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White Runtz Strain Genetics

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White Runtz Strain Genetics

I grew up in an apartment complex. An older lady lived across the hall from a friend of mine. We’d be able to tell if she was there if we could smell smoke. She’d hear us, open the door, and would be holding a bowl full of bite-sized runts. Now, thirty-year-old me thinks that’s a little odd; that’s a weird choice of candy too. But she meant well; maybe she was looking into my future. Ten-year-old me thought, “I’m willing to break a tooth for the red and green ones. But I cannot have the banana one.” It’s strange how a candy from your childhood can trigger memories, causing a domino effect of recollections that come to full circle, the present.

I have a subconscious connection to the time frame where I dumped half a box into my mouth at a football game and started choking (on a banana one, of course), but everyone was cheering, so I had to handle it all myself.  Nestle discontinued Runts in 2014 after being on the market since 1982. The cannabis had different plans as far as carrying on the candy’s name. Runtz isn’t only a strain anymore; it’s a brand. The flower’s popularity sprung nationwide in a matter of a couple of years. Now Runtz comes in every color, shape, or form, proving itself flexible through extensive cross-breeding. Anything Runtz drives the cannabis community insane now. One of the most revered strains of the Runtz is White Runtz, the child of Gelato and Zkittles.

Runtz debuted on the scene in December 2017. It’s highly aromatic—those piney, peppery and fruity scents come from the terpenes on Zkittles and Gelato. Both of these strains grow incredibly fast. You wouldn’t think strands so well equipped with sharp terpene profiles of myrcene, limonene, and pinene would take longer than ten weeks to grow. Nope, only seven to nine weeks to harvest if it’s grown indoors. The original Runtz itself was cared for by an unknown group of farmers, so there isn’t too much out the bag other than being bred to be a champion. Both Gelato and Zkittlez have won trophies in the industry. The Runtz growers made sure that the strain was set up for success by looking at its genes.

We at ATLRx are huge fans of Runtz, both the candy and the strain. ATLRx D8 White Runtz flower is a hybrid strain known for its heritage—a cross between two legendary strains, Zkittles and Gelato, split fifty/fifty. It is incredibly close to being a “true hybrid” between sativa and indica. It maintains a THC level of around seventeen percent—this is along with residual CBD—but there is not any more than one percent. ATLRx has done a remarkable job at capturing the qualities that stick out in white runtz. The flower is kief-covered, flexing the complexity and the overall size of the nuggets. This strain will undoubtedly go beyond the expectations of fellow Runtz lovers. We have White Runtz waiting for you in either of our store locations and online!