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NEW ATLRx Sleep Gummies

Do you struggle with getting consistent and restful sleep? Perhaps you’ve already tried using cannabis products to aid your sleep, but still haven’t found the proper Z’s you’re looking for. Although using CBD is a sound method for ensuring relaxation, it may not always help you drift into a sound and restful sleep all by itself. Here at ATLRx, we now offer a clever solution for those struggling to get the extra Z’s from their typical cannabis usage.  

ATLRx is proud to introduce a brand new sleep aid in the form of a delicious gummy, and it’s not just your typical CBD gummy either! Our new Full Spectrum CBD Sleep Gummies also contain CBN and Melatonin. 

I’m familiar with CBD, but what is CBN? 

CBN stands for cannabinol. Older cannabis or cannabis left unrefrigerated or in the light will typically boast higher levels of CBN. Levels of CBN in cannabis are not controlled by genetic factors, but by environmental factors. Currently, there are no high CBN strains available on the market, so the optimal way to obtain it is by oxidizing THC and CBD. 

CBN on its own does not induce intoxicating effects, however there are still benefits to be explored from its use! Similar to how THC and CBD have a strong chemistry and will boost each other’s effects, the potency and effects of CBN can also be included in this entourage. Both CBD and THC cannabis strains that contain a higher percentage of CBN demonstrate the ability to produce a more sedated, couch lock effect. This makes the inclusion of CBN to our new ATLRx CBD and Melatonin Sleep Gummies a perfect fit! 

Each gummy contains:

CBD: 39.5mg

CBN: 5.87mg

THC: 1.37mg

CBC: 1.34mg

CBG: 0.55mg

Melatonin: 1.5mg

Each bottle of our CBD Sleep Gummies contains 25 raspberry flavored gummies. We recommend taking 1-2 gummies approximately 30 to 60 minutes before bedtime. As included with all ATLRx products, we provide our lab results/COAs on our website and are available by phone and online to answer any additional questions you might have. Here at ATLRx we are ecstatic to introduce a product like this into your life!