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Top Benefits of Smoking Delta-8 Flower

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The CBD market has exploded over the last decade, but little did anyone expect a significant shift in products. Delta-8 THC has taken over the states where Delta-9 THC has yet to become recreational or where medical marijuana is legal. Still, the THC concentrations are so slight that there are no noticeable therapeutic effects. These therapeutic effects are not only what medicinal patients are looking for but what we all love in terms of traditional marijuana. Now, there are a few characteristics that CBD can provide relief; however, the psychoactive effects from THC allow our bodies to be free of inflammation, pain, stress, and insomnia. If you are in a state where you are being deprived of Delta-9 flower, there is excellent news—Delta-8 Flower may be waiting for you in a Cannabis dispensary right around the corner. Yes, it’s true. The times are changing. 

Is Delta 8 Flower Legal?

Delta-8 is federally legal through the Farm Bill of 2018 within the Department of Agriculture that was implemented to further grow the country’s hemp industry, particularly in Kentucky. Why Kentucky? The home state of politicians Mitch McConnell and Rand Paul embraced the bill’s lucrative economic impact. The bill put more research in place without considering a lack of specific details as far as derivatives from Hemp went. There is a restriction on derivatives from a marijuana plant, but Delta 8 THC is derived from Hemp; its sibling is under the umbrella of cannabis plants. As long as the Hemp product is under 0.3% Delta-9 THC, then it’s playball.

The lack of information led to what we know as the grey area of the bill; this grey area is where Delta-8 THC and all of the alternate cannabinoids exist. This means that Delta-8 THC is not accounted for; it’s a hemp-derived distillate that is not considered on the Federally Controlled Substance List. It is a legal loophole that states have been making decisions on. Either state accepts Delta-8 THC as a hemp product and does not consider it a Controlled Substance. Then some are less progressive towards THC, adding it to the Controlled Substance List within their state. However, you’re more than likely to live in a state where Delta-8 Flower is available for purchase (interlink condensed state blogs).

What is Delta-8 Flower? 

Delta-8 Flower is a favorite of traditional marijuana fans because of its formal process and anticipation. Delta-8 Flower is similar to conventional marijuana in look, feel, smell, and taste, making it even more surreal. You may wonder how such a miracle came about and what the process is to get Delta-8 Flower to exist. But first, we have to understand that essentially, Delta-8 Flower is Hemp Flower. Hemp flower contains a substantial amount of CBD (cannabidiol) used to make CBD Oil. CBD mellows out a THC high, so Delta 8 THC Flower is about 60% as potent as your traditional THC and is often referred to as marijuana-lite or diet weed. 

Delta-8 THC is a Delta-8 Flower is a Hemp flower sprayed with Delta-8 distillate that has been frozen using dry ice. This process makes the distillate a powdery substance that blends with the hemp flower. The strain determines the following procedures; the brand’s decision to kief sift or double roll the buds; there are several avenues to take. The beauty of Delta-8 Flower is that it’s just as quick as Delta-9.

The Benefits of Delta-8 Flower

More Mellow Than Delta-9 THC

You may think that 40% of potency missing will not do the trick, but that’s not the case. That cut in strength has drawn the attention of those who’ve enjoyed THC but cannot handle the fear and paranoia that comes with the psychoactive effects because Delta-8 doesn’t reach that point. When fear, anxiety, and paranoia are kicking in, there is an overload of THC in our Endocannabinoid system (ECS). Both delta-8 and delta-9 attach to the body’s ECS system, while CBD does not naturally adhere to the system as efficiently. For this reason, it does not have the psychoactive effects that would make you feel “high” from smoking marijuana; marijuana lacks the amount of CBD that Delta-8 Flower has, which makes it easier not to go down the paranoia path. A bad experience can put a damper on all of the other benefits!

Nausea Relief

Similar to Delta-9 Flower, Delta-8 Flower is a natural antiemetic. This is just one of the health-boosting properties that have made this appeal to the medical world. Those going through medical issues don’t have to take another prescription to rid themselves of stomach pains. Users can be relieved of that combination of hunger and pain, which leads us to the next benefit. 

Appetite Stimulation

Nausea eliminates appetite, amongst many other things. However, when nausea is pushed to the side—you are left with appetite stimulation or better known as the “munchies.” Everyone loves eating, but everyone loves eating when they’ve had their dose of Delta-8 Flower. Some are not a fan of this due to the possibility of gaining weight. THC serves as a regulator in our bodies, which means that it speeds up our metabolism—so weight gain is likely due to another factor. 

Stress Relief

There is nothing like arriving home from a long day to Delta-8 Flower ready to be smoked. Anxiety and stress are two driving forces in our lives, and Delta-8 delivers the peace of mind that we yearn for after an unexpected 14 hour day. There’s a sublime calm that takes over that isn’t too much, nor too little. So you can be present, clear-headed, and have time to yourself that you very much deserve. With the lifting of stress, there are more opportunities to focus and concentrate as well. 

Pain and Inflammation Relief

This benefit is the driving force behind why many states have approved Delta-8 THC. Big Pharma has created medications that are dangerous and unaffordable. Some politicians can see that, knowing that those battles are far from ending, so they’ve pivoted towards removing Delta-8 from their state’s Controlled Substance List. Delta-8 Flower is excellent for smoothing out the kinks in our bodies, alleviating pain and inflammation, a feeling unfamiliar for too many people. 

Brain Health/ Mood Elevation 

Delta-8 Flower helps with inflammation connected to chronic pain and mental well-being. Delta 8 has neuroprotective properties due to its help with anxiety, pain, and inflammation. Of course, you’ll be happier if you’re looking forward to eating! Because our ECS works to regulate, the relief from other symptoms leads to a more significant outcome of health benefits. Inflammation is a typical symptom of neurodegenerative diseases; one of the weighing factors for their relief is that it inhibits Adenyl Cyclase in the central nervous system. That, alone, provides a better quality of life. 


You can rest assured that by using the Delta 8 Hemp Flower, you will enjoy the relaxation of CBD and the pleasant psychoactive intoxication that D8 provides. Delta 8 Flower is ideal for consumers looking to experience the incredible flavor and mellow yet unique effects. Delta-8 Flower presents more medicinal benefits because it’s not only Delta-8; there is also CBD present. This combination is everywhere in medicinal and recreational states as well. Usually, these mixtures are for specific strains that need a minor toning down or for a more complex health need.  

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