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Too High? How to Sober Up from THC

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Everything in Moderation…Even THC!

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          I was sixteen the first time (of many times) I had too much THC. I would walk through Binghamton University after my band’s practice every day. I rarely left without THC in my system; this evening was no different. About twelve feet in front of me, I crossed paths with a massive buck. Stomping his back hoof at me, I didn’t know what to do, so I stood there and held a conversation (might’ve whispered?) about my evening plans if he would just let me pass. Three minutes after our stand-off, he sprinted off as if he had been landlocked in a pool of quicksand. It felt like a short film inspired by Grandma’s Boy and Twin Peaks.  Later into the evening, I couldn’t catch up with my breath. I crawled into bed thinking that maybe the deer had gotten my address, maybe told his fellow deer about the incident. Really, I just got too high.

          THC can’t help expressing all of its superpowers, and lord knows, we don’t want to tame them. However, we can tame ourselves; remaining responsible for how much we give ourselves is to our best benefit. It is often said that “moderation is the key to life.” I once thought that moderation contained further exploration, holding me back from a higher truth, but boundaries are there for a reason. The utmost important part is to know your limits before (taking) any form of THC. Here, at ATLRx, we cannot stress enough how important it is to use cannabis products responsibly. With every purchase of THC, we provide user information for our products that has a usage guide. This information is not to be overlooked; these guidelines were implemented for everyone’s safety.

          Psychoactive effects can become too intense if they’re mistreated, even in the slightest. Delta 8 often seems preferable as it is roughly sixty percent as potent as Delta 9 THC.  At ATLRx, we prioritize asking if you’ve had prior experience with any delta. It must be noted that excessive usage can still lead to all of the symptoms; Delta 8 is still a form of THC. Therefore, overdoing it leads to the same symptoms as traditional cannabis. A surplus of THC latches onto the receptors in the endocannabinoid system, leading to overstimulation of the amygdala. This triggers side effects such as fear and paranoia.

Try These Techniques to Help you Come Down Quickly

          It is essential to keep a level head—you want to focus on what you can control.  In these situations, if you know where any CBD is, it’d be the time to find it. CBD has adverse effects on THC, mellowing out the THC effects. Next, get hydrated; make sure to be constantly throwing back some H20. This is always important before and after using THC. Stay away from juices and sugary beverages because certain fruits can enhance your high. Mango contains the terp profile myrcene. Showers are a spiritual experience that can transform your day—so of course, they can transform your high. Water can steer your fear towards bliss right before you begin to hear a voice echoing in your hallway. It can be a shower, bath, or even splashing cold water on your face. Find something mild to eat. Stay away from anything heavy—you don’t want to get sick if you get any nausea. If you’re still struggling after an hour, the next option would be to chew on black peppercorns.

          I was never peer pressured to try cannabis. In fact, it was nothing like DARE’s interpretation. There were no bullies who idolized Ponyboy in dank alleyways, making me hit a joint at knifepoint. I wanted to hit that gravity bong, so I did, and yes, I did regret it, bar none. It is normal to experience the side effects of excess THC usage; it is vital to not panic. It’s okay to want to cuddle up with your large orange cat, turn on Radiohead’s Kid A and tell yourself that what you’re experiencing is a lie as the sound of “Idioteque” bounces off the white walls–that’s okay! Overdoing THC is real. No, you’re not going to become a casualty because you got too high. But I have met many folks who’ve damaged their relationship with cannabis due to being irresponsible. Every recreational user has a few stories about a time they had too much THC. It’s how we avoid them in the future that counts. Know your limits, have a plan, and be in a safe space.