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Tangie: Bringing Back Tangerine Dreams

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Tangie: Bringing Back Tangerine Dreams

“Even as I leave Florida, far enough, wasn’t far enough” is simply put by Modest Mouse. But there are layers to dissect here. So, you can escape Florida, but there are Floridians everywhere. Stop trying to run away, accept its existence, cry so hard that you lose your voice  then you can enter the stage of enlightenment. You have to acknowledge that you’re vulnerable. Go to Panama City. Act like it’s normal to have broken bud light glass all over the  beach. You’ll get there. Lest we forget that the lawless state has played a significant role in the  cannabis world. If a strain has a citrus fruit in its name, it’s more than likely that it’s Florida or  California—take your pick. California is a state that is always on fire despite Smokey the Bear’s  best efforts, so how does California allow its trees to prosper? California oranges are protected  by Mr.Freeze (Yes, Arnold is the only Mr. Freeze).

Without further ado, ATLRx has brought on board a new delta 8 Sativa, Tangie. The strain made its waves due to its similarities to the hybrid-Sativa leaning strain, Tangerine Dream. In fact, Tangie’s birth into this world was intentional; it was to revive Tangerine Dream after it went AWOL in the 1990s. Tangie is a Sativa cross between the two phenomenon’s Cali Orange and Skunk #1. Cali Orange introduces the smell of fruit initially, the zesty aroma, and a sweet finish. Cali is a Sativa that is similar to Blue Dream, hopping into indica territory eventually. Skunk brings fuel, musk, and an earthy smell. The citrus-forward strain brings more to the table than the aroma of ten tangerines in their peak ripeness; this strain scales expectations. ATLRx Tangie flower has more girth, deeper green leaves, and beautiful tangerine-colored pistils that hit headfirst like Ed Reed. Did I mention it’s kief sifted?

Citrus is too vague. I don’t make the rules. Sometimes, you are forced to play catch up in the world of pretentiousness. It’s impossible to deny this bold aroma is from a tangerine. If you’ve never had a tangerine, it is a type of orange that’s DNA is made up of a wide range of hybrid  mandarins and pomelos. The zest from the flower is as if you’re smelling a tangerine’s skin after scratching an indent into the fruit. It’s a magical smell, but it stings if it gets into your eye,  similar to how Todd felt when his parents forgot his birthday. I knew what the fruit was because  of the Tang commercials. It was an orangutan doing Liu Kang kicks in karate attire. How could anyone forget that?

The flower is armored in predominantly myrcene terpenes. That pepper and pine are difficult to overlook. Tangie has caryophyllene and pinene terpenes as well, providing more earthiness in the aromatics.

Tangie made its rounds mainly in Europe, Amsterdam to be exact. Is this what Jean-Baptiste  Clamence was smoking in Albert Camus’s The Fall? Maybe he couldn’t handle sativas. Perhaps if he had an indica, he wouldn’t be interrogating himself the entire book. I can guarantee you one thing, if he had our d8 Tangie, he’d have a clean and clear conscience to think. Jean-Baptiste  would be making ethically correct decisions all the time, shrugging his shoulders and raising his eyebrow at anyone who second-guesses him. He’s a lawyer. As an east coast vagrant, I can confirm that we are sick of California songs. Give me a song about a lone skiing trip in Vermont  after the dissolution of a marriage. I’ll give that a hard listen over a glass of tang; that’s when I’m all ears. You probably have a lot to say that has nothing to do with Bixby Canyon Bridge.  That’s perfect. Like Kel loves orange soda, I love citrus strains. Especially ATLRx’s latest, Tangie.

Tangie is available in both the Alpharetta and Atlanta store. And for your convenience we have it available online as well!