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OG Kush Delta 8 Flower

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OG Kush Indoor Crown

ATLRx has brought in the legendary flower OG Kush onboard infused with Delta 8 and two other indicas, Moon Pie, and a fresh take on the Northern Lights with Delta 8. OG Kush has been a staple in the cannabis world since it arrived in the early ’90s. OG Kush is believed to have been a Northern Cali strain integrated with the Lemon Thai, Chemdawg, and the Hindu Kush from Amsterdam. OG Kush’s growth and widespread love have allowed it to parent several thousands of cross strains worldwide.

At first glance, it is no wonder that OG Kush serves as the base flower to create strains such as Headband and Girl Scout Cookies and the production of phenotypes such as the Tahoe OG. The serried nuggets burst with unique terpenes, boasting fresh aromas such as floral notes, pine, rich spices such as juniper, peppercorn, and trenchant fuel-like characters with subtle hints of citrus on the finish. The pistils are a shade of tawny, retaining a fair amount of moisture, and are finished by the delta 8 crystallization along the flower’s trichomes.

Delta 8 Joint

The CBD percentage is slightly higher than the delta 8 ratio—but it’s imperative not to stress those numbers. OG Kush’s terpenes are complex, and the flower has thick and broad sugar leaves that bear a deep forest green color. As with traditional OG Kush, the myrcene terpenes delve us into the world of indica similar to household names such as The Grape Ape, Blue Dream, and Grand Daddy Purple.

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