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ATLRx Headband Delta 8 Flower

In recent months there has been a surge of delta 8 flower products and ATLRx proudly carries four top tier delta 8 flower options with full panel lab reports. The process for our delta 8 flowers is distinct to the market and leaves this flower kief covered. 


Out of our four delta 8 flowers, Headband is our only Sativa strain and delivers a punch of citrus flavor. Headband tests out at 14.48% delta 8 THC and 12.87% CBD with close to a 1:1 ratio. The psychoactive effect is incredibly mellow, and leaves you collected and mentally cleared. Headband is an excellent choice as a mood enhancer and energy stimulant, without leaving one too relaxed.
 Delta 8 flower is more uplifting as a compound in comparison to delta 9 and Headband is an excellent representation of its effects. This indoor strain tastes sweet, citrusy, and crisp just like a soft drink. An ideal pick for anyone looking for an on the go flower strain.