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CBG Jack Frost Flower

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Our new batch of CBG Jack Frost is really hitting the nail on the head!

With a massive 22% CBG content, this frosty white bud packs a punch, but in a nice smooth citrus flavor way that keeps you coming back for more. Jack Frost  is perfectly trimmed and cured and very frosty. Be gentle handling this because the trichomes are very fragile and the CBGA crystals fall off of the flowers very easily, which is most likely typical of CBG flowers. CBG in general is a very delicate and dry flower and needs to be handled with care. This specific batch was cut off the plant just one month ago in Oregon.

Jack Frost is one of the newest CBG-focused hemp strains in the market today. Grown Greenhouse/indoors and packed with crystals, it’s one of the latest in a movement to create more diverse and medicinal hemp strains. The sweet flavors accompanied by the almost instant calm make it a great smoke and choice for you!