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Oral Care & CBD

Have you thought about adding CBD to your daily oral care?  I know Oral care and CBD aren’t talked about a lot but you may be surprised to know that CBD does help with removing bacteria from your mouth as well as helping to prevent gingivitis.  By adding CBD to your toothpaste, you naturally Eliminate Decay-Causing Bacteria and reduce or prevent gum inflammation.

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CBD Injection

Scientists have discovered many properties of CBD, including:

Anti-bacterial – it can destroy bacteria or suppress the growth of  bacteria

Analgesic – It is known for providing pain relief.

Antiseptic – It is also known to slow the growth of bacteria

Because of these therapeutic properties, CBD can help with these

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The best way to treat your gums is with regular brushing, flossing, a good antibacterial mouthwash and a visit to your dentist at least twice a year. But if you have a history of gum disease, or you’re interested in preventing gingivitis, add some CBD oil to your daily routine to keep bacteria and inflammation away.

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