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What is the Difference Between Delta 8 and Weed?

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What is the Difference Between Delta 8 and Weed

By now, it is a well-known fact that THC is legal in this country as long as it meets certain guidelines. However, confusion still surrounds Delta 8 vs. Weed—is it the same, what are the differences, and more?

These will be discussed in more detail in the following sections.

Table of Contents:

What is Weed?

Herbs, marijuana, pot, Mary Jane, and ganja are also names for weed. For centuries, cultures around the world have used this plant. Usage methods include burning, among others. Weed also contains an important compound, delta 9 tetrahydrocannabinol, which is located in the resin that the cannabis plant produces. 

In the hemp universe, there are many popular compounds that one can pick from. A few people prefer Delta 8 THC, and others are more inclined towards Delta 9. However, some people are very new to the hemp world and may not understand the difference between the two. They may have the weed vs. Delta 8 confusion. 

If you too are one of these people, who wonders, “What is the difference between Delta 8 THC and weed?” You are not alone. In this blog post, we talk at length about the distinctions of cannabis, their legality, how you can pick a high-quality product that best suits you, and more. 

What is Delta-8?

Delta 8 THC is a specific, special type of cannabinoid that has the potential to bridge the gap between marijuana and CBD. In some ways, it is similar to Delta 9 THC and CBD, but it is not the same.

Over the last year, Delta 8 has become significantly popular in the cannabis universe because of the legal status it enjoys. It also has a promising future in the cannabis community and looks like it is here to stay. 

The hemp plant produces delta 8, a type of cannabinoid. It gained legal status in 2018 when the US Federal Farm Bill was passed. However, when it comes to marijuana and Delta 8 products, the latter has more variety. There are numerous ways to use it. You can get your hands on Delta 8 THC shatter, tincture, concentrate, pre-rolls, vapes, and so many more products. But you must ensure you buy these from a renowned brand while keeping the state laws in mind. Delta 8 THC products may be legal across the United States, but each state has its own individual laws regarding this cannabinoid, which you need to keep in mind. 

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What Does Delta-8 Feel Like?

As much as people say Delta 9 is the original, more popular cannabinoid, there are many who prefer Delta 8 vs. Delta 9 THC and other cannabinoids. The experience of using hemp-based products is subjective. However, Delta 8 is gaining popularity because it is legal across the United States of America. However there is a catch, each state has its own laws regarding hemp usage, even though it is federally legal up to a certain limit. Hence, if you are looking at getting Delta 8 experience, you must thoroughly research what hemp rules apply to the state you are in and make an informed decision. To get the best experience, you must purchase your Delta 8 products, such as Delta 8 THC Diamonds, pre-rolls, tinctures, and caramels, among others, from renowned brands such as ATLRx. 

Finding the Best Delta-8 Products

If you have done your research and are able to ascertain if Delta 8 THC caramels and other products are legal in your state and if you meet the age requirement for usage, then you need to decide where you will buy these items from.

You can refer to our website to shop for some great quality Delta 8 moon rocks, pre-rolls, gummies, flowers and other items. You are sure to face no qualms when shopping with us. Apart from our products, our service is also impeccable. 

Shopping offline has certain restrictions, such as the fact that you won’t get to see all the products and flavors available. And you might have to physically visit multiple locations until you find exactly what you need. 

However, when you shop from renowned brands, such as ours, online, you are able to look at the various products, prices, flavors, and more; read reviews before buying; and more. 

Differences in Legality: Hemp vs. Marijuana 

Weed vs. Delta 8 are more or less the same. Cannabis is the plant that grows hemp and marijuana. The terms are just distinctions used based on the Delta 9 THC concentration they contain for legal purposes. 

Hemp has up to 0.3 percent Delta 9 THC concentration on a dry weight basis. While marijuana has anything more than that. The Farm Bill 2018 established this law, prior to which hemp was the same as marijuana, even though the plant was so versatile. 

However, after the bill passed, the weed and Delta 8 THC debate became clearer. After the bill was passed, marijuana and hemp were legally separated. The bill made hemp legal federally, including all its extracts and derivatives as well as plant parts. 

At present, usable hemp products like Delta 8 THC Soft Gel Capsules, tinctures, flowers, gummies, distillates, and bars can be purchased in almost every part of the country, depending on the respective state laws as well. 

As Delta 8 THC is derived from hemp, it does not have as many legal restrictions as marijuana does. Delta 8 is preferred over weed because of this reason.

Marijuana, on the other hand, can be possessed in only certain places and purchased from only certain stores. However, it cannot be shipped across states within the country. 

Delta 8 is legal in more states compared to marijuana and can be shipped across states in the US. You can also buy Delta 8 distillate, flowers, pre-rolls, gummies, bars, and other products from the comfort of your home. 

A Comparison of Delta 8 and Delta 9 THC

Now that you know the main differences between marijuana and hemp, let us understand exactly what the Delta 8 vs. Delta 9 THC difference is. Well, mainly, both of these are derivatives of hemp. The main difference in their compounds is at the double-bond location. If the location is even slightly off, it will affect its formation and body. 

If you are new to using hemp, it is advisable to start with less so you get used to the products. And once you get used to the method, you will have a better idea of what you like and how you like to use it, like Delta 8 Bars, tinctures, concentrates, flower, gummies or pre-rolls, what smells you like and more.

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A Comparison of Weed and Delta 8

Even though Delta 8 and marijuana have similar properties to each other because of their chemical structure, cannabinoids are entirely different in many ways. Delta 8 is more weakly binding than marijuana, which is why it is also less potent. It is also the most legally sought-after option, which is why most people prefer buying its products such as Delta 8 THC Tincture, pre-rolls, gummies, flowers, caramels, and moon rocks, among others. 

Delta 8 is legal for purchase and usage in almost the entire country. We can even ship our Delta 8 products to your home or any other address of your choice in the United States. 

Due to the Farm Bill passed in 2018, Delta 8 is now legal at the federal level. Across the country, it is legal. However, the bill allowed the state governments to make their own laws regarding the same as well, regarding its purchase and usage. Most of the states in the country have permitted the sale and use of Delta 8 Flower, gummies, pre-rolls, caramels, tinctures, and moon rocks, among other products. However, if you are still uncertain if it is legal in your state or not, we recommend taking legal advice or checking with your local authorities.  

ATLRx: Choosing the Right Solution

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Where to Find Best Delta 8 Products?

Now that we have covered the differences between weed and delta 8, you may wonder how you can get your hands on these products. You can buy them from your nearby smoke shop or CBD store. However, there are limited options available. You may not find the Delta 8 gummies flavor that you are looking for or the pre rolls, or may not even be aware of all the different types of products as well. But this can be fixed when you shop for Delta 8 online. You can buy Delta 8 concentrate or gummies, pre-rolls, moon rocks, tincture, flowers, soft gels, and many more products and flavors from renowned brands online, such as ATLRx. The products will be shipped to you without any hassle. 

Another thing to remember is that when you shop from online brands, the products likely reach you via USPS, a federal agency that is well aware of the legality of the products. Sure, there are a few private shippers as well, but they could have their own rules about shipping hemp-based products. So once you place your order, chances are you will receive it soon in your mailbox the next time you go to check it. Then you can relax and enjoy the products. Check out our ATLRx website to get an entire view of our product portfolio and learn more.

Final Thoughts

Gaining this knowledge helps. However, you should choose a product that suits you the best. Delta 8 is a more viable option for you to choose, especially because of its legal aspect and also because of the number of products it comes in and the different flavors as well. As well as being available in local stores, it is also available online.