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Hello New Cannabinoids: Delta 10 and THC-V

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What is Delta 10 and THC-V

Delta 10 THC and THC-V

ATLRx stays in tune with the industry, whether it be a new form of extraction or the latest on discovering another alternative cannabinoid. We are always captivated by what is to come next. ATLRx has made the next move; we are pleased to welcome Delta-10 and THC-V. They are two of the latest cannabinoids that highlight differences from each other and delta-8. These two cannabinoids will be available in vape cartridges at our retail locations in Atlanta and Alpharetta, with THC-V also becoming available in vegan squares. The beloved Blue Zkittles is our indica dominant option. The legendary strain, Strawberry Cough, comes in as our sativa option for both THC-V and Delta-10.

Delta-10 is the next up after delta-8, creating a close feeling towards traditional cannabis, delta-9 THC. There are offsets of about fifteen to twenty minutes, so be patient.

Delta-10 is a blend with delta-8; the delta-10 generally ranges from 20 to 30 percent versus 70 to 80 percent delta 8. The delta-10 adds an additional fine tuning, to the traditional delta-8 molecule.  The delta-10 comes in both Blue Zkittles and Strawberry Cough.

You may think that THC-V is a left-field cannabinoid; however, it has been found in small amounts in particular strains such as Durban Poison. It makes perfect sense that this well-loved sativa contains THC-V. This super sativa is often compared to being the caffeine equivalent cannabis option. This highly functional product leaves a world full of possibilities. THC-V also comes in Blue Zkittles and Strawberry Cough.

The price reflects the purity, quality, and availability of these extracts. Similar to delta-8, more availability across the market will allow us to decrease the cost. Delta-10 and THC-V are exclusively available at our in-store locations in Atlanta and Alpharetta! Snag the latest cannabinoids today!

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