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Moon Pie Delta 8 Flower

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Moon Pie Delta 8 Flower

   Moon Pie Delta 8 Flower is Here!

Moon Pie is one of the three latest Delta 8 strains available at ATLRx. Traditional moon pie crosses the two strains, the hybrid Chemdawg and the Indica leaning hybrid Marshmallow. The crossing of the two strains results in a sweet toasted marshmallow smell with a heavy punchy ethanol scent that lingers. ATLRx’s Moon Pie doesn’t stray far from the tree with its distinguished jet-fuel and pungent forest aromatics. However, when the flower is in bulk, it is easy to misconceive that the Moon Pie is a Sativa dominant strain. Truly, it’s a congenial strain whether you are a Sativa, a hybrid, and an Indica lover.

A closer look at a single nugget provides a whole new perspective. The gasoline aroma remains prevalent, but it’s hidden behind licorice, chocolate, dark fruits, and a bit of cola. An earthiness enhances the sweet, stone fruit scent, and there is a comforting aroma of bay leaf that lingers. The lush resinous leaves look like the crowns of emerald greens rooted into the stalk as the rust-colored pistils provide contrast. It is impossible to ignore the stickiness upon touch, assuring a fair amount of resin and a crystallization presence on the trichomes—as if the delta 8 distillate was dried frozen and carefully sprinkled on.

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