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CBD Milk Bath

Cleansing not only the body but also your soul, a CBD milk bath might be the practice your self care routine is missing. Relaxing, hydrating and supremely nourishing for the skin, oat milk, much like CBD itself, has been rising in popularity due to its healing medicinal properties. Combined with ATLRx CBD the potential is endless to create your personalized self care routine, or have another defense in your tool box in the event you need it!

CBD Milk Bath


     What are the benefits of soaking in CBD you might ask? Other than keeping up with todays trends

     ​CBD reduces inflammation, alleviates pain and has antibacterial /anti-fungal properties, making a CBD bath time even more deeply cleansing and relievingThis method of introducing CBD to your body is non invasive and incredibly effective. Topicals (term for medicine being applied directly to the skin of the affected area) have seen an increase in popularity over time, as cannabis technology continually improves, the potency of products increases. Being able to see effective results from a topical cannabinoid applicationonce is all you need to introduce something into your routine. Specifically introducing CBD into the bath can be an ideal method for full body pain relief and relaxation.

​     Topicals are not the most bioavailable option, however, this just means that no matter how much CBD you soak in, it will not reach the blood stream. Though this does not make it any less effective, as the skin does contain CB2 receptors, allowing potent relief to the immediate tissue the CBD is introduced.

     ​While CBD in a bath is an incredible experience, why not make this self care time a little more beneficial and luxurious by adding oat milk and essential oils

     Combining CBD with oat milk increases the hydration and moisture your skin is soaking up, oats have been used as an effective treatment to soothe irritated skin since ancient Romantimes. With the rise of alternative medicine and plant based diets, oat milk has certainly seen a resurgence since those ancient days of use, for good reason. (Also known to help acne prone skin, allergic reactions, eczema, psoriasis, insect bites and poison oak reactions)

     A very simple recipe has been provided as a baseline for this practice, though we encourage you to get creative and see what other personal add in elevates your bath time!

CBD Milk Bath


-4 cups Oat Milk (or whatever milk alternative you enjoy best, its important to note the fat content of what ever milk you use, more fat equals more moisture)

-4 full droppers of CBD (totaling 129 mg if using 900mg ATLRx CBD tincture; use 200-300mg for more extreme pain management)

-4 single drops lavender oil (or whatever scent speaks to your nostrils, follow your nose)


Fill tub 3/4 full with hot water, add lavender oil, milk and CBD, slowly dip your toes and gently lower your body into your new favorite form of relaxation..