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DIY CBD Bath Bombs – Christmas Gift

strawbarry CBD oil
DIY CBD Bath Bombs

Ya’ll…look no further! The ATLRx family has you covered for CBD infused Christmas gifts for your friends and family! You can be your friends local medicine man or woman, not only making heartfelt homemade gifts for them, but caring about their health as well. Bath bombs present a new way of ingesting CBD: absorption through opened pores and penetrating the skin throughout the entire body

CBD paired with Epsom salt has the ability to draw out harmful toxins from your body. For hundreds of years, Epsom salt has been used for detoxing. It helps with sore muscle relief, improved mood, overall health improvement, and stress management.  Since CBD brings relief to sore muscles, bodily tension, cramps and arthritis – this truly is a gift worth giving!

You can get creative and personal with this recipe too! Feel free to use any essential oils that resonate with you. We used Frankincense which reduces feelings of anxiety and stimulates the immune system. Other essential oils, such as ginger is great for muscle aches and upset stomach. Grapefruit is another favorite as it soothes anxiety and depression. And lavender is always a go-to for relaxation and easing nausea. But you can’t go wrong with any oil as they all have healing benefits. 

Epsom salt, CBD, and essential oil is the healing trifecta!


-8oz Epsom salt

-8oz corn starch

-8oz baking soda

-4oz citric acid

-bath bomb molds (we got ours from Amazon)

-2 droppers of ATLRx oil

-1 tablespoon coconut oil

-1 ½ teaspoon water

-any essential oil (we used frankincense)

-dried flowers for flair (we used roses!)


-Combine all dry ingredients into large bowl. Stir in dried flowers.

-In a separate bowl, combine all wet ingredients.

-Gradually pour liquid mixture into your dry mixture, slowly stirring as you pour as you do not want the mixture to start fizzing. A little fizz is okay but pouring mixture slowly in, will alleviate it from completely fizzing.

-Mix together with hands and make sure there are no clumps. The consistency should resemble wet sand.

-Sprinkle corn starch on inside to “grease” the mold. Pack your molds rather quickly because it will start to dry quickly. Pack each half of the molds separately and put both halves together.

-Let dry for 24 hours.

-Wrap in tissue paper and a bow if gifting.

DIY CBD Bath Bombs
strawbarry CBD oil