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Introducing ATLRx Delta 8 Disposable Vapes!

ATLRx Delta 8 Disposable Vapes: A More Convenient Way to Vape 

          Have you ever been in a hurry, realized that you forget to charge your vape battery? Then two gentlemen who think storks leave babies on doorsteps knock on your door? First off, let’s be clear; Storks make and eat kosher dill pickles and occupy sketchy bridge railings in Florida. Ask the Vlasic Stork named Jovny; he got paid to hold dill pickles like they were a joint. The unexpected visitors derailed my train of thought, so I circled the neighborhood and let Todd and Dunston know that I have missed the opening shot of tee-time. I don’t play golf or help fetch the balls–I am just an insightful watcher. I’m more of a miniature golf kind of guy, it’s quicker-paced, it bends the rules, and only a few survive after getting rejected by the plastic blades of the windmill.

           Thankfully, I realigned myself in the world. Only because I remembered that I had one of the four new disposable vapes from ATLRx. It was all ready for riding shotgun in the golf cart, with a seatbelt and a koozie for my Tab cola that I copped from a Wal-Mart vending machine. ATLRx is pleased to announce four new delta 8 disposable vapes for those special occasions or outings. The featured at ATLRx strains are Buddha’s Hand, Lava Cake, Chocolate Hashberry, and Candyland.


Buddha’s Hand

          Our delta 8 THC take on Buddha’s Hand is a sativa dominant strain cross of Snow Lotus and Lemon Thai. There is a subtle hint of stone fruit that burst with citrus, mixing with delicate floral notes; the slight tang is met with earthiness and finishes with a sweet berry that lingers. It is an excellent strand for the daytime—promoting mood stabilization, concentration, and comfort. Buddha’s Hand alleviates anxiety with a delicious flavor.


Lava Cake

          Our delta 8 THC Lava Cake is an indicadominate hybrid that is a cross between Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies and Grape Pie. This sweet cakey strain has a sugary dough with spices that give a tingling sensation on the backend of your palate. The pleasant, elated mood is complimented with a full-body relaxation that makes it feel like you’re sitting in a hot spring, watching the lava flow from a safe distance. It’s quite an extraordinary view. The big terps on the Grape Pie are apparent; you can smell and taste them. But the beauty of it is the cross with the smooth earthiness of the Thin Mint Girl Scout cookies is like no other.


Chocolate Hashberry

          Whoever mixed berries and chocolate was a genius. If you didn’t have a chocolate fountain at your birthday party in middle school, then good luck finding friends in high school. Anyone can melt a chocolate bar and put it in a small fountain. Chocolate Hashberry is a dessert hybrid that leans indica. This strain is excellent in smaller doses to help constrain anxiety and in larger quantities to onset those slow-motion sedative notes. Chocolate Hashberry is indulgent, heavy darker chocolate notes that rested on top of a fire, allowing the smoky flavors to seep in. The deep velvety chocolate is matched with a berry finish; then, you get the pleasant tingling sensation from bakery spices.


Candy Land

          Candy land is a multi-colored strain, it’s a sweet sativa that hails from the genes of Granddaddy Purple and Bay Platinum Cookies. The contrast of the massive indica and equally terpene-driven sativa gives us a sugary sweet flavor similar to the childhood candies we grew up with during the 90s. Yeah, I just sold myself out. I’m a millennial. What about it? Candy Land has dense coats of sugar on its trichomes, gorgeous purple, orange and green blend in beneath the heavy crystallization. The sugar on the leaves provides a head euphoria that stimulates the mood. It’s like having a fast pass at an amusement park; you’re not too worried about what is ahead of you. Our ATLRx storefronts in either Alpharetta or in Atlanta have yours waiting for you today!

 *For in-store purchase only