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Does Delta-8 Flower Exist?

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Does Delta-8 Flower Exist

Many new products are entering the market every day as demand for Delta-8 THC rises. One of these fresh products that has appeared on the shelves of various hemp-based businesses like ours at ATLRx is Delta-8 flower. However, is there a natural form of this product at all? After all, how is a Delta-8 flower strain even created if Delta-8 THC is only present in trace amounts in hemp? We’re here to provide you with the solutions, so let’s get started with our complete, in-depth guide to everything Delta-8 flower, bud, or nugs.

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Key Takeaways

Delta 8 flower is very popular and provides a great alternative for people who cannot get their hands on Delta 9 flower.

  • Although Delta-8 flower offers a personalized user experience and quick-acting effects, it might also be the most illegal Delta-8 product. Although raw goods like bud are prohibited in several US states, the small THC content is permitted.
  • Make sure when you buy Delta 8 online it has third party lab testing, and provides a COA (certificate of analysis) to show proof of what you are buying.
  • If burning Delta 8 flower is not your thing, try out our Delta 8 gummies. If you want a product that packs a bigger punch than flower, try our Delta 8 concentrates.

What is Delta 8 flower?

You’ve probably heard of D8 flower, also referred to as Delta 8 flower, and its use as a smoking herb. You might not know what it is or the reasons for its rising popularity. Cannabis users all over the world are very complimentary of the Delta-8 THC flower, which is a traditional hemp flower enhanced with tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) extract. The finished product, when burned, is quite pleasant, even though this modification to hemp blossoms does not happen naturally.

The Delta 8 flower is a hybrid of a naturally occurring formation and a man-made modification. It uses the incredibly popular Delta 8 THC distillate. Buds are fundamentally changed by specific processes that use Delta 8 extract. Hence, the Delta 8 flowers are produced.

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How Does Delta-8 Flower Exist?

You might be wondering how Delta-8 flower even exists if Delta-8 must normally be converted from CBD. Although it is somewhat complicated, we are here to simplify it.

Cannabis breeders all over the country are in charge of the strains that frequently appear on the market and have THC levels that are extremely high. The demand for new cannabis strains with higher Delta-9 THC concentrations is significant.

Crossbred strains that would not otherwise be possible are produced with the help of other cannabis breeders and geneticists. Flower strains high in CBG are a prime illustration of this.

The Delta-8 bud can likely be assumed to be produced in the same manner. Geneticists must interbreed cannabis plants until the Delta-8 THC content is higher, right? However, finding a Delta-8 bud like that is far more difficult than one might first imagine.

The Implications of Delta-8 Flower

We are aware that different cannabis strains contain Delta-8 THC, a naturally occurring cannabinoid. It is, however, only occasionally present—usually less than 1%. The quantity of Delta-8 THC present in hemp material, despite genetic breeding, is still negligible and insufficient to produce a high percentage of Delta-8 in flower.

For this reason, the Delta-8 bud is simply a hemp flower. Indeed, that is all. Manufacturers merely add Delta-8 to the unbred strain and sell it as CBD flower. This cannabis strain has the various advantages of Delta-8 THC combined with the ability to burn it for a mild buzz.

Companies are able to produce a legal burning substance by combining a cannabinoid-rich hemp strain with Delta-8 THC distillate. Yet, compared to other Delta-8 goods, raw flower receives more criticism. In reality, Delta-8 is banned in some states and countries.

When using Delta-8 flowers from other companies, the amount of D8 may be inconsistent. With our Delta-8 concentrates, Delta 8 distillates, and even our Delta 8 gummies, you will get an exact amount. You can trust the items you’re utilizing and get ready for the exciting trip you’re about to embark on since there are lab results to support each individual statistic.

Delta 8 Flower VS Delta 8 Concentrates

Now that we have a clear idea of what Delta-8 flower is, let’s compare it to concentrates.


With the exception of the terpene profile, not much changes in aroma when using hemp flower. It will have notes like cannabis because it is cannabis. Delta 8 flower will come in a variety of different strains. The same goes for Delta 8 concentrates, but they may have more terpenes that will enhance aroma and experience.

Time of Affect

The potential effects of using flower might take effect quickly, which is one of the main advantages. For instance, a few minutes after your first hit, Delta-8 flower can stimulate results. Although this is a perk, you may get the same advantage using Delta-8 concentrates!

In fact, several users claim that the effects of our concentrates begin to manifest a little bit sooner than those of flowers.

The effects of Delta 8 flower compared to Delta 8 concentrates will wear off faster than if you were to use a concentrate. 

Entourage Effect

Using Delta 8 flower in a Delta 8 pre roll is a convenient way to get your D8 experience on the go. When using flower you can enjoy the benefits of the entourage effect which is another way saying that you will get all the perks of the entire hemp plant. Concentrates are known to produce a stronger effect than flower and like the word “concentrate” it is mainly Delta 8 THC concentrated you are not getting the whole plant.


Delta 8 flower only requires a pre roll, bowl, or bong, and a lighter to enjoy. While using concentrates you will need a rig or vape device to put your concentrates in.

Wrapping Up: Does D8 Flower Exist?

We were able to delve into the background of and description of Delta-8 flower in this guide. We hope that now that you are aware that it is hemp flower with a distillate added, you can weigh the advantages and disadvantages of it. Likewise, you are now aware of the goods that can be used to replace Delta-8. Hemp flower is a great alternative to Delta-8 concentrates, Delta 8 tinctures, Delta 8 gummies, and other products.

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