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THC-O Gummies: A Magic Carpet Ride to Funky Town

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ATLRx’s THC-O gummies with delta-8 made me question whether we are the peach state or not—ultimately leading to the decision that I was too high to decide. The following day though, I felt that Georgia deserves the giant peach title because ATLRx is based in Georgia, and these peach-flavored THC-O gummies taste like every peach should taste. Sweet, tangy, and have a perfect consistency. But get this, there’s also the flavors lychee, strawberry, and blueberry for the THC-O gummies. We had to make sure to spread the love for THC-O, similar to the delta-8 gummies.

The Four Fruit Flavors

Lychee is the closest to transparent with a tint yellow. This sweet tropical flavor is with a blend of tart pear and a backend citrus flavor that brings a pinch of sour. The first time I had lychee, it was in the form of hard candy. Then I tried the actual fruit; it tasted exactly like the candy; so, I don’t know who made their debut first, but they’re both delicious. They make me feel pretentious in that braggadocious way. I’ll casually drop that “nah, I am good. I had lychee gummy for breakfast.” These gummies have more weight than our delta-8 gummies thanks to that extra push from the THC-O. 

If you had any strawberry gummies from us in the past (rare 50 counts, 44.4mg delta-8 gummies all strawberry flavored), then you are aware of how delicious this flavor is. The wave of sweetness warps you into the middle of a strawberry farm, hitting all of your senses at the same time, and in this surreal vision, you don’t have to pay for the bucket. No one wants to pay for a plastic bucket; it’s absurd. I never say no to blueberry, nor do I have anything wrong to say about the fruit. They’re the kings and queens of blue, not the Smurfs, Eiffel 65, and indeed not the Blue Man Group (even though they’re sick at what they do). The sugar hits upfront, followed by that sour flavor that brings me back to my childhood. Yeah, we grow and pick blueberries in upstate New York. And we have tons of cows—mostly Jersey cows, if you’re wondering, they’re not from New Jersey. I found that out way too late in life.

Sometimes, logic fails us. It happens. And often, it feels as if we are thwarted into an alternate universe where nothing feels familiar, but there isn’t a doubt in your mind that it will be peachy, whether it’s a new state, a new home, or a new lifestyle. The THC-O Gummies made me notice all of the lovable qualities of my surroundings, the people, the acquaintances, reassuring me that my everyday anxieties hold no weight over me. The two cannabinoids feel distant from each other at first. There is an offset time of thirty to forty minutes before they begin to work in tandem—creating a bigger, brighter, and more vibrant world around you. THC-O brings the alternate perspective, enhancing the delta-8. There is an outer world saturation that makes it feel like a big-budget cinematic sequence. The beauty of blending the two cannabinoids is that there isn’t an inkling of anxiety; the psychedelic traits are subtle but certainly noticeable.

Off to the Moon

By the end of this experience, I like to think that we live in a better and braver new world each day. But we’ve grown too reliant on gravity keeping our feet on the ground; it’s necessary to let go and see where the gravitational force takes us–sometimes. It would be an understatement or disservice to say that life is peachy when diving into ATLRx’s THC-O gummies. Life is blissful, visually stimulating, and filled to the brim with little surprises. THC-O has become a beloved cannabinoid due to its focus on psychoactive traits, tickling those who like to venture to the alternate world where the vibrant and saturated colors serve as your tour guide.

Along with the 15mg of THC-O is 15mg of delta-8. Totaling in 30mg per gummy, this combination reels you into a vivid experience where you’ll find mystery in the mundane. The delicious peach flavor does a magnificent job of replicating Georgia’s own. So put on your platforms and buckle up before taking one of these colorful squares. ATLRx’s THC-O gummies will take you to funky town. Come and get yours at either of ATLRx’s store locations in Alpharetta or Atlanta, Georgia on Ponce De Leòn.