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Why are People Switching to Delta-8 THC Products?

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Why Are People Switching to Delta 8 THC Products

The delta-8 THC product has become a popular, talked-about cannabis product in the past few years. The number of people switching to D8 seems to grow every single day – but why? Why are so many people switching to delta-8 THC products instead of delta-9? 

Let’s find out. 

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What is Delta-8 THC? 

Before we talk about why so many people are opting to try D8, let’s establish what delta-8 THC is in the first place.

There are many cannabinoids found in cannabis, including delta-8 THC. The plant’s most popular psychoactive compound, delta 9 THC, is closely related to it. However, delta-8 THC offers about half of the potency as delta-9 THC does. This means that delta-8 THC presents a much milder high than delta-9, making it great for beginner users or those who find delta-9 to be too strong.

In general, people love delta-8 THC for the more pleasant experience that it brings, especially compared to D9. This compound is great for unwinding after a long day, or even at the start of a potentially hard week. You just do have to keep in mind that it will get you slightly high, so you can’t drive or operate machinery after using it.

These days, you can find delta-8 THC in various product forms, boasting all sorts of potencies and experiences. The versatility of the cannabinoid is a huge driving force for many users, as you can enjoy it in whatever way most appeals to you. 

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What are the Reasons People are Switching to Delta-8 THC?

There are more and more people switching to delta-8 THC every day. But, why is that? 

Of course, we cannot say for certain why people seem to prefer delta-8 over other cannabinoids, but we can talk about some of the biggest driving factors as to why this compound is so appealing. 

Let’s start with legality. 

At the federal level, delta-8 THC is legal; however, at the federal level, marijuana isn’t legal.

According to the 2018 Farm Bill, As long as they contain less than 0.3% THC hemp, and hemp-derived products are federally legal in the US. Delta-8 products derived from hemp that contain less than 0.3% THC are federally legal in the United States.

The legalization of marijuana, however, is limited to states that have legalized it.  There are many states across the country that have permitted the plant either recreationally or medically, but there are still a vast amount of residents who don’t have access to cannabis products because of these laws. But, delta-8 THC makes accessibility a bit wider.

It’s important to note that, unfortunately, delta-8 THC isn’t legal in all 50 states. There have been a handful of states that have banned or strictly regulated the cannabinoid, making it illegal in those areas for sale, possession, or usage. However, in general, delta 8 THC is legal in more places than marijuana is. This is incredibly appealing for those people who live in areas where they couldn’t normally get cannabis. 

Delta-8 Has Milder Results

Delta-8 THC is about half as potent as delta-9 THC, and this component can be very attractive to many users. A lot of people try delta-9 THC and find that the experience is simply too overwhelming, creating powerful results that aren’t useful. This may not be the case for delta-8 THC, though.

The delta-8 cannabinoid has been dubbed delta-9’s “nicer younger sibling,” insinuating that delta-8 is more gentle than delta-9. The more mild results are a huge appeal for beginner users, as well, who may not want to jump in head first and try delta-9 right off the bat.

Delta-8’s mild results tend to be more pleasant and comforting for many users. This may make it best for evening usage, or those days when you don’t have a whole lot to cross off your to-do list.

Delta-8 is Widely Available

Because delta-8 THC is legal thanks to the 2018 Farm Bill, the cannabinoid is widely available — both in person and online. The federal legality of the cannabinoid allows users to buy products online and have them shipped to their houses almost anywhere across the country (anywhere that the cannabinoid is legal, that is). This makes getting products easier than ever before.

Marijuana products, on the other hand, have to be bought in licensed dispensaries, in person. Some places allow for cannabis delivery, but you typically have to be an MMJ patient and you will still have to meet the delivery person face-to-face to prove that you’re the buyer.

Simply put, delta-8 THC products are much more widely available to users, and this accessibility is what is drawing a large number of users from D9 to D8. 

What are the Various Forms of Delta-8 THC Products?

No matter what kind of delta 8 product you’re looking for, you can find it available online. Below, we’ve described some of the most popular forms of D8 available today, all of which you can find easily in ATLRx’s online store.   

