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Pineapple Express Strain Genetics

How many of your friends claimed to have had the strain Pineapple Express after the film came  out? I was a seventeen-year-old lad who knew nothing about anything. I would smoke  whatever was handed to me, then give the nodding approval that says, “Hey, this stuff is  working.” Everything in Upstate, New York was either called Diesel or Haze, but not  interchangeably. It served as a counterintuitive way of saying sativa or indica. I often found that  the people who’d have a particular strain would have their parents or grandparents upstairs.  They’d kind of just drop in whenever they felt like it. Then you’re stuck not understanding the  situation, is this an okay thing to be doing or not? You know the weed thing.  

Sometimes, I’d never find out. I’d usually walk home out of preference; it was the easy fix for  being uncomfortable. Plus, I love being in nature while I have THC latched onto me. Sure, I’ve  been offered rides, but I am a “no” kind of person whose highly suspicious of kind gestures. I’m  often asking myself, “what is the catch?” I know there isn’t a catch. However, I don’t want to  feel indebted to Todd’s Nana for giving me a lift in the Buick Rendezvous after hitting a gravity  bong with her grandson…Todd. 

Pineapple Express never made it Todd’s way, so it sadly never made it my way. Eventually, I  made my way towards it after realizing some people knew what they were talking about. It’s  easy to see why Dale Denton has an undying love for this strain; it’s something else. Pineapple Express is a sativa dominant hybrid that is aromatic, bursting with sweet, citrus, and  tangy tropical aroma. It has a bite of pine. The strains flower looks like the fruit. The cross that  makes this endeared strain is between the strain Trainwreck, a sativa known for its healing properties, and also Hawaiian, a fun-filled sativa that alleviates mental baggage. With the nickname Seth Token, Pineapple Express is the ideal wake and bake strain because it’s  invigorating, providing an energizing head euphoria that sets the tempo for a perfect day. It has  burnt orange hairs that poke out like the pines on the shell, it has a tiny shoot apex, and colorations that vary from light yellow to medium green. 

The caryophyllene terpenes bring an herbal and spice backing that is known for their anti inflammatory and antioxidant properties. Legendary strains such as Girl Scout Cookies, Soul Diesel, Gelato, Chemdog, Candyland, and most of the cookies we know have caryophyllene terpenes dancing on top of them. There is no surprise that caryophyllene exists in black pepper, which, interestingly enough, peppercorn can mellow out a high if it gets too intense. But a distinct trait of this terpene that sets it apart from other terpenes is that it is a larger  molecule. The size of caryophyllene allows it to cling onto the CB2 receptor, providing benefits  when it comes to mood disorders and physical alignments such as stomach issues. Pineapple  Express primarily has caryophyllene terps, but the strain also brings myrcene and pinene, giving  the flower a more therapeutic aroma and taste. 

ATLRx’s Pineapple Express diamonds hit the spot for the terps, the aromatic sweetness, and the  slight pine and pepper trail behind on the exhale. Caryophyllene terpenes are found in our d8 flower Girl Scout Cookies and Afghan Goo in our CBD flower Cookies. ATLRx’s vape carts that contain similar terpenes are Orange Chemdog, Gelato, and Sour Diesel. The delicious, fruity, and tasty Candyland disposable vape includes caryophyllene. Stop by ATLRx’s Atlanta or Alpharetta location to pick up your favorite terpenes today!