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Can You Fly with Delta 8?

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Can you Fly with Delta 8?

I think going to the Jackson-Hartfield airport has chipped away a year or two of my life. A grey hair for every minute spent in the car, picking up and dropping off. You have to make sure you’re over in the right lane when you pass Turner Field then someone will switch three lanes with no turn signal, a “limousine” driver will cut you off then give you the finger, and your weird cousin, Todd, from Kentucky keeps trying to call you about traveling in his RV. Then there are the painful steps: check-in your bag, pretend you’re not nervous, fail to make eye contact with anyone, and begin to write your will on google notes. If you’re me, you have a way of getting pulled to the side by the TSA for nothing. Then I have to explain that I’m sweaty because I hate the process, not because I’m dangerous. We’ve often been getting the question of whether or not delta 8 is safe to fly with. Well, that depends.

Delta-8 is illegal in certain states, even the ones that have traditional marijuana due to competing markets. If Delta 8 is a legal product within the state you depart from, then you’re good to go. If it isn’t legal, but traditional delta 9 is legal, then it works out for you. The TSA won’t be concerned. No one will stop you and ask, “is that a delta-8 cartridge?” However, if they do, stay even more prepared with a notice to law enforcement as well as a receipt.

I am not a fan of authority, whether personal, public state-funded, neighborhood watch, but mostly Todd’s Dad, Todd Sr., telling me that I can’t double up on the pizza roll samples at Sam’s Club. How about you pay your child support, Todd? The TSA isn’t there to find your delta-8 THC. Ultimately, they’re not looking for drugs; they’re looking for weapons. If you’re flying internationally, make sure to check the regulations in the country that you’re traveling. THC is considered a drug of choice for the lower class and those associated with criminals. A stigma based on hierarchy, really. Unfortunately, this will make some international attendants inform the police. Check the country’s status on the products.

If you have gummies, pack them in your check-in bag. If you have a vape device and carts, bring them with you in your carry-on bag—yes, that includes putting it through the scanner. The vape laws apply the same to thc vapes; make it transparent that you have it. It may seem like a bold move. It’s not, it’s 2021. If you have flower then put that in your check-in bag. Don’t be a sketch ball and repackage them. That’s silly. Although I would recommend not bringing oil, it does file under the liquids that are allowed. So, you can’t carry as much.

I often wondered how airports were handling the transportation in legal states such as Colorado and California. Now, with a majority of the country supporting medical and recreational marijuana—it’s a matter of whether delta-8 is okay or not. With the pandemic teetering, we are closing in a time where traveling is more realistic. Integrating ourselves back into civilization is as highly stressful as we all imagined it would be. We’re here to reassure you that a bottle of gummies or a vape cart is pretty far down on the list of anyone’s concerns.

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