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Sour Space Candy Hemp Flower

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Sour Space Candy Hemp Flower

Today we’re taking a deep dive into our Sour Space Candy strain. With a robust smell and vibrant light green coloring, this hybrid strain is sure to appeal to your senses. There is a CBD content of 17.52 percent with no detected THC delta 9.

Key Takeaways

  • High CBD & Unique Terpene Profile: With 17.52% CBD and a robust terpene content of 2.12%, our Sour Space Candy offers a rich pine scent from beta-pinene, complemented by the floral notes of Trans Caryophyllene and the sweet citrus of Ocimene.
  • Sourced from Oregon’s Finest: Cultivated on the west coast in Oregon, this light green, sweet-smelling hybrid strain combines a woodsy aroma with a sweet and sour punch, making it a sensory delight. Visit us at ATLRx off exit 11 on Highway 400 for more insights!

Our Sour Space Candy comes from the west coast and is grown in Oregon. This plant has hearty, sweet-smelling flowers with an overall terpene percentage of 2.12%! This is the highest terpene profile of any strain that we have seen this year.  Most of the terpene percentage is from beta pinene, which is a smell one can match to a pine tree aroma. It’s a woodsy-like smell that combines magically in this strain. Alongside it, Trans Caryophyllene and the Ocimene Isomer 2 terpene help for a sweet and sour punch to your nose.

Trans caryophyllene has a floral scent found in rose and rosemary while ocimene has a sweet citrusy aroma found in mint and mangos. Sour Space candy, like it’s name, has a lot going on.

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