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Hello New Cannabinoids: Delta 10 and THC-V

Delta 10 THC and THC-V

ATLRx stays in tune with the industry, whether it be a new form of extraction or the latest on discovering another cannabinoid. We are always captivated by what is to come next. ATLRx has made the next move; we are pleased to welcome Delta-10 and THC-V, two of the latest cannabinoids that provide different experiences from each other and delta-8. These two cannabinoids will be available in vape cartridges at our retail locations in Atlanta and Alpharetta. The beloved Blue Zkittles is an indica felt throughout the body. The legendary sativa, Strawberry Cough, pushes for more of a head euphoria for both the THC-V and Delta-10.

Delta-10 is the next step up after delta-8, a closer feeling towards your traditional cannabis, delta-9 THC. There are offsets of about fifteen to twenty minutes, so take a few pulls at a time to see where you are. Its intensity comes in waves of gleeful euphoria and full-body relaxation that hits the legs and works its way up the body. 

Delta-10 is a blend with delta-8; the delta-10 generally ranges from 20 to 30 percent versus 70 to 80 percent delta 8. The delta-10 adds that extra kick, altering the experience that you would have with delta-8. Take time to get comfortable with where you are as far as intake goes, but please, don’t overdo it. Delta-10 has its way of catching up with you, the potency packs more punch than delta-8, and the delayed start can throw you into a loop. All in all, delta-10 is the reigning champion of potency out of all of our products at the moment. The delta-10 comes in both Blue Zkittles and Strawberry Cough.

THC-V has honed the name “the sportscar of cannabinoids” because there isn’t any cannabinoid that takes you from zero to sixty in the flash of fifteen to twenty minutes. You may think that THC-V is a left-field cannabinoid; however, it has been found in small amounts in particular strains such as Durban Poison. It makes perfect sense that this well-loved zingy sativa contains THC-V. This super sativa promotes productivity, revving the engine within us to push through any of our tedious tasks, crossing them off the list with ease—giving you more opportunity to finish the others. 

Do you know that “amazing” film Limitless with Bradley Cooper? Bradley Cooper pops a sketchy pill that allows him to understand metaphysics better than Heidegger. It’s nothing like that, but it’s cerebral, elated, and blissful—making it easier to be productive. The highly functional head euphoria leaves a world full of possibilities, pushing anxiety aside so that you can think clearly without any crash. THC-V also comes in Blue Zkittles and Strawberry Cough.

The price reflects the purity, quality, and availability of these extracts. Similar to delta-8, more availability across the market will allow us to decrease the cost. Delta-10 and THC-V are exclusively available at our in-store locations in Atlanta and Alpharetta! Snag the latest cannabinoids today!