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The coronavirus pandemic has plenty of people trying to make money off fake remedies and cures. Even Ex NFL Player, Kyle Turley, has claimed that his CBD brand has the ability to prevent and cure COVID-19. We understand that Kyle has been sent a warning letter by the FDA but most importantly we want to make sure you’re not buying into the hype.

As far as we know, CBD will NOT prevent or cure the Corona Virus. Claims like this are not only far reaching, but can be outright dangerous. Especially from particular individuals who are looked up to or held in a higher stature.

On the bright side, CBD can work with your body in other ways which can affect how easy it is for your body to catch the Corona Virus. As many of us know, CBD is a very powerful natural anti- inflammatory. When CBD is fighting off inflammation within your body, this causes inflammation to decrease. When your body’s immune system isn’t fighting off inflammation you’re giving it more time and bandwidth to fight off other diseases such as the Corona Virus.

In these strange times, we ask you to stay safe out there and know that we will get through this together.