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How To Properly Store Your Cannabis Products

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Cannabis Products

 Whether it’s CBD or THC, Learn to Keep Your Cannabis Products Fresh!

Everyone’s first dime bag is typically in the quintessential ziploc baggie, unless of course you got unlucky and handed a homemade bag made out of a repurposed grocery bag with lighter scorches enclosing the green. After retrieving the goods, I would throw the bag in the back of my sock drawer. You know, towards the back with past birthday cards, gift cards with cents remaining and what not. We should have all learned our lessons in high school seeing our flowers turn to dry, brittle, brown dust. I began to question everyone I knew with mason jars, and started a new life with my newly acquired knowledge—as if I was a weed detective. I needed to know about properly storing ediblesflowers, and concentrates.

Table of contents:

Key Takeaways

  • Optimal Storage Conditions for Hemp Flowers: Preserve the quality of hemp flowers by storing them in a dark place with humidity levels between 59 and 63 percent; avoid refrigerators due to higher humidity levels that may promote mold growth.
  • Glass Containers are Best for Longevity: Use glass jars for storing both flowers and infused products to maintain freshness and potency, and consider covering them with dark material or using dark glass to protect from light exposure.
  • Care Tips for THC Edibles and Concentrates: Store edibles in cool, dark environments and concentrates wrapped in parchment in the freezer; ensure proper container use to prevent quality degradation from temperature and light.
  • Vape Cart Storage Recommendations: To avoid clogging and preserve terpenes in vape carts, store them vertically in dark, air-tight containers, paying attention to potential exposure to UV rays, which can deteriorate THC content.

Premium Hemp Flower

Higher temperatures and higher humidity can suck the life out of your buds—drying them out and causing the terpenes to make their exit through the process of evaporation. But don’t throw the flower into the freezer either. Freezing temperatures will damage the sticky trichomes; this damage will degrade the potency of the flower. As far as storing space, anywhere that is dark will do. So, technically, I wasn’t too far off by throwing my flower into my sock drawer. I guess that was better than leaving them on my dresser, which receives direct sunlight because buds get sunburned like our bodies do. If they do get too much exposure to the sunlight, they cannot give you their peak performance. Humidity is tricky particularly here in Atlanta, considering it usually sticks around 54 percent on average.

The best humidity is between 59 and 63 percent for flowers. Refrigerators are a no-go because the humidity inside sticks around 65 percent. Glass will always be the best storage for flower and edibles. Of course, there is a medicine container, but please leave these at home. That’s bad news waiting to happen.  Realistically, no one’s saving a small amount of flower for six months unless that strain gives you a tour of heaven. Additionally, an excessive amount of moisture can lead to mold—quickly too. To maintain moisture, place a slice of bread inside of the jar but not for too long. Mason jars that hang out in the dark are great. Dark glass is even better, though. Mason jars that are covered with duct tape are the best.

 THC Edibles

Edibles are a different story. Our D8 vegan squares are firm, but like anything in Georgia, they can melt. Especially our vegan terpene enhanced d8 squares since they’re a little more delicate. An essential factor to consider is how long you’re going to be storing them. If it is for the short term, then you can keep the delta 8 vegan squares, delta 8 caramels, or delta 8 chocolate in silicone or airtight containers for several weeks. If it’s going to be longer, it should go into a glass jar, but remember to place it somewhere dark. Squares and concentrates will last several months inside of the freezer. If there is any physical indication that they may have gone bad, such as condensation, loss or change in smell, or they’re falling apart—then toss it. Better to be safe than sorry.

 Concentrates & Vape Carts

Concentrates need to be wrapped in parchment paper before storing them in the freezerVape carts can actually be stored in containers vertically. If you don’t, then it can become clogged. If you feel like there is no air flow, then the cartridge may have been subjected to UV rays, deteriorating all of the terpenes and THC. If you can store carts in a container, fantastic; if it’s dark, then even better. But if you don’t have a container to hold the vapes, then it’s no big deal. Just be sure to keep aware of when you left it sitting vertically in that poorly lit part of your house.

Delta 8 dabs

Summer is great in Atlanta. Who doesn’t love going through three different shirts in a day because they’re swimming in humidity? We’d hate to hear that your delta 8 squares melted; that’s heartbreaking. No one deserves that. Properly storing THC products isn’t only the responsible thing to do; it’s the safe thing to do, and it provides the reassurance that your products will maintain their quality.