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Understand how to Dose CBD Hemp Flower

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CBD Hemp Flower

Smokable products are perhaps the easiest to dose. Simply multiply the weight of the flower by the percentage of CBD it contains. Every strain of flower is different so it’s important to read and follow all label directions when using loose CBD Hemp Flower or CBD Hemp Flower pre rolled products.


If your Flower is 20% CBD, then smoking 1 gram (1,000mg) will give you roughly 200 milligrams of CBD:

1000mg (Total Flower Weight) x 0.20 (for 20% CBD content) = 200mg CBD

Keep in mind, not all the CBD is absorbed when you smoke CBD Hemp Flower. When you exhale, some active ingredients go with the cloud of smoke – dose accordingly.

Half gram pre rolls are an excellent way to get started with smokable CBD Hemp Flower. These contain 500mg of flower (1/2 gram), which at 20%, contains roughly 100mg CBD per roll. Please check the specific CBD Flower you’re buying for CBD content – they’re all different.

ATLRx CBD Hemp Flower products contain clear labeling to help you understand how much CBD is in each dose you take. Pre rolls contain a total CBD content per roll to make administration even easier than loose flower. If the flower you’re buying isn’t lab tested with the resulting composition easily accessible, proceed with caution. All ATLRx products are clearly labeled, with quick links to lab analysis reports.