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Best Delta-8 Moon Rocks

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Best Delta 8 Moon Rocks

A fantastic way to enhance your experience is through the use of moon rocks. But not just any type of moon rock—delta-8 moon rocks!

Delta-8 moon rocks are high-quality delta-8 products that are perfect for taking your burn session to the next level. But what do these unique products entail? What exactly are delta-8 moon rocks, and how do you use them?

Below, we’ve broken down everything you need to know about what the best delta-8 moon rocks are like and where to get some for yourself.

Table of Contents:

Key Takeaways

  • Potent Experience: Delta-8 moon rocks may offer a potent experience due to their high concentration of THC, making them ideal for experienced users seeking intense effects.
  • Customizable Usage: Easily enhance your burn session by sprinkling delta-8 moon rocks on top of your preferred flower, providing a versatile and customizable experience.
  • Quality Assurance: Ensure quality and potency by checking for comprehensive COAs and reading reviews before purchasing delta-8 moon rocks, ensuring a satisfying experience.
  • Storage and Legality: Preserve potency by storing delta-8 moon rocks in cool, dark, and dry places, and ensure legality by checking regulations in your area before purchasing.

What Are Delta-8 Moon Rocks? 

If you’ve never tried delta-8 moon rocks before, you may not know what you’re looking at when you get your hands on some. Delta-8 moon rocks are hemp buds that have been dipped in a thick layer of delta-8 concentrate (usually distillate) and then coated in a layer of kief, creating a product that resembles a green rock from the moon—hence the name!

Delta-8 moon rocks can be made using various strains, and manufacturers can choose to use different concentrates as well, depending on the intended result. Regardless, it’s important to note that delta-8 moon rocks are very strong products, and they may not be the best choice for beginner users. Instead, they’re great for experienced burners who want to get higher than usual from their bowls, blunts, or joints.

You can use delta-8 moon rocks just as you would a typical cannabis flower, including within a bowl or pipe. You can choose according to your preferred method or what you want to enhance. 

Do Delta-8 Moon Rocks Get You High?

Yes is the answer; delta-8 moon rocks do get you high! Delta-8 moon rocks are going to be much stronger than your average bud because of the addition of the concentrate and kief. Both of these components are highly potent in and of themselves, so when you add them to hemp flower, you’re just going to get stronger and stronger results.

Because delta-8 moon rocks are so powerful, they are ideal for experienced users. Beginners will likely find delta-8 moon rocks to be way too strong as a starting dose since they do get you quite high. Instead, save the moon rocks for the cannabis connoisseurs.

Since delta-8 moon rocks are so potent, it’s best to use only a little bit at a time, especially when paired with other flower. However, moon rocks are a perfect option for when you’re wanting to take your burn session up a notch or if you’re feeling extra irritable after a long day.  

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How Much THC is in Delta-8 Moon Rocks? 

The amount of THC in your delta-8 moon rocks is going to depend on the moon rocks that you purchase. You can find moon rocks with anywhere from 30-90% THC, which comes out to about 300-900 mg. But, again, the exact amount of D8 THC in your moon rocks will vary.

The label of your moon rocks should tell you exactly how much THC is inside. And, if you’re curious about the contents of other cannabinoids in the moon rocks, you can take a look at the product’s COA. The COA will outline the exact levels of cannabinoids within your product, letting you know what to expect from your moon rocks. These documents will also let you know if they’ve been tested for impurities like heavy metals, pesticides, or moisture.

You should never buy moon rocks from a brand that doesn’t explicitly tell you how much THC is in them. The THC percentage should be clear and obvious on the label, and if it’s not, those aren’t moon rocks you should trust. 

How to Use Delta-8 Moon Rocks

It is easy to use delta-8 moon rocks, but it is a bit different than using flowers. Since moon rocks are so dense, it’s best to take a pair of scissors or a knife and cut off small pieces of the buds.

Then, you’ll take these moon rock pieces and sprinkle them on top of a flower, either on a bowl or within a joint or blunt. When you go to light your bowl or joint, make sure to put the flame directly on the pieces of moon rock. This will help guarantee that you get the full experience of the moon rocks.  

