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New Year, New Dab: You’ll Resolve to Try HHC Dabs!

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HHC Dabs Bundle Pack

It’s two weeks into a brand-new year, and I’ve almost started writing the correct date on important documents. Additionally, I am learning to accept the Groundhog Day-esque charm of 2020 seeping its way into another year. Is there anything to do to break the monotony once you’ve made more baked goods and tried the latest at-home fitness trend? Absolutely. You can try our all-new HHC concentrates!

Our HHC dabs are so new, you may be wondering, what the heck is HHC? Simply put, it is another cannabinoid that provides a similar effect to THC. What makes it different? In my experience, HHC gives me a slightly stronger high that lasts longer. With our HHC carts, I find myself instinctively going to take another puff, but stopping myself because there’s not really the need to.

So, what can you expect from our HHC dabs? Our sativa strain is aptly named Fruit Punch, not just for the tasty, classic flavor, but for how this HHC dab is going to hit you! You will be pleasantly surprised by how smooth and sweet this concentrate smokes. While the exhale may feel suspiciously light, you won’t be able to ignore this high setting in right between the eyes. It creeps up quickly, but not just in your head. Out of all our sativa concentrates, HHC provided the most substantial body high I’ve experience so far. If you find yourself asking, “Do I feel… floaty right now?” The answer is, “Hell yes!”. I was motivated by how light and energetic I felt to get moving. The delightful pleasant buzz will have you up for anything with enthusiasm and purpose. The dabs did not disappoint when it came to how long my high lasted, either. I came down gradually, but the satisfaction of the high lasted throughout. I didn’t feel compelled to rush for another dose just to prolong the experience; it’s a great addition to our concentrates selection, especially for those who enjoy sativa strains.

If you’re looking for something mellower than Fruit Punch, the new Pink Runtz strain is its indica-leaning counterpart. It certainly has a hint of sweetness, but has a more floral flavor, like our Strawberry Blonde THC-O dabs. While Fruit Punch feels more like powering on, the Pink Runtz feels like you’re resetting. The floaty feeling pairs well with the traditional indica body melt and you may notice that you don’t feel much of your body at all. Mentally, any grinding gears will slow to a halt. Racing thoughts, and plans to get anything done will fade from your mind. It is a stark but welcomed contrast!

Don’t beat yourself up if you couldn’t manage to cook an edible meal or sculpt your dream bod as we embark on another unpredictable year in a global pandemic. Even if all you managed to do today was survive a zoom call with your computer-illiterate boss or take 23 pictures of your pet in the exact same position (didn’t you also do that the last time they were sleeping?), you deserve a little something out of the ordinary. Something to remind you that there is still time to relax, to breathe, to be a little silly and get out of your head for a while. If you’re unfamiliar with concentrates, you can get all the supplies and education you need in one of our stores (New year, new you, right?). We hope that you enjoy all the HHC products that 2022 has to offer you!

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