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Hempress Hemp Flower

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If you’re in search of CBD flowers, look no further! We have many strains available at the ATLRx dispensary. In Alpharetta and available online, the accessibility to those in and around the Atlanta perimeter is hard to match! We here at ATLRx understand that just as strains vary, so do the people who love them. To better explain, we want to continue reviewing all the strains we carry.

Today we’re taking a deeper look into our most well manicured strain, Hempress. This flower is both enchanting with its smell, as well as its appearance and hails from Oregon. Covered in crystals and testing out with a CBD percentage of 17 .56 and a Delta Nine THC percentage of .12. The most common terpenes in this strain consist of Trans-Caryophyllene, a spicy and peppery smelling terpene, and Beta Pinene which is found in basil and rose.

Hempress has slowly crept into one of our top selling flowers and for good reason! The flowers are beautiful and glimmer from the crystals that coat its exterior. Come find the lovely Hempress here in Georgia at ATLRx. Located off exit 11 on Highway 400 in Alpharetta, we hope to see you soon.


Hempress Hemp Flower
Hempress Hemp Flower

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