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ATLRx is proud to introduce our premium line of Delta 8 THC Vape Carts!

Sativa (Energetic, Uplifting, Elation, Cerebral)

Pineapple Express (Sativa): Popularized by the cult classic film, Pineapple Express is a fruity-tasting Sativa that is great for that daytime euphoria. The flavor of pineapple is subtle but comes through with a smooth finish, users can expect an energized and uplifting experience.

Delta-8: 92%

Blue Dream (Sativa): This beloved strain is an energetic and cerebral Sativa that crashes into a full-bodied Indica. The sweet berry notes and tart citrus disguise Blue Dreams gusto, a potency that does wonders for symptoms of depression, pain, and appetite stimulation, it is perfect for the newcomers and the veterans of the cannabis world.

Delta 8: 92%

Orange Chemdawg (Sativa): If you’re a citrus strain enthusiast; such as Florida O.G, Cali Orange or Tangie then look no further, you found it. The stimulating and fuel like Chemdawg made itself to the mix, bringing a sharp citrus fuel on the exhale.

Delta-8: 89%

Indica(in-the-couch, relaxation, sedative)

Gelato (Hybrid-Indica): This household name is loved by all. This Indica dominate Hybrid will woo you with its skill at shooing away pain, anxiety, and insomnia. This strain is sweet, fruity, and creamy hence the name but it can sneak up on you—taking you into a deep slumber.

Delta-8: 88%

O.G. Kush (Hybrid-Indica): This legendary is a hybrid-leaning Indica strain that pushes a citrus-driven pine, having a touch of floral and fuel to its finish. This strain is ideal for those desiring that after-work relaxation. The kind of relaxation where you sit down and take a while to get back up.

Delta-8: 87%

GMO Cookies (Hybrid-Indica): This heavyweight hybrid leaning Indica brings a cerebral euphoria but focuses on the big body sedation. The oomph of this strain will have you counting sheep before you know it if you’re not careful. But this strain tastes like Sprite.

Delta-8: 95%

Biscotti (Indica): Don’t let this sweet, buttery, and creamy dessert cookie from the airplane fool you. Its delicious traits that remind us of trips to Jackson-Hartfield Airport are a disguise for a sedative, slow-motion strain. If you’re using this one, you will not need a Dramamine.

Delta-8: 92%

Northern Lights (Indica): A heavier leaning Indica, Northern Lights is praised for its fresh pine flavor. It’s a flavorful smoke with hints of sweet and skunky notes. Northern Lights is used for its sedative, too much will result in lowered eyelids.

Delta-8: 95%

Ice Cream Cake (Indica): Ice Cream Cake is an Indica dominant strain with sweet and creamy notes. The flavor is light but becomes more apparent after a couple of puffs. In larger doses, this will generate heavier effects and leave users feeling calm and relaxed.

Delta-8: 95%

Bubba Kush (Hybrid-Indica)- An Indica leaning hybrid, Bubba Kush is a classic cannabis strain with calming effects. Bubba Kush has a bubble gum flavor that comes through with a smooth and sweet taste. This strain is more relaxing than sedative unless you can’t put it down.

Delta-8: 95%

This product requires a 510 threaded battery

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