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A combination of MCT oil, Beeswax, Shea Butter, Full Spectrum Distillate, Menthol, Arnica, Vitamin E, and Essential Oils with the additional benefits of CBD.

Can be applied anywhere that you’re experiencing pain or soreness to help relieve the discomfort, while also repairing any dryness on the skin.

Available in two different scents: Lavender (Jasmine + Lavender Essential Oil Blend) and Citrus (Orange Essential Oil + Lemon Essential Oil). Select the scent you prefer, also available in two sizes: 1000 and 1500 mg.

Suggested Use

Apply topically, as needed, to areas of attention. ATLRx hemp plants are non-GMO and grown with no fertilizers or pesticides. Our full-spectrum CBD salve contains beneficial cannabinoids, flavonoids, terpenes and other beneficial plant molecules.

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CBD Topical Salve FAQ's

Does CBD topical salve work quickly?

A CBD salve will work quickly because while it still works with the ECS (Endocannabinoid System), it has the ability to skip over the entire process. Rather than going throughout your system like a typical form of consumption such as smoking, eating, or tincture, CBD salve goes directly to the point of contact. From there, it is absorbed and latches onto your CB2 receptor of your ECS. Within no time, you’ll notice your pain dulling, and before you know it—it’s dissipated completely. Generally, a topical salve for pain is the most common use for the CBD topical.

How Long Does CBD Salve take to react in your body?

With CBD topicals, it’s common for them to react within twenty to forty minutes. Applying the CBD salve directly onto the location allows the topical to be absorbed within your skin, attaching to the CB2 receptor. The CB2 receptor lets the cannabinoids latch onto them, blocking the pain receptor. You should feel relief relatively quickly. Topical CBD for pain is the most common reason for our guests, including inflammations and soreness. 

Is CBD Salve Safe?

The side effects of topical CBD are minimal. However, it is required to cover all of the bases with CBD consumption. CBD is a non-intoxicating phytocannabinoid derived from a hemp plant, a species of the cannabis plant. ATLRx is very meticulous with the creation process of its products because transparency is how we conduct ourselves. We source from the best indoor hemp farmers in Colorado, Oregon, and Northern California. We extract our CBD using supercritical CO2 and ethanol; this is the most innovative and cleanest extraction form on the market, giving us a cannabinoid-rich and pure distillate. From here, we go through rigorous testing in a DEA-certified lab that tests for pesticides, metals, solvents, and any potentially harmful residues. Other forms of consumption of CBD can lead to fatigue, diarrhea, nausea, and a change in appetite. With a CBD topical, you’re only going to be addressing that small area of your body. 

Does CBD Salve make you feel sleepy?

No, CBD topical salves benefit those more who are going through pain. Unless your pain is so severe that it interferes with your sleep, you may find it helpful to get to sleep. But there are no sedative traits that come with CBD salves, and it’s more about addressing pain and encouraging the healing process. If you’re looking for something to sleep on, please look at our CBD sleep gummies. CBD brings deep relaxation, melatonin makes you fall asleep, and then the sleep-inducing cannabinoid CBN keeps you asleep!

How will I feel after using a CBD salve?

You have a thirty-minute window before you feel the CBD topical take effect. There will be a dulling of pain a decrease in inflammation, and you may feel a tingling sensation on the location where the CBD topical was applied. Other than that, there aren’t any forms of intoxication or bodily symptoms. Remember that CBD it’s more about what you don’t feel rather than what you do. You will get to the point where the injured area isn’t noticeable. That’s the power of CBD.


Can I get high from CBD salve?

No, no CBD salve will get you high. CBD is a non-intoxicating major cannabinoid derived from hemp, a type of cannabis plant that’s often confused for marijuana. Marijuana contains Delta-9 THC, the psychoactive cannabinoid; the older sibling to Delta-8 THC is derived from hemp plants. If you run into a THC-based salve, even those are made to assist localized healing such as wounds, muscles, and joints.

What's the Difference Between Topical CBD Salves and CBD Oils?

CBD salves and CBD oils are often confused, but there is a difference. CBD salves are topical, addressing skin issues, inflammation, pain, joint and muscular mobility within a particular area. That specific area is the only place that’s being addressed. CBD oils are an oral form of consumption that is absorbed through the capillaries beneath your tongue and will be distributed throughout the receptors in your ECS. CBD oils require time and patience to build in your system and then experiment to address your needs. You may often hear about CBD oils being involved in skincare and being used as a beauty product. You can still use CBD oil for your skin; this addresses skin rejuvenation and is absorbed similarly to a CBD topical. However, CBD topical will be more effective in dealing with pain, inflammation, and healing in a specific area. Salves and topical will be more effective because of the other ingredients within it, then embrace its healing. Remember that CBD oil is not hemp oil. Hemp oil is when hemp seeds are cold-pressed; CBD oil is the extract from a hemp plant. They are different, and CBD oil presents more therapeutic benefits. Some brands often play off of CBD oil, treating hemp seed oil as the same thing. It is not.

How well does topical CBD absorb through the skin?

CBD salve is absorbed through the skin easily and within a short time. Once the CBD topical is applied, there is a twenty to thirty-minute window before it takes effect. From here, the cannabinoid latches onto the CB2 receptor of our ECS (endocannabinoid system), which shuts down the localized pain receptors. The blocking of these receptors means that the pain dissipates. CBD Salves are a form of consumption that is quicker than others because it’s not going into your bloodstream or being digested and/or metabolized through your liver like an edible. It’s direct, giving you the advantage to get relief more quickly.


How well does topical CBD absorb into the bloodstream?

CBD salve is not absorbed into the bloodstream, which would require a different form of consumption, such as smoking, vaping, or dabbing. These forms of consumption depend on our capillaries to get to our bloodstream. CBD salve will only address a specific area, being the area you applied it to. Unlike other forms of consumption, CBD salve latches onto the ECS by seeping into our skin. A CB2 receptor catches the CBD salve; the pain receptor is blocked from there. There isn’t any involvement with the bloodstream. 

What is the recommended CBD amount in a salve?

CBD salve is a flexible form of consumption because it is based on what you feel. So, if you find that the site of your wound is still painful, then wait half an hour before applying more. The goal here is to dull the pain, increase mobility, and decrease inflammation. You are welcome to use as much as needed because it is CBD working only in that area. However, there is a point where you will have to determine that the site may need more than a salve. Use your best judgment.

What is the right amount of CBD salve to apply?

Again, there isn’t necessarily an exact amount because it depends on the severity of the localized area. CBD salve is only going to address the irritated area; it’s not going through your bloodstream so that it makes a trip around your body. If you still feel pain after half an hour, feel free to apply more. The best method is to use thin layers of CBD salve in the localized area, but you can make it more effective by taking a hot shower that opens up your pores. This will help with any discomfort and even repair dryness on your skin.