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A Closer look at the Delta 8 Flower Experience

Up close bud feature

If you’ve never tried ATLRx’s Delta 8 flower, you’ve never truly experienced Delta 8 flower.

In the cannabis industry, all flowers are not created equal. Some companies take even more meticulous care in the production of their cannabis plants and the process of extracting the THC, and it truly shows. ATLRx is a company that cares; cares about the contents of the product, the quality of the experience and craft curation of the cannabis flowers on the shelves. This quality difference shines in our newest delta 8 strain, Grape Ape, a delightful display of our special moon rock flowers we stock on shelf! (Moon Rocks is a common term used to describe a nug of flower rolled in a powdery THC substance called kief) We work closely with small farms handpicking the products we showcase, each strain has been employee approved, and trust us, we are connoisseurs.

ATLRx Delta 8 Flower

What makes our products any different? You might be asking… The quality difference starts with the growing of the crops, a proper harvest, and ends with the unique method of extracting the delta 8 THC from the hemp flower. If you have tried Delta 8 flower from elsewhere, you may have noticed darker nugs of flower that look sticky and almost wet, it isn’t very appealing to smoke, and if you do, the taste and experience is likely harsh with a chemical aftertaste. This is a result in one of the more widely used methods of creating a flower version of the Delta 8 THC, in which the flower is sprayed with a liquid distillate. This method creates uneven distribution of the Delta 8 THC, which then results in an inconsistent dosage and inability to truly gauge the potency.

The flower at ATLRx uses a more unique method of creating a potent THC product for the conscious consumer, this extraction process starts with a liquid distillate, similar to the previously mentioned method, but here is where the care and craft really shine… From that liquid state, the distillate is then put through a freezing process using dry ice to create a Delta 8 THC powder also known as kief. The base hemp flower is then rolled in the kief and sifted at least twice, some strains three times. This method of creating a smokable Delta 8 flower, ensures an even coating of that plant material and more potent tasteful smoke. Not just tasteful, as in classy, but also in flavor!

Grape Ape is the newest flower strain to adorn our shelves, a very clear example of why we choose to only carry flower created with a kief distillate process. The beautiful nugs will delight you visually, and upon your first inhale will enchant your sense of smell and taste. A pungent sweetness, mouth-watering perfectly ripe grapes with undertones of vanilla and caramel, this flower will elevate your world! This strain is a heavy Indica, perfect for relaxing and unwinding. Testing at 3.71% delta 8 THC, and 18.25% CBD, these large dens dark purple and green buds will have you feeling like royalty, because we believe you deserve to have the red carpet rolled out as you walk in.

ATLRx Grape Ape Delta 8 Flower

ATLRx wants to create a more quality experience for its cannabis consumer with a market saturated in a sprayed flower, we dared to be different, our quality speaks for itself, the moment you switch you’ll know. Though don’t take our word for it, come in and try it for yourself, and be prepared to have your reality shifted and world changed. The ATLRx way.