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HHC: ATLRx’s New Cannabinoid Family Member

HHC or Hexahydrocannabinol is one of the latest cannabinoids to land in the industry. For many cannabinoids, the industry is treating them like they’re “new,” but this cannabinoid has seen a ton of fortnights—similar to THC-O, it bided its time. It sounds pretentious, I know. The industry has found a better way to isolate and extract trace amounts of a cannabinoid to become a complete product. It’s an analog, similar to the rest of the cannabinoids. Roger Adams was ahead of the curb when he first synthesized HHC from THC in 1947. However, HHC is naturally occurring in your traditional marijuana in trace amounts. So, if you’ve had a run with traditional marijuana—you’ve had HHC. This cannabinoid is layered; there are a total of ten isomers of HHC. Research has yet to come to conclusive results on their effects. What separates HHC is its stability and viability surpass the rest (Delta-8, Delta-10, THC-V, and THC-O) with flying colors. It’s the bomb…shelter choice because it can handle those conditions. 

Layman’s Term: THC + extreme pressure + hydrogen + palladium = HHC


HHC has a chemical structure similar to THC; the difference is that HHC doesn’t have any double bonds within its structure. Traditional THC holds a double bond of protected hydrogen, so hydrogen doesn’t flood the molecule, changing the chemical structure. HHC breaks the double bond during hydrogenation, replacing the double bond with two extra hydrogen atoms. It seems a bit brutal, but the results are something else. THC reconstruction gives HHC its stability—it’s the saturation within the molecules that prevents oxidation. Structurally, HHC is the polar opposite of CBN—the cannabinoid that we all love using to get to sleep and stay asleep with ATLRx’s sleep gummies. It would be an easy assumption to make that since HHC is the opposite of CBN, HHC should be stimulating—like THC-V, but no, not entirely. HHC mimics a good amount of THC effects. The euphoric stimulation, psychoactive traits can alter visuals, auditory, altered headspace, and slow-motion cognition.HHC is almost as potent as your traditional delta-9, hitting like a heavy-handed delta-8. HHC carries the benefits that we all love. Relief from chronic pain, promoting sleep, nausea, anxiety can all be handled with HHC.

 HHC has been praised for its longevity, staying stable in rigorous conditions. So, if there is a time in the future where the nuclear fallout has begun—make sure that you have HHC within reach (maybe a little CBD to kick you down a notch). I have a bomb shelter set-up with mountain dew, frozen breakfast burritos, a Gamegear (DC Charger included), and a lawn chair. I’m working on it; Rome wasn’t built in a day, you know what I mean. HHC’s chemical structure makes it age like a Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon, making it an item to stock up on, properly store. Even if you leave it roasting in your car for a couple of hours—you will not be losing quality or any noticeable quantity. I left it in my car for three hours on a scorching Atlanta “fall” day in September. one of the molecularly stable forms of THC, there is no degradation to the potency through heat or UV radiation. There was a deep sigh of relief when I realized everything was in its right place.


We decided to kick the party off with a fruity, citrus-driven, and sweet sativa. What better way than Lemon Meringue, a staple dessert and a killer traditional strain with a weighted potency that will have you floating through the day as you are productive. You’re going to feel like you’re Denzel in Inside Man during Spike Lee’s signature directorial shot, in motion, unfazed, and only your surroundings are moving. And this is just the beginning with HHC. ATLRx will have three more HHC strains in vape cartridges en route that we are eager for everyone to try.  HHC brings the gravity of THC in a disentangled format. There is a rumor that HHC doesn’t show up on a drug test; I wouldn’t know (Charlie Murphy laugh).

But I do know that drug testing doesn’t work how a lot of people think it works. You’re receiving a test based on your metabolites. It’s previewing the exposure within lipid cells; that’s why THC stays in our system for months at a time. If, and only if carboxy THC (lipid form of THC) was water-soluble—then it would make more sense. You can’t make a judgment based on r/stonertodd123 post from an HHC subreddit; that’s not real life. I would have to give the test a go myself. Maybe, I will start my own MythBusters that’s solely around cannabinoids. There are also some people who’ve spoken about health concerns with this cannabinoid. In this market, unfortunately there are companies that lack transparency.  We here at ATLRx have made transparency our mission, using the purest of delta-8 distillate. We can promise you that nothing touches the shelves before we have tested it for pesticides, solvents and metals by a DEA-certified lab. Following that, we sample the product before it is good to go then make sure that the QR code takes you to your exact items batch lab report so you can see everything. We are all about transparency, so you can see everything. It’s important to note that due to the PACT ACT, we cannot mail vapes directly to households. In the meantime, Lemon Meringue is available at both of our storefront locations on Ponce De Leon in Atlanta and Windward Parkway in Alpharetta. Come and see what the HHC buzz is all about!