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Introducing Delta 8 THC Thai Sticks!

Taking our PreRolls to the Next Level          

          ATLRx has been anxiously waiting to reveal our latest delta 8 THC pre-roll, introducing our multi-faceted pre-roll, Thai Sticks. Inspired by the rolling traditions in Thailand, our take on the Thai Stick is a bolder, slower-burning, and evenly layered with delta 8 THC in several forms. This pre-roll has arrived just in time for the summer. It is for those looking for s heavier euphoria without getting too locked into the couch—but be careful, or you will have to sleep on a futon. The joint’s flexible flower choice allowed it to be more accessible for both the daytime and evening. You will notice its sleek maroon label on shelves next to its fellow delta 8 pre-rolls and may wonder, “what is the difference between the Thai Stick and the other delta 8 prerolls?” Simply put, the difference is potency and the rate of combustion.

 What is a Delta 8 THC Thai Stick?

          Thai Stick is a cannabis treasure, having shallow roots in the United States, dating back to the nineteen sixties and nineteen seventies. Traditional Thai Sticks use skewers sticks made from bamboo to hold the flower together by holding a skewer. It helps that the Thai strand can be extra sticky, almost adhesive feeling. If the bud is secure around the skewer, then there is no reason for a string. The Thai or Thai Stick strain is a myrcene sativa that bursts with a citrus forward sweetness and lemon zest. However, this delicious strain takes extra time and patience to grow to its full potential. The United States didn’t see a wide variety of marijuana s due to its decline in cannabis growth into the ’80s. Recently, the wave of state legalizations reminds the industry that there is an ancient history behind cannabis. Reviving masterful techniques that innovators from across the world have provided is common practice in the composition world, only inspires more creativity across the board.


         What Makes ATLRx Delta 8 Thai Sticks Unique?

          ATLRx has done so, implementing our twist to the already unique Thai Stick. We use our Afghan Goo strain, earthy and a gas-driven indica that never ceases to fail us, hitting just the right spot. The pungent terpenes correlate with the taste of the flower, shedding traces of musk, pepper, and herbaceous fuel linger on the palate. At a two-to-one ratio of Delta 8 THC to CBD, Afghan Goo is one of our more potent delta 8 flowers. But that’s just the flower in the joint; there’s more. We haven’t strayed from the raw cone papers; the papers are covered in delta 8 distillate instead of the traditional hash oil, then we embellish the joint with a copious amount of Afghan Goo kief. The kief makes the joint look like an Eastern Red Cedar that hits like a Giant Sequoias. Our Delta 8 THC Thai Stick is not a pre-roll to knock out before you go on a conference call meeting on Zoom if you haven’t guessed yet. Thai Sticks are our take on the Legal Limit with delta 8. It’s genuinely bold, has a fantastic taste, and slows everything down the right amount.