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Moon Pie Delta 8 Flower

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   Moon Pie Delta 8 Flower is Here!

     Moon Pie is one of the three latest delta 8 strains available at ATLRx. Traditional moon pie crosses the two strains, the hybrid Chemdawg and the Indica leaning hybrid Marshmallow. The crossing of the two strains results in sweet toasted marshmallow smoke with a dose of punchy ethanol in the after taste. ATLRx’s Moon Pie doesn’t stray far from the tree with its distinguished jet-fuel and pungent forest notes. However, when the flower is in bulk, it is easy to misconceive that the Moon Pie is a Sativa dominant strain Truly, it’s a congenial strain whether you are a Sativa, a hybrid, and an Indica lover.

     A closer look at a single nugget provides a whole new perspective. The gasoline notes remain prevalent, but it’s hidden behind licorice, chocolate, dark fruits, and a bit of cola. An earthiness enhances the sweet, stone fruit character, and there is a comforting scent of bay leaf that lingers. The lush resinous leaves look like the crowns of emerald greens rooted into the stalk as the rust-colored pistils provide contrast. It is impossible to ignore the stickiness upon touch, assuring a fair amount of resin and a crystallization presence on the trichomes—as if the delta 8 distillate was dried frozen and carefully sprinkled on.

     What is it like to smoke our Moon Pie Strain?

     Upon combustion, it burns smoothly; the orange glow produces thick ribbons of smoke—hitting as if it’s a medium light-bodied flower. It burns as if it’s a slightly slower white cap. The smoke is velvet-like, similar to the mouthfeel of cotton candy (both the strain and the candy). A wave of vanilla, milk chocolate, dark licorice, and floral notes are on the frontline. These all meshed together with the lovely after-taste of fuel. I found that I enjoyed packing smaller bowls on this flower because it allowed me to taste the layers. The moon peered through the trees as I was beginning to feel the effects, setting the tone. This flower is a prime example of how the delta 8 to CBD ratio doesn’t necessarily mean how potent a flower is—it’s your reaction to the terpenes. Moon pie is a one to three ratios; however—the delta 8 was more present for me; a relaxing, non-drowsy euphoria that highlighted the lightness in life that I often forget to take in.