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White Runtz Delta 8 Flower is Back!

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White Runtz Delta 8 Moon Rocks

Welcome Home White Runtz, Welcome Home


Lo and behold, ATLRx is ecstatic to welcome back a fan favorite in Delta 8 flower, none other than our White Runtz.

White Runtz is indoor-grown, bringing a hybrid profile that leans towards sativa. The aroma is exceptional, with punchy yet sweet limonene terpenes. The citrus notes sneak past the copious amounts of dusky forest green kief–allowing for the fruitful notes to sneak into your nose. The generous amount of keif adds to its visual appeal. While White Runtz is a one-to-one ratio (CBD to Delta 8 THC), it isn’t necessarily about the numbers; it’s about the terps. The White Runtz at ATLRx provides a blissful aroma that is more aligned with the traits of a sativa, but what makes this unique is the light indica aspect that is just enough to tally this as a hybrid.

Key Takeaways

  • Premium Quality Cultivation: White Runtz is an indoor-grown hybrid that leans towards sativa, featuring exceptional aromatics due to its punchy, sweet limonene terpenes and citrus notes, highlighted by the visual appeal of abundant kief.
  • Unique Hybrid Profile: While maintaining a balanced one-to-one ratio of CBD to Delta 8 THC, White Runtz excels in its terpene profile, offering a blissful aroma that combines the characteristics of sativa with a touch of indica, making it a distinctive hybrid.
  • Rich Genetic Heritage: This strain is a hybrid cross of Gelato and Zkittlez, retaining the fruit-forward aromatics of its parents with additional sweet, candy-like smells and a tropical fruit and vanilla swirl that enhance its complex scent profile.
  • Convenient Online Access and Superiority: As a leading brand in Delta 8 flowers, ATLRx ensures easy online access to purchase top-quality Delta 8 THC, positioning White Runtz as a premium option within the market.

Traditional White Runtz is a hybrid cross of Gelato and Zkittlez—two widely popular strains. The flower maintains fruit-forward aromatics from both strains. However, there is a sweetness similar to a candy smell. The smooth scent that leaves a tropical fruit and vanilla swirl that is balanced, allowing the sweetness to linger in your nose. Traditional Runtz sticks out from other flowers due to its white trichomes, as they are quite robust. The beauty of the delta 8 White Runtz is that it is a hybrid that is more sativa dominant as opposed to the indica dominant traditional White Runtz.  As one of the premiere Delta 8 flower brands, ATLRx provides the option of purchasing Delta 8 THC online. Get the best delta 8 flower here at ATLRx.

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