the Lemon Meringue. The terpene terpinolene brings sophistication to the strain. Behind this dominating terp is caryophyllene (bold black peppercorn) and, of course, the commercial terpene, myrcene (a wide range of herbs that have different medicinal properties).  There is a little fuel on the back end after the dessert flavor as if it were a brulé. This sativa will have you eating dessert at any time of the day. No one is going to question you, nor will you second guess yourself. That lemon’s aura is undeniable.

The Work

I learned about the tensions between the French, Italian, Polish and Swiss, whose meringue recipe is the best while in the service industry. Meringue has solidified itself in history as a landmark desert. Not only for its taste and texture but for its difficulty. The internet often downplays such tasks. I watched Meringue being made twice a week in the nook of a restaurant where I was a server. Each step is like poetry in slow motion; all cooking is really. Time warps from knitting the eggshell-colored dough to combining all ingredients into a mixer down to the last garnish. A universal staple dessert with the chef’s personality on center-stage. Their journey comprises of more failures than successes. The countless hours spent prepping a cake with the best ingredients only to have a cake collapse is disheartening. But disappointment with THC will encourage you to eat the cake anyway and try again after that  paycheck hits. Lemon Meringue is a gateway to a speedy and full recovery after those kind of days.