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Traffic is back, CBD can help

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There’s nothing worse than having a long day of work, only to be teased by the excitement of clocking out, all to remember that you have to sit through dense Atlanta rush hour traffic to get home. Aside from this just being flat out disappointing, it’s also very stressful knowing you have to navigate your way home through all the other tired and stressed people on the road. Stress isn’t exclusive to disappointment on the road, it’s also akin to serious danger. And what’s the biggest stress-related contributor to danger on the highway?

Road Rage. 

We all get it to some degree, and clearly some do more than others. Vengeful actions and reactions such as tailgating, break-checking, yelling, hate-honking, cutting people off, and out-of-car confrontations all add to the danger. However, it isn’t only the increased likelihood of a wreck that’s disappointing about this behavior, it’s the fact that it slows traffic.

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People stopping their cars to scream at one another is just as halting as a collision. When people tailgate, the victim often retaliates by driving even slower. When people cut each other off, the road becomes a lane-switching Nascar track. All of the above stems from road rage, which stems from stress, which does nothing but disrupt that sweet and rare flow of traffic.

Long story short, traffic sucks. This is news to no one, but what most may not realize is that there’s a way to alleviate the horrors of suffering through Atlanta rush hour. This secret is igniting your CBD before your engine! In an ideal world we could hand all of the maniacs on 20 and 85 some CBD oil to chill them out, but we can’t. What we can do by using CBD ourselves is make dealing with these people easier and reduce the chances of retaliating and becoming a victim of their road rage.

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There’s plenty of evidence that CBD is great for calming the nerves, but how exactly does it work? It all comes down to how CBD works with the endocannabinoid system, which is responsible for several different bodily functions including sleep, pain regulation, mood, memory, and more. And when it comes to stress reduction, most agree CBD is a godsend.

Therefore using CBD before diving into the void of Atlanta traffic is very likely to ensure you an overall more relaxed, rage-free, and patient journey home. And if you happen to find yourself on Ponce during that journey, make sure to check out our new ATLRx location to make the rest of your ride a cruise.

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