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Introducing ATLRx Terpene Infused Delta 8 Gummies

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Taking our Delta 8 Gummies to the Next Level

          ATLRx Delta 8 Terpene Enhanced Gummies have arrived. There are an assorted variety of delicious new flavors! The combination of flavors and terpenes delivers an enhancement to the delta 8 THC  at play. Whether it be through sativa, hybrid, or indica, there are a variety of different effects. These 30mg gummies will be coming in 20 counts, 5 of each flavor and 5 different strains. In total, there is 600mg of delta 8 THC per bottle.

          Terpenes are what you feel, taste, smell, and react to on a flower that gives us the therapeutic effects. Terpenes have evolved with time, becoming more potent to the touch, taste, scent, or smell. These have been used as defense mechanisms to drive away predators or to invite others to pollinate. With this enhancement of terps on our delta 8 gummies, they’re a little more potent because those terpenes will be on top of delta 8. What is more beautiful is that you have a gummy for each day or night; there is always strain to choose from the five different strains.

Sativa: traditionally known as a daytime strain that embraces a head euphoria, mood stimulation, and a clear and controlled burst of energy.
Hybrids: Carry both traits of sativa and indica—delivering both the daytime functionality and a calming relaxation
Indica: Better known as “in the couch,” these strains provide body relaxation, alleviation of anxiety, and sedative traits. 


Sativa (Daytime)

Irish Cream (Sour Diesel)

The velvety Irish Creme contains fuel-like terpenes from the beloved Sour Diesel strain. This creamy and delicious edible provides a cerebral effect that is energizing, making the household chores look like a cakewalk. Chemdawg and Super Skunk’s cross brings the fuel, giving the Irish crème flavor a bite. The euphoria is similar to the comfortable, misty daydream that makes productivity a breeze.

Hybrid (Both Daytime and Evening)

Pina Colada (Blue Dream)

Pina Colada is a smooth, creamy coconut-like texture layered with Blue Dream, a unique strain that plays every role, sativa, hybrid, and indica. Blueberry and Haze Blue Dream is certainly a sativa that crashes into an indica—creating a beautiful experience. The coconut blends well with the Blue Dream terpenes, pushing on the cerebral and full-body sensation. It’s a classic strain with a definitive beverage flavor; I’m thirty, and I will drink a virgin pina colada anytime. 

Pineapple (Pineapple Express)

Pineapple is fresh, tangy, and sweet. The pineapple gummy is enhanced with sativa leaning hybrid terpenes from the wildly popular Pineapple Express. This hybrid brings along an alert and energetic feeling that can get you through any time of the day or evening. That’s why Saul said it’s “hands down, the dopest dope I’ve ever smoked,” in the 2008 cult classic.

Pink Lemonade (Lemon Skunk)

The Pink Lemonade terpenes stick out from the punchy notes of the Lemon Skunk terpenes, pushing the zest up to the front of this gummy. These terpenes are known for fighting against depression, anxiety, and everyday stress. Lemon Skunk produces the blissful, energetic and optimistic euphoria while obtaining a full-body relaxation that pushes it more towards a hybrid.

Indica (In The Couch, Nighttime)

Guava (Granddaddy Purple or GDP)

The sweet tropical bliss of the Guava is a fruitful dessert that brings on the slow-motion sedative traits thanks to the potent Indica terpenes from Granddaddy Purple. This strain induces more full-body relaxation and head euphoria. The Mendo Purp, Afghanistan, and Skunk cross bring heavy tranquility, making it easy to get a good night or even a day’s rest. Please make sure that you’re ready to sleep when taking the purple one!