How to Choose the Best Delta-8 Moon Rocks 

Shopping for the best delta-8 moon rocks can be difficult if you don’t know what to look for. First, you should always double-check quality by checking for comprehensive COAs.

As we mentioned earlier, COAs will show that the product has been tested for both potency and purity. These are both qualities that the best delta-8 brands will check for, and if they don’t, it’s the biggest sign that the product may not be as good as it claims.

Along with COAs, the best delta-8 moon rocks will also have great reviews to back up their quality, potency, and overall experience. Before ever buying delta-8 moon rocks, you should always take the time to read what others have had to say about the product as well as the customer service experience. As a result, you will be able to learn more about the brand’s offerings and the quality of its products. When shopping for the best moon rocks, you should also check the THC percentages. If you’re wanting something potent, make sure you’re buying delta-8 moon rocks that have THC levels that are right for you.

Finally, look for the strains that they use in the moon rocks. Different strains have different ways of working, as well as different flavors, and this will directly affect your moon rock experience. So, if you’re a fan of indicas, make sure you’re buying delta-8 moon rocks that use an indica strain. Or, if you want a sativa, look for sativa-dominant moon rocks. It’s as simple as that!

ATLRx offers a wide variety of delta-8 moon rocks in various quantities and strains. Our delta-8 moon rocks are made with top-shelf distillate and kief, creating some of the most potent buds on the market. Plus, we sell them at low, affordable prices, so every user gets the opportunity to try these powerful moon rocks. 

Delta-8 THC Moon Rocks – FAQ

Interested in learning more about delta-8 moon rocks? Listed below are some of the most commonly asked questions about these unique products.

How do you use delta-8 moon rocks?

Delta-8 moon rocks can be used in a variety of ways. If you’re truly interested, you can simply use them on their own by putting them in a bowl. However, the best method tends to be cutting up pieces, putting them on top of other flower, and then using it slowly.  

How are delta-8 moon rocks made?

Delta-8 moon rocks are made by first taking hemp flower and then dipping it in a delta-8 concentrate of some sort. After the flower is completely coated and sticky, it’s time for kief. Professionals will coat the moon rocks in delta-8 kief (or CBD kief, depending), creating a thick layer of concentrates and crystals.  

How do you store delta-8 moon rocks?

When storing delta-8 moon rocks, keep them in places that are cool, dark, and dry.

Cool temperatures—around 65 to 70 °F—are best for keeping your moon rocks. Temperatures that are too high can actually degrade the terpenes and cannabinoids in your moon rocks, making them less potent over time as well as less tasty. So, you want to make sure you keep your moon rocks out of places that are too hot (or too cold).

Along with cool temperatures, it’s best to store your moon rocks in dark places, too. Direct lighting—whether it be artificial or sunlight—can also be detrimental to your delta-8 moon rocks, affecting the overall potency. Thus, darkness is key for these potent products.

Finally, dry storage areas are key to preserving your delta-8 moon rocks. Moisture can create bacteria and even mold on your moon rocks, so keeping your products in airtight containers in places that aren’t exposed to excess moisture is crucial. 

Are delta-8 moon rocks legal? 

Yes, at the federal level, delta-8 moon rocks are legal under the 2018 Farm Bill. The United States legalizes hemp-derived products as long as they contain less than 0.3% THC by weight. However, delta-8 isn’t legal in every state across the country. Make sure to check the regulations in your area regarding delta-8 THC to see if you can legally purchase, possess, and use moon rocks. If delta-8 isn’t legal in your state, you cannot buy products online and have them shipped to your home. 

What are the various forms of delta-8 products available on the market, like delta-8 moon rocks? 

Like delta-8 moon rocks, you can also find various forms of delta-8 products on the market, such as delta-8 gummies, delta-8 flower, delta-8 edibles, delta-8 Concentrates, delta-8 distillate, and delta-8 tinctures online at ATLRx.

ATLRx offers a wide selection of high-quality delta-8 products that you can choose from, including moon rocks and products like moon rocks. No matter what delta-8 product you’re looking for, ATLRx has just what you need and more.