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White Runtz Delta 8 Flower is Back!

Welcome Home White Runtz, Welcome Home

          Lo and behold, ATLRx is ecstatic to welcome back a fan favorite in Delta 8 flower, none other than our White Runtz.

          White Runtz is indoor-grown, bringing a hybrid profile that leans towards sativa. The flavor is exceptional, with punchy yet sweet limonene terpenes. The citrus notes sneak past the copious amounts of dusky forest green kief–allowing for the fruitful notes to sneak onto your palate. The generous amount of keif allows it to burn slower.While White Runtz is a one-to-one ratio (CBD to Delta 8 THC), it isn’t necessarily about the numbers; it’s about the terps.  The White Runtz at ATLRx provides a blissful head euphoria that is more aligned with the traits of a sativa. But what makes this unique comes with a functional body high that is not too in-da-couch—just enough to tally this as a hybrid.  Traditional White Runtz is a hybrid cross of Gelato and Zkittlez—two widely popular strains. The flower maintains the fruit-forward notes from both strains. However, there is a sweetness similar to candy. The smooth smoke that leaves a tropical fruit and creamy finish that is balanced, allowing the sweetness to linger on your taste buds. Traditional Runtz sticks out from other flowers due to its white trichomes, the robust, and the potency. The beauty of the delta 8 White Runtz is that it is a hybrid that works well for both evening and daytimeopposed to the indica dominate traditional White Runtz. Whether you are looking to mellow out after a long day or need to focus on daily tasks—White Runtz has you covered. Most of all, it is a truly unique flower—delivering a taste that brings connoisseurs to tears as the smoke settles. As one of the premiere Delta 8 flower brands, ATLRx provides the option of purchasing Delta 8 THC online. Get the best delta 8 flower here at ATLrx.