Delta-8 Flower 

Delta 8 flower is a great option for users who enjoy smoking and want to experience this cannabinoid quickly. D8 flower is essentially hemp flower that’s been coated in delta-8 THC distillate so you can enjoy all the results that this compound has to offer.

You smoke delta-8 flower just as you would any type of cannabis flower: you can grind it up and put it in a bowl, roll it in a joint, or sprinkle it into a blunt. The choice is yours.

Delta-8 flower comes in various strains depending on what you’re looking to experience. Whether it’s an indica, sativa, or hybrid option you’re looking for, ATLRx has the delta-8 flower for you. 

Delta-8 Gummies 

If you’re not interested in smoking, you don’t have to! Products like delta-8 gummies are perfect for anyone who doesn’t enjoy smoking or vaping.

Delta 8 gummies are tasty candies infused with varying amounts of the chemical. You can find them in all sorts of shapes, potencies, and flavors depending on your personal preferences, and they’re absolutely enjoyable to use. At ATLRx, we offer our gummies in several different flavors and potencies so you can always find exactly what your mind and body need.

With delta-8 gummies, you have to be aware that the experience will take some time to kick in. Be prepared to wait anywhere from 45 minutes to two hours to potentially feel the delta-8 after a gummy. Patience is key with these products!

Delta-8 Concentrates

If you’re an experienced user looking to up your D8 high to a new level, concentrates are the way to go. Delta 8 concentrates come in various types and potencies, but they’re always going to be some of the strongest options on the market. This is because these products, if you couldn’t tell by the name, are highly concentrated and contain some of the largest amounts of delta-8 than any other product.

To enjoy concentrates, you can either dab them using a rig or you can add some to your flower, joint, or blunt. However, to get the most out of their experience, a rig or refillable vape pen is going to be best.  

Delta-8 Moon Rocks

Delta 8 moon rocks may be super powerful, but they also might be just what you need to enhance your smoke sesh entirely. Delta-8 moon rocks are hemp flower that has been doused in delta-8 THC distillate and then coated in kief to give a dense, space-rock-like appearance.

As you can imagine, moon rocks are very potent. These products are best for experienced users who are well-versed in the world of D8 flower. You can smoke moon rocks a few different ways, but the best is by cutting them up into small pieces and then adding the flower to your bowl or blunt. Then, use a direct flame onto the moon rock and let it burn slowly as you take slow, big inhales.  

Delta-8 Distillate 

Delta 8 distillate is a wonderful product option for DIY users. You can use delta-8 distillate in so many different ways, including within recipes, in a lotion, or even on top of flower. Distillates, like concentrates, are highly concentrated and contain an impressive amount of delta-8. Because of this, the results are going to be strong and it’s best to use this product slowly and with caution. 

Delta-8 Tincture

Finally, delta 8 tinctures make great D8 products either for beginners or anyone looking to experience something more rapid and powerful.

When you use a delta-8 tincture sublingually, it will kick in after just a few minutes, and they’re felt all throughout the body. (However, you do have to be okay with tasting a bit of hemp with this usage method.)

Most people who don’t like the smell of tincture but still want to use D8 oil, they usually mix it with another product. The time will take longer to kick in — closer to the amount of time an edible takes — but you won’t have to smell the oil itself.

How to Make the Switch to Delta-8 THC  

Making the switch to delta-8 THC is easy as long as you live in a state where D8 is legal. All you have to do is head over to ATLRx’s online site and pick out all the delta-8 products that most appeal to you. From there, we will handle the rest!

Before you know it, your new favorite delta-8 product will be waiting for you on your doorstep, and you’ll be ready to make the switch, too.

Where to Buy Delta-8 THC in 2024

If you want to buy delta-8 THC in 2024, you can buy it either in person or online. Buying it online from reputable retailers is a great way to easily do research about a brand, check COAs, and read what others have had to say about the company and the product itself. But, you want to make sure you’re buying from trustworthy sources like ATLRx.

ATLRx is one of the best places to buy delta-8 THC in 2024. We offer a huge selection of high-quality products in various forms depending on what appeals to you most. Plus, we sell our products at low, affordable prices, so you don’t have to worry about breaking the bank just to try some delta-8 flower or delta-8 gummies.  

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